Periodic Table Development

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The Periodic Table is a chart or table containing chemical elements grouped systematically by their atomic number, electron configuration, and their chemical properties. Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian scientist, came up with one of the first periodic tables in the 19th century.
Elements are arranged in growing proton number, columns being groups, rows are known as periods and factors of the same group are equal to each other. We can acquire records about an element from its position in the periodic table. Elements have chemical symbols made from letters, most of them being metals. Different businesses of elements have different names.
Scientists have constantly tried to arrange elements of the periodic table in such a manner that shows the resemblance between their properties. Various different scientists before Mendeleev were examining designs in the properties of elements known at that time (Cooper, 1968).

Jacob Berzelius

He proposed the possibility of a framework that composed the elements and their symbols, introduced letters to symbolize elements and developed a table of atomic weights in 1828. Berzelius utilized the technique of reaction with carbon to confine components from their compounds. One regular compound of silicon will be silicon dioxide (SiO2), found in sand ( Knapp, B. J. 1998). Equation is as shown below;
Silicon dioxide + carbon → silicon + carbon dioxide
SiO2(s) + C(s) → Si(s) + CO2(g)
The new compound is carbon dioxide.

Johan Dobereiner

He gave the base to the arrangement of components. He stated the elements were nuclear masses almost the same. He organized the nuclear masses of the middle element to be relatively the arithmetic mean of the other two elements. Jonah came up with the law of triads where he made lists of three elements each and demonstrated that the mass of the center element is roughly equivalent to the average mass of the other two components (Hill, 1974).

John Newlands

Newlands was the first individual to devise a periodic table of compound components which are arranged in the order of their relative atomic masses. In 1865 he came up with the law of octaves stating that any given element exhibits comparable characteristics to the eighth element following it in the periodic table (Basher, 2010).

Dmitri Mendeleev

Mendeleev put the elements in their correct places in the periodic table based on their atomic mass. His first periodic table was edited by arranging the components in rising order of nuclear weight and gathering them by comparability of properties. He anticipated the presence and properties of new components and corrected atomic weights that were in error (Johnson, 2005).

Henry Moseley

He examined the properties of x-beams from around twelve sequential components in the periodic table. He discovered that there is a regular increase in frequency and wavelength of elements caused by something in the atom which was a positive charge in the nucleus. This positive charge was then referred to as the atomic number. Rather than the components being organized by relative nuclear masses, they could now be arranged by nuclear numbers without one component being out of order. Henry made the discovery of the nuclear charge.


The present day periodic table records the components in the sequence of ascending atomic number. A more exact list of the nuclear mass of the components was discovered at a meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1860 that genuine advance was made towards the revelation of the present day periodic table.


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