Personal Time Management

Senior (College 4th year) ・Healthcare&Medicine ・MLA

The Quadrant graph above is a reflection of how my time is consumed in a day. Just like any other normal person whether in a working environment or a student, Quadrant I, takes the most important and urgent activities of the day. Six hours which I spend on sleep are less than 8 hours which are acceptable scientifically for good health. This is said to have an effect on the concentration of the activities in the following day. One and half hours I spend in quiet time that involves prayer, reading, and the meditation of God’s word, which is essential for a Christian. Studying, which is the main event at the moment as a student, takes four hours which involves class assignments and research project to increase knowledge in the study field. Majority of my time in the past 24 hours was spent in Quadrant I.

The most important and urgent activities require more time in order to increase productivity. Likewise, the important and less urgent activities in Quadrant II, are very essential, are the heart of effective personal management (Covey, 1989). Studies have shown that spending more time in Quadrant II is very essential. I would, therefore, spend more time on these activities to ensure more healthy relationships and networking, exercising for at least an hour a day as it is important for good health, writing personal missions and evaluating achievements. This will be through attending seminars, workshops, presentations, participating in challenges in related to my field of study to create a room to meet new people (Downing, 2002). I will attend at least three of these in a week. The average time for sleep is basically 7-8 hours to ensure no fatigue and full concentration on following day’s activities. I would, therefore, reconsider the sleep time from six hours to 7 hours to increase productivity and reduce fatigue.

As per the schedule, my time-wasting activities are the unimportant things whether urgent or not, which take Quadrant III and IV. This includes partying and watching movies which often take more than the allocated time, hence consuming time for the most important things. This is very unproductive since we all have only 24 hours a day, and any spillover of time cannot be recovered. Spending too much time on social media affects my productivity of the day. Though it is important especially to catch up with friends and to get updated, spending a lot of time on it is unhealthy.

To ensure proper time management, the key principle of “self-awareness” will be very important since the probability of being lured into Quadrant III accomplishments is very high and may be powerful than the zeal for Quadrant II activities (Covey, 1989). This will ensure that a calculated risk is done before accepting to fall in Quadrant III. Commitment is another principle which is key for success. I will ensure that I have realistic schedules and commit to meet every task in the schedule for each day. I will handle each task at a time since multitasking may not give out the best results due to divided attention. I will apply the principle of “first things first”, by doing the most important things first. Through this, there will be enough time to handle any activities which are important, though not urgent, without worrying about the urgent ones since they are already handled. The following is a schedule of time allocation that will ensure time management and an increased productivity.


Covey, S. (1989). The seven habits of highly successful people. Fireside/Simon & Schuster.

Downing, S. (2002). On course: strategies for creating success in college and in life: facilitator's manual. Houghton Mifflin

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