Physical Activities in the Classroom

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This research seeks to establish advantages and disadvantages of integrating more physical activities in a classroom (work) setting and the effects it has to the American way of life. The study employed an observation technique to convey its purpose. The use of observation was considered to its simplicity. In this technique, the present data obtained was directly compared to the previous data recorded on people’s response. In this research, we predicted that students who are more engaged in physical activities such as sporting events are likely to be better leaders than those who do not.

Fitness Integrated Into the American Way of Life

In the current generation of Americans, fitness is regarded as a secondary need, and there seems to be limited time to incorporate this habit into our way of life. Despite the many studies indicating that over 60% of illnesses among Americans are associated with the choice of lifestyle we live; there is still a significant portion of citizens who view exercises as a secondary activity compared to watching television, working, and eating. There is an element of laxity in trying to integrate fitness activities among Americans given the advanced level of technology that makes us more relaxed. To avoid illness that is related to lack of exercise, everyone should prioritize fitness activities in their day to day life (Carlson et al. 2014). Among the various ways of integrating fitness into our everyday lives are work given in a classroom and general life observation. It is worthwhile to note that physical activity has both positive and negative impacts on an individual's health, work, social life, and schooling in the United States of America.

Physical activities have both positive and negative effects when integrated into the classroom. According to most observations, in an ideal classroom, there is the possibility of having at least one impulsive student. However, more evidence tends to point that there is a likelihood of having more than one in a single classroom. According to a new research posted in the obesity review column, it was found that physical activities can control the impulsive behaviors associated with these children (Lee et al. 2016). According to a study conducted by Georgia Health Sciences University, all the students between the ages of 11 to 17 who were obese were committed to a vigorous exercise for twenty to forty minutes daily. The physical activities were done on a daily basis for about three months after the regular classroom time. The students were then passed through the Magnetic resonance imaging to scan their brain activities at the end of the study period. The outcome of the exercises showed an improvement in learning skills. However, it was noted that students who practiced for longer period, exhibited an additional improvement on their IQ points by 3.7 compared to the students who practiced shorter time. 

In addition to improving test scores among the students, physical activities also decrease cases of obesity. Physical activities rise some calories burnt in the body of an individual hence increasing the amount of energy released for basal metabolic rate and dietary thermogenesis. According to the American Journal of Play, it records that there is a clear connection between cognitive development and the physical activities of a child. The increase in cognitive ability leads to the escalation in level of concentration in class. According to the studies done by the University of Vermont and Michigan State University, it was found that the provision of daily physical activities such as the aerobatics to students reduces the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is an ailment associated with the brain. Also, physical activities among children enable them to improve their skill of listening, reflection of themselves, and development of lasting traditions that will be applied later in life. Other positive impacts that physical activities have on children is the overall improvement of health condition. In a study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics, it was found that physical activities enhanced the growth of a child to a large extent.

The integration of fitness programs in schools is as significant as in workplace setting. Such programs at work are becoming more popular these days. The influx in the number of individuals in fitness programs suggests the revolutionary step employees have taken to ensure the wellness of their bodies. Although these programs are not mandatory, more companies are on the verge of implementing as the benefits of the same are visible to the public. In any organization/company, employees are considered to be the most significant personnel. Due to the value an employee holds, the organizations have decided to roll out fitness programs across the country to ensure the well-being of their highly priced asset is maintained. According to recent observations, most employees who are not enrolled in the fitness program tend to have more sick days than expected. Therefore, to save a good chunk of money due to absenteeism from employees, companies and organizations have primarily invested in fitness programs. On spending on such programs, the companies ensure there will be natural creators of healthy working environment thus increasing the production.

The health condition of an employee gives an indication or a reflection of the company. The introduction of fitness programs in companies creates a sense of attachment among the workers. During the fitness sessions, the staff will have a chance to mingle with each other freely and enjoy out of work experiences. Moreover, during the fitness sessions, staff will get an opportunity to be motivated by co-workers and help reduce the stress that sometimes leads to suicide attempts. Therefore, by investing in fitness programs, the returns will surely be visible to all due to an all-time energy input and pro-activeness of the workers.

Also, the integration of physical activities into the companies has enabled staff to be more confident. An employee who is well and fit to handle any job that requires his physical presence will tend to have a lot of confidence in himself since he has proven that he got what it takes to reach a significant level of fitness. Confident employees tend to challenge themselves on most of the aspects that take place within the organization, thus increase productivity.

Although the advantages of physical activities to children are well known and documented, it is not possible to repudiate that there are disadvantages that come along with it. It is evident to every parent that these activities require an extra amount to be covered as an additional cost. The sinewy economic times do not pave the way for such programs to be introduced in many American schools. In some schools, they are laying off physical education teachers to reduce the costs involved (Mosston and Ashworth, 2012).
The general perception from the parents on P.E. is that the subject was either irrelevant or tormenting to them such that they see no need for their children to learn the same. The notion that P.E teachers often concentrate on students who are more talented at the expense of non-talented students makes most people oppose physical activities in their schools. This factor has produced uneven results that play a major reason for parent refusal on the program.

The fact that most students take part in physical activities does not mean they are into it, but rather it’s because they lack a choice. They take part in the event just because it is a requirement from the school administration. The children may feel like they are being forced to practice which makes it impossible for them to practice on their own outside the classroom setting. Moreover, some strenuous exercises may lead to injuries or death to a child. Other kids have pre-existing problems and may be subjected to harm if forced to perform physical activities. Also, other mandatory physical activities may take place in unfavorable conditions thus leading to injuries and other complex conditions.
Although wellness programs have a good number of positive impacts on the company, it would be irrational to refute that the programs are costly and require a lot of capital to start. Some staffs work in the wellness program as newsletter delivery guys and coordinators. The part-time and full-time workers together with other expenses involved such as purchasing the equipment come at a costly price which a company must cater. 

The uncertain nature of wellness programs gives companies a reason to doubt the credibility of the program as the calculated risks are visible. According to ""The Wall Street Journal"", an article published in 2013, it noted that some companies gave employees flexible incentives to decide on the wellness program that they desire to join. However, it is worthwhile to note that not all business enterprises have a wish and ability to invest such a large sum in a program that they are not sure will pay off.

Physical fitness is often linked to a better health of an individual. However, apart from the physical benefits of strenuous exercises, it is paramount to focus on the social benefits that come along with it. According to a recent study conducted by the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, it brought to attention some of the most unthought-of social aspects that come along with physical fitness (Silverstein et al. 2012). The study found that physical activity was connected to a feeling of stress-free and wellbeing. 

Physical activities involve interaction with classmates. The interaction provides a perfect opportunity for children to learn the importance of teamwork and how to follow the rules. The children are taught to take responsibility and make decisions on their hand when the need arises, this prepares the child for the world ahead and trains them to live in the society. The acquisition of such qualities creates a country of intellectuals equipped with social skills.

The participation in physical activities at school makes children acquire the ability of time management and how to organize themselves. Time management is an important skill that is applied to achieve both academic and athletic success. The different applications of social habits acquired during physical activities/exercises at school are transferred to real-world situation thus improving the country's economy. 

According to a meta-analysis conducted in the United States, it was found that physical activities enhance cognitive development in children. The analysis used eight categories of measurements to determine the effects of physical exercises on mental development. The study tested mental development by the level of IQ, mathematics tests, achievement level, verbal tests, and perceptual skills. The results indicated an increase in cognitive reasoning and physical activities. Also, physical activities extend academic performance of a student. Although this concept has not been proven, according to different studies conducted on children, physical activities had positive impacts on academic performance. An increase in academic performance corresponds to an upsurge in country’s level of education on a global stage.

There is a clear connection between regular physical activities and the general health condition of an individual. According to studies carried out by Centre for Disease Control, it was found that people who engage themselves in physical activities more regularly have reduced chances of getting heart-related issues (Dukes, 2014). The Harvard School of Public Health recommends a moderate physical activity to avoid strenuous activities that may endanger one’s life. Moreover, continuous physical activities reduce the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The cases of type 2 diabetes among Americans have been escalating with time. However, studies have found that physical activities reduce the risks of suffering from metabolic issues such as high blood sugar, excess belly fat, “good” cholesterol and high triglycerides. Therefore, it is important to note that the more an individual engages in exercises, the more he/she reduces the chances of developing these problems. However, a regular check-up by an authorized physician is recommended since physical activities do not guarantee that one is safe from the problems.

Another health benefit associated with physical activities is the reduced risk of developing cancerous cells within the body. A research by The Harvard School of Public Health indicated that physically fit individuals had fewer chances of getting lung cancer. The study further notes that women who practice on a regular basis have high chances of avoiding endometrial cancer.
In addition to reducing the risk of developing cancerous cells within the body, another benefit of physical exercises to the health of an individual is strengthening of the bones. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, people who do not engage themselves in activities such as weight training and brisk walking are at high chance of developing this condition. In this situation, the individual's bones become weak and can be fractured on a slight application of pressure. Physical activities help to improve the mood of a person and to some extent can potentially reduce depression. Also, physically fit persons can sleep deeply without much trouble as opposed to people who do not engage in physical activities.

The final positive impacts of physical exercise on the health of a person is the ability to live long enough compared to individuals who do not engage in physical activities. According to Centre for Disease Control, a person who stays active for seven hours in one week has a decrease of 40% in mortality rate compared to an inactive one. 



The participants of this research included 46 undergraduate-student volunteers (27 females and 19 males). Students who were engaged in physical activities were distinguished from those students who never engaged themselves with sporting activities. All the 46 students involved were doing business management. Out of the 27 girls, 10 are active in physical activities like sports and 17 are not. Also, out of 19 males who participated, 9 were active and 10 were not active in physical activities such as sports


Note books and writing pens, evaluation tables


Each student was sked to write down their names and contact on the notebook. They were then asked to write down major qualities of a good leader and then present the notebooks with their names and contact. They were then released to go on with their usual duties within the college. Two months later, the students had finished college and were all employed to different departments as managers in different organizations.

Each student-employee was then evaluated according to the leadership skills they portray against what they wrote in the note books when they were in college.


Among the 27 females who were evaluated, all of them wrote almost all the characteristics of a good manager, however, only 8 out of 27 females could be able to practice the qualities of a good manager in the field. Out of the 8 females who could practice qualities of a good manager in the real world perspective, all were active in co-curriculum activities and none from the inactive side.

Among the 19 males who were evaluated, all of them got it right on the characteristic of a good manager. Out of the 19 males, only 5 could be able to practice the qualities in their positions as mangers, out of the 5 males who could practice the skills in the field they occupied, all of them were involved in physical activities while at college.

We predicted that a large number of students who would be able to practice the qualities they wrote down would be the ones who were involved in physical activities. The results indicate that physical activities such as sporting events increase the level of socialization among students. Moreover, the student acquires leadership qualities in real world situation as the interaction requires real confrontation and decision making. This ensures the student is equipped with skills, knowledge and good attitude towards his colleagues even in real world situation.


In conclusion, the benefits of physical exercises to children are visible from the different studies and observations made on their change in learning behavior. Despite the studies suggesting the benefits physical activities has on the brain activities of students, there is a large part of us who are still resistant to changes. Therefore, there is need to reinforce these activities to all public and private schools in the country. To integrate physical activities among Americans in their way of life, one needs to expand their approach to physical activities to make it more appealing and realistic. The condition that one has to go to a field and start the exercises or take a trip to a structured building with modern facility to engage in fitness program may seem time-consuming. However, when we consider changing our means of transport over short distance would both be economical and healthy at the same time. The government should institute laws that govern the use of cars when going to work on short distances and encourage the use of bicycles. It would enhance physical activities among citizens, save fare or the fuel that could have been used hence injecting the extra coin saved into our economy. 


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