Proposal of a Bill to Ensure Equal Access to Healthcare in California

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The unequal access to health insurance amongst the residents of California serves to hinder the need to have equal access to health care by those living within the State of California.

My proposal/idea

Every citizen and native of a state need to have equal access to insurance products that would further enable him or her to have access to quality healthcare. Therefore, there is need to increase taxes paid by citizens by 3% and that paid by corporates by 2% to create a pool of funds that is to be in turn used to create a common kitty for the medical insurance kitty. The issue can be put into legislation through the proposal of a bill and ensuring that it becomes law through lobby owing to the positive impacts that it would have in the healthcare system and the valid reasons on why it should be adopted.

Background knowledge of my idea

The cost of accessing quality healthcare has been skyrocketing with many people unable to meet the high cost needed to access quality care. As such, there is discrimination within the health care system where the wealthy individuals can afford quality healthcare and not the disadvantaged persons. Many people within California who have medical insurance have been provided for by their employers. The employees perpetuate the discrimination by paying higher premiums to those earning highly. The minority people and those with the low wages have then been sidelined regarding the provision of quality healthcare to the various people, thus, calling for legislation that would ensure equity about access to quality health care (Moore, Mercado, Hill & Katz, 2016). Therefore, the increase in taxes is set to create a kitty that would them mean that every citizen has an equal insurance coverage and can have access to specialized treatment and ensure that all hospitals and adequately stocked and charge low medical fees for all. The increase in taxes is an idea that may be welcome by the electorate and the legislators. However, healthcare is an issue that is of concern to the majority of the population, meaning that the legislators and residents can easily buy the idea (Moore, Mercado, Hill & Katz, 2016). In the American system for formulating a bill, and ensuring that the bill becomes law, a private medical practitioner or a citizen can propose a bill, collect at least 1500 signatures of the valid voters and take the draft law to his or her legislator. The legislator then passes the bill to the relevant committee which then debates the bill based on its merit and demerits before rejecting of presenting it to the Senate. Later, the bill can then be sent to the Senate and finally the governor to accept or reject it after which it returns to the Senate. Since the bill has the direct benefit to the electorate owing to the improvement in the healthcare system that it may bring about, such as lowering of hospital fees and ensuring that each citizen is provided, the legislator and State Health Committee have a valid reason to accept the bill.

Where a Similar Legislation has happened

Similar legislations have been created in Jamaica. In Jamaica, the pooling of finances used to ensure that the cost of healthcare is subsidized and each citizen has a medical insurance facilitated through the ministry of health (Rannan-Eliya, Amarasinghe & Nilamudeen, 2016). Through the program, a portion of the ear market taxes is channeled to the department of health which then consolidates the funds into one kitty whose primary intention is the provision of drugs to the health facilities. Consequently, the government ensures that the delivery of essential medicine is free for all citizens, thus, lowering the cost that the citizens have to incur to access the quality of healthcare. According to the tax-based health financing system in Jamaica, the access to healthcare is not based on risks, thereby granting equity in the access to health by all people irrespective of their financial situation or state (Rannan-Eliya, Amarasinghe & Nilamudeen, 2016). Though the working class is the primary contributors to the kitty, the benefits are extended to the senior citizens and the children. Even the workers in the informal sector have been integrated into the system to ensure equitable access to healthcare to all. The Jamaican tax based system is a case that can replicate in California since the GDP of California is higher than that of California meaning that better management of such system may lead to massive benefits by the Jamaican population.

Assessment of the financial impact

The process of drafting the bill will result in some monetary usage. The cost of preparing and presenting the bill will be met by the California Constituents who are willing to contribute to the course which will be of benefit to the whole State. Due to the high cost that will be incurred holding of fundraising drives will be an added way to support the bill. Cost saving programs will also be implemented to ensure that funds are used according to its priorities thus only necessary expenses are taken into account. If the proposed bill is passed into law, the cost will be transferred to the taxpayers as the taxes will be used to fund the initiative.

Stakeholders that will support the bill

Insurance cover is an important aspect to everyone in general. Therefore, stakeholders that would support the bill include the constituents of the state of California. It is of particular importance to the individuals who have low economic income as the passing of the bill will ensure that they receive adequate healthcare. Undocumented people are also likely to support the bill as they are at most risk of not seeking healthcare due to lack of funds. Humanitarian and health organizations as a whole should be at the forefront in supporting the bill as their primary role is to protect and preserve life and through this bill the will be able to ensure that medical care access is available to all people in the State of California. With all these stakeholders involved the bill is likely to be passed into law.

Groups that will battle the bill

Despite this bill being for the betterment of access to healthcare, some groups will still oppose the enactment of the initiative. The working class is likely to object the bill as it will decrease their net income because the passing of the bill will lead to increase in their taxation. Some members of the health sector may also oppose the passing of the bill as it may lead to the comprising of healthcare delivery as many people will be seeking healthcare. The government would oppose the bill as it will result in use of higher revenue as the passing of the bill will mean recruitment of more healthcare practitioners to deal with the high demand of people seeking access to healthcare. Even though the bill will lead to high expenditure on all fronts, it is an impact factor to ensure good health to all.

Recommendation and appointment with the legislators

The well-wishers need to support the bill on account of equity to the health care access that is being granted if the bill becomes law. The contribution of the well-wishers needs to be channeled into the printing of the bill, public participation to integrate the opinions of the citizen into the bill and publication of the bill. Additionally, there is need to mobilize volunteers who would help surpass the threshold of 1500 signatures required before the bill is handed over to the willing legislator. Third, there is need to organize a national forum and conference where the senators and legislators are to be invited to have information on how the bill would transform the healthcare system and why the legislators need to support the bill. Senators are crucial to the passing of the bill into law. There is need to have at least two-thirds of the legislators supporting the bill to ensure that the bill passes the upper house. Additionally, there is need to lobby a congressperson sitting within the health committee to table the bill and mobilize the members of the health committee in supporting the bill. Public mass education, to be channeled through the mainstream media and the national forums are crucial in ensuring that the bill is signed into law the governor of the State of California since it granted equal access to medical insurance to all.


Moore, K. L., Mercado, J., Hill, J., & Katz, S. C. (2016). Peer Reviewed: Disparities in Health Insurance Coverage and Health Status Among Farmworkers, Sonoma County, California, 2013–2014. Preventing chronic disease, 13.

Rannan-Eliya, R. P., Amarasinghe, S., & Nilamudeen, A. (2016). Universal health coverage: the potential contribution of hybrid funding strategies.

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