Role of Families in Social and Economic Empowerment of Individuals

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The process of socialization teaches individuals how to function as capable members of society. Language, identification, imitation, and recommendations are the elements that have an impact on socialization. Given that the family is the primary socializational force, the Davis family must deal with a variety of problems, including a single mother and divorce. Since both Shakeeka and Ben's families are imperfect in some way, their children find it challenging to learn from their relatives. Tanya, a woman who is divorced, also struggles to raise her kids. Similar difficulties Ben is having with giving his kids enough direction. Shakeeka has problems providing sufficient guidance to her son and thus the reason the son is currently confronted with a dilemma of joining a gang. When it comes to economic capabilities, Ben is having a hard time providing for his family since he was jobless for three years. On the same note, the monthly amount he is expected to pay for child support is a lot hence crippling his ability to provide for his family to the required level. Shakeeka is also facing financial difficulties due to the need of catering for the daily necessities of her mother who suffers from blindness and agoraphobia. Ben's children suffer from psychological reactions due to the divorce of their parents. The quality of the relationship between the parents seems to have deteriorated hence eventually affecting the children (Faraizadegan et al., 2013). For instance, the pregnancy of the last born could be due to the effects of the divorce. Moreover, the divorce seems to have affected the ability of both the parents to focus on the needs of their children. Shakeeka lives in a violent neighborhood that has consequently affected her health as well as that of her children (Enrique, Howk and Huitt, 2007). The violence in the neighborhood has increased the levels of stress and tension amongst all members of the family.

Shakeeka and Ben's marriage puts both of the families at the stage of blended-divorce and remarriage. Tasks facing these two merging families are how to effectively manage conflict and property amongst the families coming together and the families growing apart. Other duties involve establishing the person who provides care to the children apart from agreeing on the authority that governs and controls the children. All of the families participating in the divorce and the marriage face the tasks of negotiating the reasonable family rules that will ensure all of the children feel safe and comfortable. When it comes to Ben's family, visitation arrangements is essential in ensuring that he has enough time for bonding with his children. Legal and financial issues also emerge when it comes to who takes full custody and also the source of the finances that will be used in taking care of the daily needs of the children. Another task is the ability of Ben to maintain a healthy relationship with both Shakeeka and Tanya without crossing boundaries. Other responsibilities include the fostering productive relationship, effective enforcement of rules, ensuring that everyone works with other as a team and eventually formulating new blended family rituals (Enrique, Howk, and Huitt, 2007).

Shakeeka living with her mother puts the family at the post parental stage. Tasks include health issues, need for financial stability, management of isolation and ability to actually assist in some element of Parenting. Other responsibilities include adequate nutrition, ensuring home safety and physical conditioning. Given the fact that Shakeeka has not yet moved in with Ben, her family is still at the single parenting stage. Shakeeka has the task of identifying a time for self, identifying sufficient resources to assist in parenting, filling the role of both parents and financial hardship gave the fact that she only has one source of income. Ben and Shakeeka's families are both at the stage of beginning couples. The task involved includes maintaining a friendship, deciding to have children, manage the attention needs, setting time to spend with each other, solving conflicts and fostering efficient boundaries with relatives and in-laws. Ben's family is at the stage of teenage and adolescence. Ben hence has the role of providing guidance on sexual behaviors, peer relationships, dating, clothing, setting limits, proving freedom and consequences of breaching rules and allowing the children to learn from mistakes (Enrique, Howk and Huitt, 2007).

The family of Shakeeka and Ben has suffered from both short and long stressor that has impacted the family in one way or the other. When it comes to a short-time stressor, the inability for Ben and Shakeeka to live together has affected the lives of these two people. The high challenge gave the children an opportunity to get used to the new marriage before Ben and Shakeeka move in together. Currently, the couple spends time together during all weekends, holidays and summer breaks. However, this is an issue that will some end when Shakeeka retires and decides to relocate. Another short-term stressor is affecting Shakeeka s the increasing rates of violence in their neighborhood. However, with increased security levels and placement of effective policies, the problem is likely to come to an end.

Ben's divorce is a long-term stressor as effective parenting while divorced proves to be a challenge. The copying mechanism involves new marriage and visiting sessions on the sides of both parents. Financial difficulties are long time stressor for both families. Shakeeka is a single parent who provides for both her children and the well-being of her mother. She hence has difficulties when it comes to the provision of most of her needs and that of her children as her resources are stretched. Ben, on the other hand, has to pay for monthly child support even though he has been jobless for three years while at the same his annual salary can barely support his well-being. Psychological well-being is a long term problem given that Isaiah is torn between being a member o a gang to protect her family or not. Financial stressor has a positive effect on the children who will learn to work hard for a better future hence guaranteeing them a promising future. The couple is currently using each other to receive advice that can be useful in helping the positive growth and development amongst their children.

Health problems: Psychological issues amongst children in the family

Family nursing problems: inability to realize the health issues faced by members of the family and consequently unable to make decisions to take the required health actions.

The goal of care: after the nursing intervention, the affected family will notice psychological issues amongst the children and hence decide the appropriate action to maintain the health of the household (Wakimizu et al., 2016).

Objective of Care: after the intervention the couple can:

  • Explain what psychological issues in a family is all about
  • Enumerate the different ways of maintaining a healthy family
  • Select the most appropriate method for maintaining family health
  • Seek medical assistance where necessary and as frequent as possible.

Nursing Intervention:

  • Analyze the couple critical issue related with relationship with the children and their responsibility for maintaining the family health
  • Discuss with the parents and the couple as a unit the alternative course of action
  • Talk with the couple as a unit, and as single parents, the advantages presented by alternative methods hence encourage better decision making when it comes to choosing actor that quickly affect the health of children
  • Discuss with the aren't the most practical methods that can be adopted to encourage positive growth amongst the children

Method of Nurse-Family Contract: Home visits


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