Social Structure Matrix

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Social Structure Matrix

Complete both parts of this worksheet.

Part 1 – Social Roles and Status

Complete the following matrix by answering each in one or two sentences.




Identify the various rank given and attained in society.

My parents, sex, race, family status and ethnicity are included in their status. The status given is accidental and cannot be reversed.

My status achieved is the ones I monitor. These include: education, affinity, marriage, wealth and profits, career and religious affiliation;

Master Status

Identify your master status in society.

My master status is reflected by my social position. I am a Christian male of American descent.

Social Roles

Describe the roles associated with the various statuses identified above.

As a man, I work hard to make money to secure my family’s future. Also, I am physically strong to be able to handle the tough jobs and tasks. Also, I have to learn how to fix stuff since it is my role to fix items at home.

Role conflict, strain, exit

Discuss a time when you experienced role conflict, role strain, or role exit.

As a son and boyfriend, role conflict usually arises when both my mom and girlfriend require something from me at the same time. This often the case since they share the same birthday. It is tough to give them total attention during this day.


Identify one primary group and one secondary group to which you belong.

My primary group is the family I belong to. Psychological and emotional attachments exist. On the other hand, my secondary group is reflected by my association with fans of the Golden state warriors. It is my choice supporting the club hence creating my secondary group.

Norms, sanctions, and values

Describe the norms, sanctions, and values of the social groups you identified above. How is social deviant behavior viewed in these groups?

In my primary group, it is wrong to take alcohol and thus to be a teetotaler is a desirable value. Those who drink are viewed as a disappointment to the family.

By being a golden state warrior fan, it is defiant to support other teams especially Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sociological imagination

Discuss how your status, mass media, roles, and groups have influenced your self-identity, values, and behaviors.

As a man, I am inclined to sports. As an active sportsperson, I keep myself physically fit, and this aids me in handling my manly duties. Moreover, I am used to staying up till late in the night to catch up with friends as we discuss the performance of our favorite NBA team.

Part 2 – Reflection

After completing the activity above, answer the following questions in 75 to 150 words each:

1. What is social interaction? What are the elements of social structures? How does this apply to the activity you just completed?

Social interactions are the ever changing or dynamic actions people or groups. These interactions modify the activities and responses of an individual. Social interactions are either, regular, accidental, regulated or repeated. Interactions are the base for the various social structures in society. They are essential to social analysis and inquiries.

Values are elements which provide conceptions of how an ideal society should be. Values support the integration of interactions or personality. Institutions and Groups are elements which are the basis of social structures. They influence individual behavior. Such groups include families and religious societies. They are spontaneous structures responsive to different interests in the community. Roles play a crucial part in social interactions. As an element, roles represent the relevant performance of an individual. Roles provide guidelines as to what other people expect from a person. Norms also are used to specify positive obligations (Mondal, 6 Most Important Elements of Social Structure, 2016). It is through social interactions that we create our self-identity.

2. What are the functions of social institutions? How do you see this applied in your life?

Social institutions play a significant role in guiding individual behavior and society as a whole. To individuals, these institutions satisfy emotional needs. They cater for needs such as love, fear, gratification, preservation, hunger, and affection. Some groups gratify economic needs. These groups provide for the material needs of individuals. They offer items such as cash, shelter and even clothing. Also, it is through these social institutions that marriage as an institution for raising families is created. It helps ensure continuity of the human race. Religious Needs are also catered by the creation of social institutions. They cater for the fear supernatural existence. Moreover, they cater for Political Need since it creates political affiliations. These affiliations are a means of setting up the government and necessary laws. However, not all functions of social interactions are upright. Some are evil as evidenced by cult-like societies. It is through these interactions that we choose our friends and activities to be involved in (Mondal, 5 Major Functions Performed by a Social Institutions, 2016). Our values, beliefs, and norms are what guides me in joining groups.

3. What influence does mass media have?

Society currently entrusts media with entertainment, education, and news. However, mass media influence on individuals and the society as a whole is questionable. It has affected social interactions and is used as a platform for relaying positive and negative perspectives. Media influences what should be seen as right or wrong. Media can be used to convey positive influences by providing positive shows. For example, educational shows. Such shows are good to the society and mostly, will trigger the creation of educational groups amongst students. However, negative impacts can also be relayed through non-educative programs. Shows which promote the use of ammunition can influence students to use guns. Celebrities as media personalities seduce the young into replicating their behavior in real life. Media can cover those institutions that act for the good of society. Also, they can opt to promote those that are harmful to society. Media plays a core role in determining social interaction since it is an avenue of influencing individual likes and dislikes.

4. What is social control? How is social control enforced? What are the different sociological perspectives on deviance?

Social control refers to how our thoughts, appearance and behavior are regulated by rules, laws, norms, and the society’s social structures. Social control is important for maintaining social order since without it confusion and chaos would reign (Crossman, 2017).

Social control is enforced by informal sanctions such as shaming, ridiculing, criticism, sarcasm, and disapproval. In extreme circumstances sanctions are applied. They can take the form of exclusion and social discrimination. Formal sanctions such as government actions via law enforcement can be used for Social control. Normally, these formal sanctions are applied to large groups. This kind of control depends on government actions whereby people are penalized or imprisoned (Boundless).

Social deviance are actions against beliefs, values, and norms, of a culture. They relate to rule-breaking. Society often views these actions as evil. They include things such as rape, theft, murder, or even wearing inappropriate attire as viewed by a particular social situation.


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Mondal, P. (2016). 5 Major Functions Performed by a Social Institutions. Retrieved from

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