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In 1887, in a bid to unite artifacts that show the history and development of humankind from the past to the present, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology was established. These artifacts had been obtained through the Museum’s research missions. It also serves as tourist center as it contains history represented by art. In this Museum, research is the order of the day. One of the world's awesome archaic exploration and human studies ask many questions about museums. The Penn Museum shows an artwork that represent the human story, identity and the history. As an organization of dynamic research with plenty of progressing research, the museum is a lively and connecting place of consistent disclosure, with the order of research extends, the Museum is a lively and connecting with place of consistent disclosure, with the order of research, instructing, accumulations stewardship, and open engagement (Penn Museum About).

The Fresno Art Museum (FAM), on the contrary, offers a dynamic ordeal for acknowledging art. The museum invites, motivates, and teaches a various territorial group of onlookers through noteworthy shows, interesting projects, and important connections with artists and the inventive procedure. While the Museum is best known for indicating present day and contemporary art, displays that mirror the visual arts customs of the ethnic gatherings that add to the rich assorted qualities of the Central Valley have been part of the show plan from the early years (Fresno Art Museum About).


The Digital Penn Museum is a one stop entryway for the huge scope of computerized content offered by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. It highlights renowned compositions, figures and different well known gems that can be seen on the web. Among these are the Granite Sphinx of Ramses II, the Ram in the Thicket, Queen Puabi's Headdress and the Taizong Horses. It also includes virtual lectures and archived films to efficiently explain its featured art collections (Penn Museum Collections).

Given and bought masterpieces have expanded the size and quality of the Fresno Art Museum's changeless accumulation throughout the years. The extent of the gathering, which had once incorporated a preserved pigeon from old Egypt and also the work of neighborhood artists, was refined after some time. It presently has an emphasis on current and contemporary works by American artists (painting, design, prints, photos, and other media). Pre-Columbian works from Mesoamerica and the Andes involve a huge part of the gathering, as do both present day works and society art of Mexican beginning (Fresno Art Museum About).


The Penn Museum conducts family second Sunday workshops on a monthly basis with the aim of learning new viewpoints about old and contemporary societies through hands-on exercises. Its virtual workshops are fixing to the US national training standard in Common Core and draw in key 21st century aptitudes, for example, cross-disciplinary considering and media education, and in addition Global Competencies. Virtual workshops are intended to include students through request, question investigation, hands-on exercises, and showings. This innovation gives you a one of a kind chance to present, close, or supplement a visit to the Penn Museum (Penn Museum Virtual Programs).

The FAM also offers art workshops for K to 12 students. Children should be around 10 to 17 years old for Week 1 and 8 to 17 years old to participate in Weeks 2 to 4 of workshops. All classes are instructed in English especially painting workshops. Week after week sessions are conducted at least five days a week (Fresno Art Museum Workshops).

FAM workshops are deemed as entertaining, exuberant, and full of excitement. The visual art workshops enable K to 12 students to utilize their imagination and creativity. Art and theater workshops show young children regarding stage-related craft, story as well as execution. The main aim of such workshops is to enable each student to participate and be successful to encourage an appreciation for the arts, education, and discovery (FAM Summer Visual Art Workshops for Kids and Teens).

Art Educational Programs

The Penn Museum's well known World Culture Series is intended to acquaint guests of any age with the rich social conventions found all through the Museum's exhibitions and, undoubtedly, all through the world. The program 40 Winks with the Sphinx, welcomes kids ages 6 to 12 and their separate families to an overnight "undertaking" of the Museum. The night's exercises incorporate a forager chase which is outfitted to take valiant voyagers on a trip through time and crosswise over mainlands, with hands-on circumstances, through amusements and specialties, to investigate old Egypt, the mummies and hieroglyphics, the antiquated Greeks and Romans, the universe of the old Maya, and others (Pen Museum Programs).

For Grades 5 to 9, a virtual voyage through antiquated Rome is offered to encounter the luxurious Roman home and figure out how to talk and compose the genuine Latin expressions for each room. The Mummy Makers action for similar levels utilizes life-like mummies for students to figure out how and why old Egyptians preserved their dead by venturing into the part of understudy to an old Egyptian embalmer. For Grades 6 to 10, students are instructed on the best way to look after antiquated artifacts as they research the science behind crumbling and safeguarding by rehearsing the nuts and bolts of protection, seeing cases of preservation in the Museum's accumulation and the amazing work of Penn Museum conservators. Through virtual global classroom workshops for Grades 9 to 12, genuine archeologists and anthropologists are acquired class essentially to share their inside and out mastery and encounters in the field through visuals, objects, and intuitive discussions (Penn Museum Virtual Programs).

The FAM's staff, on the contrary, spearheads its visual art classes. The staff consists of expert artists and occasionally featured guest artists. The FAM’s ArtLink sessions are deemed as ideal field trips for K to 12 students to be able to appreciate and encounter the numerous captivating and superb shows that the online museum offers. The ArtLink program provides demonstration-associated hands-on art exercises conducted in its child-friendly and spacious classrooms as well as guided visits through a FAM ArtLink teacher (FAM ArtLink).

ArtLink sessions are accessible for Pre-Kinder to Grade 12 students. Visits as well as art ventures are balanced according to age and unique needs. During FAM visits, one of the museum art instructors or Docents shall lead students on a display voyage through its perpetual shows and art exercises afterwards in their classrooms. Art instructors effectively enable students to participate in an innovative learning background. Every active art movement is intended to furnish students with exciting and educational experiences, which permit self-expression through various forms of art. The action provides every student a chance to create a take-home piece of student masterpiece (FAM ArtLink).


Both museums have updated websites as well as downloadable information in the form of brochures or visual guides as well registration forms. Nevertheless, the Fresno Art Museum has more visual images in terms of their artworks as well as the programs they offer for young children, parents and teachers compared to the Penn Museum. The FAM also has more early bird discounts and flexible tour schedules as well compared to the other online museum.

On a side note, the Penn Museum has more programs and events for K to 12 students than the FAM. researched.

Art Museum Core Learning Requirements

The most important aspects to consider in organizing an art museum tour are grade appropriateness, compliance with state visual art standards and its association with Common Core. The tour should enable students to interact according to what they observe and experience in various galleries specifically in doing their respective masterpieces. This inculcates meaning with regard to the entire museum experience.

In addition, art workshops and classes should embody the basic art elements namely, color, form, shape, line, space, texture and significance. It should also depict certain touches of social sciences, natural and applied science, language arts and mathematics.

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