The Importance of Body Training

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Training is necessary since it helps a person to adopt new way of doing things. Body training enables an individual to lose weight and keep fit. It is essential since it increases 7% of resting metabolism thus minimizing muscle loss. This is because aging people losses 3 to 8% of their muscle mass in every decade. In addition, training activities are crucial for lowering the amount of fat in the body and burning excessive calories that may cause chronic diseases like heart attack.  Furthermore, strength training keeps the body strong since it improves muscle and bone mass.   Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted and opinion in 2011 to determine the importance of training among women. It was discovered that 20 percent of the participant who completed 2 hours of successful aerobic exercise had strong body muscles. Proper training makes the body to burn calories even after exercise period. University of New Mexico (UNM) confirmed that human muscles require about 15 minutes to 48 hours to recover the resting state after the training activities. Training should be done in the correct manner to achieve the intended results. In contrary, people experience several common mistakes during training sessions or period.

Weight Training Nutritional Mistakes

Some bodybuilders use the workout shakes before and immediately after the training. Other individuals have intra-workout shake which they use during the training session. This is a great mistake since the body takes time to digest protein and convert them into fine substances that are absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, bodybuilders should consume protein like one hour before the start of the training. They should utilize the elevated heart rate, widened veins and hormone released before the training time. Notably, the body releases several hormones during work out that makes it to digest the proteins and use them for muscle building. It remains into an anabolic states or anabolic window which in other words is the opportunity that allows the body to use the available amino acids to develop muscles. The participants make a mistake of using protein shakes after the training sessions to utilize the anabolic window which is wrong since the body require more time to breakdown proteins to amino acids. For people to create wining physiques, they require appropriate nutrition and training.  Nutrition timing is an important strategy that allows a person to consume proper combinations of nutrients at the right time. Consuming protein and carbohydrates properly in and around training moments improves the composition of the body. Many people make a mistake on the timing when taking a certain amount of food substance. Timing is better than daily consumption of nutrients. Consuming the nutrients long before training supports the development of the damaged tissues and improves the composition of the body during training performance. The pre-exercise nutrition is effective since it improves body performance during training. It is important for individuals who wish to increase muscular size and strength. Nutritionists recommend such people to consume exercise meals 1-2 hours before commencing the training process. The consumed food substance can help the body during and after the training. This is because the absorption of proteins can continue even during the recovery period. The small amount of protein taken before the training was observed to improve the blood and amino acids by 130%. The increased amount of amino acid remained helpful 2 hours after the training session.

Some people fail to take enough food before training session. Their performance is always suboptimal. This is because the body needs some energy, fat, amino acid and water to complete the intended training session. People go wrong for not taking enough calories before engaging in the stipulated level of training (Weight Training and Weight Lifting, 2014).
The greatest mistake is when the participant trains without caring about the diet. Some people get excited so quickly especially when they want to improve their training regimen from one to 60 minutes. Kelinson states categorically that someone cannot train without nutrition. There is a need for daily nutrition plan for the successful training period. Another mistake is where individuals depend on sports nutrition products alone. They forget that such product is over processed and my not be helpful to supply the body with enough of calories and amino acids. Instead, they provide with weird gels and proteins supplement that does not last longer in the body. Settling on the whole food and diets is important. People who train regularly need to consume proper meals and take sufficient amount water to avoid dehydration during work out (Weight Training and Weight Lifting, 2014).

The act of prioritizing proteins along and ignoring other nutrients is wrong. People believe that protein is the key food nutrient that they should take since it supports the building of muscles. Human body requires other nutrients like minerals to keep all part functioning even after the training session. Dietary Guidelines confirms that 35% of the daily calories should be generated from the consumed fat.  Also, individuals focus on the three macro nutrient including fats, carbs and protein, thus, overlooking vitamins and other minerals. Selection of minerals helps the body during performance. For that reason, the participants need to consider the use magnesium products since they are needed for oxygen delivery and contraction of muscles.

Weight Training Mistakes

There are number of exercises that people grow doing wrongly during weight lifting. The mistakes are simple but affect the results of each person who trains regularly. One of the mistakes is lifting light weights with too many repetitions. For example, people tend to use all of their time lifting light weights during training session. Therefore, to achieve the intended level of body strength it is important to lift heavier weight while performing fewer reps. Lifting heavier weight allows the body to burn calories and fat (Weight Training and Weight Lifting, 2014).  In additional, people lift weight more often thinking that they will gain more muscles. Notably, it requires about 48 hours after weight lifting for muscle protein synthesis rates to remain raised (Weight Training and Weight Lifting, 2014). The potential of a person to build muscle is for around two days immediately after lifting weights. Therefore, individuals should focus on recovery and rest for some time and not continued weight lifting. In depth, when training in a gym, the body is always in a catabolic state where weight lifting causes the body to lose muscle mass. Therefore, the focus is on how to get strong every day during the training session. A person should create a resting period after workout sessions. There should be no cases of continued weight lifting each day without resting (Weight Training and Weight Lifting, 2014). The notable mistake is where men rely on excess powder and supplements alone. There are thousands of bodybuilders’ supplements for men in the market. For that reason, many people tend to apply them regularly with the aim of achieving results quickly. This is very wrong since they are over process and lack the nutrients that help human body in the long term. Such products are worst especially when relied on alone because they can affect hormone levels.

Body builders should spend more money getting enough of the real food. The food should contain balanced diets or the most required nutrients during training. Protein powder is not magical since it only contains nutrients that are of short term benefits. It only substitutes what a person should get from eggs, chicken and other protein sources. The most observable mistake is where individual fail to lift the weights that are not heavy enough. Heavy weights are important to people who want to build stronger muscles. The body will adopt when new weights are introduced each day. The muscles will tend to get stronger to achieve the intended results. Heavier weight introduces the body into stronger stimulus that enables it to grow stronger (Rogozkin, n.d.). The body will develop new muscle tissues to achieve the demand or overcome the pressure. A person should expose the body to a lift weight heavier than previous one to stimulate the development of stronger muscles. Performing excessive cardio exercise affects the calories level in the body. In this case, building muscles can be affected by doing excessive cardio exercises.

Therefore, lack of sufficient calories reduces the amount of energy needed for development of muscles. People who intend to build muscles they must take enough calories in their diets. Calories are like body fuels since they supply it with enough energy. This is because a lot of energy is needed for development of stronger muscles. The problem occurs when a person consume more calories without training. Such a situation makes the body to store more calories as fat. Failing to sleep is another mistake done by successful trainers. This is because the body begins to develop new muscles only when a person finishes lifting the selected weight. The development of muscles is improved by rest and diet. The body recovers itself proper when an individual sleeps properly. Therefore, a successful trainer should set aside about 8 hours of sleep every night after training seriously. Training too long without rest may fail to bring the intended results. It may result to a negative problem that may cause the body to lose its muscles and take more time to gain the enough strength. The participant needs to determine the best way to train effectively so that they can spend for a short time and get enough moment to rest.


The two physiological activities differ in different ways. For example, in weight training nutrition, people are supposed to balance their diet to achieve the best results at any given time. There is the important of using the important food substance to achieve the intended goals. Body builders are recommended to take protein products 2 -4 hours before training. Protein takes a lot of time to digest and form enough amino acid that helps the performance of the body. In weight training nutritional mistake, most of the people tend to omit the important diets and chose to consume the unnecessary ones. For examples, there are individuals who concentrate on sports products since they boost their muscles quickly. Such food items need to be ignored since the energy provided on support the body on short term basis. The users need to understand the importance of real food during performance. In the case of training to lose weight, the participants are advised to consumer less calories. On the other side, when building body muscles the individuals are supposed to take more fats. In the same activity, not eating enough is a problem to the people who are training (Puckett, 2009). For example, if the training activities have increased, the participants should increase the required amount of nutrients. This applies to all people especially those who wish to lose or gain weights since each person need a health life. Therefore, an individual should take about 3 meals per day which are composed of proteins, carbs and fat. The process of increasing nutrition start with small amount and as time progress the training person continues adding more ounces of nutrients in the food substances.

On the other side, weight lifting training mistakes, people tend to manage the amount of weight they lift to get the appropriate results. For example, the participant should balance between lifting heavy and light weights. For example, lifting light weight repeatedly may not give appropriate results. Therefore, a person is challenged to increase new weights each day.  Heavier weights make the body to develop stimulus to adopt the pressure. Also, it is not important to rely on powders and supplement during performance.  Such products are mostly steroids and are illegal for use since they can destroy the hormone levels. For that reason, many body builders are supposed to spend their cash on real food substances.


The two physiological activities identify the issues of diet as a major mistake that most people experience during performance. In weight training nutritional mistakes, the participants are supposed to consume proteins long before getting into the training session. In addition, they need to avoid more of the supplements since they are just substitutes of the real food substances. Additionally, eating too much may result to bad habit or poor health condition. It can make a person to over gain weight. Therefore, people need to balance the amount of food taken to avoid eating less or too much (Docken, 2004).  During performance, individuals are supposed to hydrate their bodies by taking enough amount of water to cool the body and promote food intake.  In some points, weight lifting mistake also discusses the issue of diet when performing. In this case, the participants are supposed to take enough amounts of nutrients in the body. Also, they should not ignore other minerals like vitamins and magnesium since they help in body performance. The two physiological activities are meant to benefit the body and improve its performance. The aim of the training is to keep body fit and reduce the case of sicknesses due to excessive calories. People should train frequently to ensure they get the best results. There is the need to balance the time for training and resting and amount of nutrients consumed at any given time.


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