The Usage of Stem Cells

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The use of human stem cells in current science has become a hot theme of controversy across the globe, and just like any different contentious issue, it has its support and opposition. Stem cell lookup has its advantages and disadvantages, and they are principally based totally on one deciding whether to criticize it as ethically proper or wrong. Stem cell research is the use of undifferentiated embryonic and grownup cells to serve as an internal repair gadget and to replenish the damaged cells in humans. The stem cells are used in regenerative medication to replace damaged cells in sufferers with terminal diseases and incurable illnesses. Despite its success and progress, the human stem cells research has remained a battlefield between the advocates and opponents with each side having its valid points and a strong position on the topic. Nonetheless, the use of human stem cells research is a right procedure, and it could be a significant part of human life that requires further study as it can be used to save many lives.

One of the reasons in support of the use of human stem cells research is the medical point of view where it can be used to treat incurable medical conditions and other terminal illnesses. The use of human stem cells is valuable in most surgical procedures and treatments. Modern science has achieved incredible success in various fields with the use of stem cells research in treating incurable diseases. Stem cells can be used to cure Alzheimer, some types of cancers, kidney problems, stroke, muscular dystrophy, type I diabetes, burns, heart disease, and other cardiovascular conditions (Lin, 2014). According to Lin, millions of people around the world are dying of incurable conditions such as the Parkinson’s disease and the Alzheimer’s diseases (2014). There are a few medications available for treating the signs and symptoms of these conditions but no underlying cure exist, and this means, anyone diagnosed with the Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s disease is destined to die. Nonetheless, with the stem cells research, a group of human cells can be used to treat illness and cure the individuals, and this will decrease the number of people dying from Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. In addition, several other people are dying from cardiovascular diseases and different kinds of cancers despite there being several advances in the treatment of the conditions. Most of the cardiovascular conditions and types of cancers are not cured completely with the available treatments. However, with the use of stem cells, the damaged tissues can be replaced, and thus the patient healed completely (Matsa, Burridge, & Wu, 2014). Therefore, the use of stem cells in medical fields is important because it will help reduce the deaths of several patients who can be permanently cured if the use of human stem cells research is encouraged.

Another reason in support of the human stem cells research is that it extends the knowledge of human genetics and the function of living things (Sterneckert, Reinhardt, & Scholer, 2014). With this research, scientists, biologists, and experts in other fields of medicine are provided with valuable scientific information to be used in the advancement of medicine. Moreover, the human stem cells research positively contributes to the progress in genetics and medicine. Therefore, opposing this research is impeding the progress in modern science medicine.

Despite documented facts about the therapeutic benefits of the human stem cells, there has been resistance from several groups of people. Opponents of the use of human stem cells research have raised serious ethical concerns about the process insisting that the research should not be pursued pointing out a number of disadvantages. One of the opposing viewpoints is that stem cell research uses the human embryo and they claim that the use of human embryonic stem cells is unethical and unacceptable because they consider an embryo as a person from the time of conception. In their argument, they contend that this embryo has the right to life just like the other humans once it has the status of a person. However, the proponents have rendered this argument irrelevant by arguing that embryos in their preimplantation-stages (which is below 14 days) do not have the human characteristics and there is no way they can be termed as humans because the embryos have not attained the full human status. In addition, the proponents maintain that this should not be a reason to stop a process that has a potential of healing millions of people from the terminal and incurable diseases because the cells can be derived from adult stem cells and help in transplantation therapies (Ratajczak et al., 2014). However, still, there is a counterargument from the opponents who maintain that it might be true that the embryos used in the stem cells research are not yet persons, but it should be recognized as important and given a chance to develop into a human being, and not destroyed in the name of research. Moreover, it should be accorded the same rights and protections afforded by all persons because a human embryo is a human life that should not be destroyed.

In addition, opponents argue that, if the stem cell research is encouraged, many embryos will be destroyed by the research and this will be degrading humanity. They further claim that the embryonic stem cells research will support the lack of regard for human life and this is not acceptable as it validates the insignificance of human life. According to Clifford & Jerit, if the human embryonic stem cells research is pursued, it will destroy the relevance of human life (2014). They further argue that it might be true the embryos might not have functioning human capabilities at the time they are used, but again, the rights of embryos should be protected just like the human life is protected and their destruction restricted because they have the right to develop into human beings.

Nonetheless, the use of human stem cells is vital in medical science as it positively embraces technology by finding new ways of curing incurable medical conditions. If embryonic human stem cells raise several moral and ethical concerns, then adult human cells can be used in cell-based regenerative therapies so as not to compromise potential lifesaving treatments with the use of human stem cells (Fox et al., 2014). Even though there will be persistent ethical and moral issues arising from the procedure, everyone needs to take a position on whether it is right or wrong based on its potential life-saving benefits.

Both the opponents and proponents have valid arguments about the topic, but one thing that comes clearly out of the argument is that the use of human stem cells is essential in medical science and further research should be done to make the process acceptable by everyone. The opponents and proponents have their valid reasons as to why they take their particular position on this controversial subject. The opponents’ main argument is the ethical concerns about the process and for this reason, since the research is vital in curing several incurable health conditions, the opinions and observations of both sides should be considered before the process of using human stem cells is pursued thoroughly.

In conclusion, I do support the use of human stem cells because the benefits are very clear. Even though the stem cell research has become a controversial subject to many people in spite of its tremendous success with some viewing it as unethical while others are supporting it, one thing that is apparent is that the advantages dominate the ethical concerns raised by the opponents. Therefore, the use of human stem cells is essential in modern science because any attempt to discontinue the process leads to retardation in the development of medical science in the fast growing technological world. Hence, the use of stem cells should be pursued and legalized due to its therapeutic value to help patients who need it for treatment. Furthermore, it should be continued because the use of human stem cells research will tremendously contribute positively to the advancement of medicine.

An open research on the process will help heal several incurable health conditions because the arguments from the opponents of the human stem cells research are irrelevant compared to the enormous potential benefits the research can bring to humanity. In essence, this paper settles that the use of human stem cells should be supported and pursued, and further research on the process done since it is a good way to save and improve lives.


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