The Use of Painkillers Affects Our Sound Reasoning

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The show to be assessed is the House MD show, season 24 and 25. The show talks about House and his group who are given a challenge of treating Penelope who had a lung failure during his ballerina rehearsal. The dancer faces the worst time when her skin falls off during the treatment. Despite, House’s hallucination problem a solution must be found to help the ballerina get back to normal. Cameron and Chase are in a fight over her idea to keep her late husband’s sperm as a security to their marriage. House reveals the problem to Wilson who helps him to diagnose the problem and helps keep House under control. House realizes that he has a mental disorder as well as Vicodin addiction that enabled him to practice medicine. He uses an insulin shock that allows him to recover from his hallucination of Amber. He seeks help from Cuddy who helps by destroying all the traces of Vicodin and checks on House as he heals, which makes them to get attached to each other emotionally.

Episode twenty-five begins with House being disturbed by Cuddy’s new traits where Cuddy was trying to avoid him at all costs. The episode overemphasizes on the importance of a consistent person and the disputed intuitive self of House which the only barrier to his work as well as the working of his whole body. Wilson understands that House is childish and would only be hurt by those who are emotionally attached to him. House and the client at the clinic both face difficulties as they have to face the realities of their world as well as that of the real world. House is fond of coming up with better ideas only when he is talking about something entirely unrelated to the main topic.

The long-term use of painkillers may result in substantial reliance by the person using them. The body gets adapted to the availability of the drugs in the body, and if the person cuts the use of these substances suddenly then withdrawal symptoms may be seen. The agency may even develop resistance to the use of materials which will require that the addict to use higher doses to achieve the same impacts that the drug was given to the person. Painkillers do not have the healing ability, but they only relieve one from the pain they are going through due to some incidence. In the show, there is a recap of what has been discussed above. For instance, House is addicted to the use Vicodin which is a painkiller that House used to take to relieve himself from the hallucination of Amber. The tendency to use these drugs has made him fail to focus on his work because the withdrawal symptoms of quitting the use of Vicodin and use of the stimulant shock makes him lead a life that is two way. It has impaired all the judgments that House makes on critical matters in his career as well as social life.

The film uses logos to make us understand the fact that the use of substances can destroy our life entirely. The film claims that it is the use of Vicodin that was making House have a hallucination of Amber. The grounds for this claim is that the delusions made House fail to make the right judgment on the challenge that was made to them to heal the patient. The warrant is that delusion has professionally been determined to have deleterious impacts on the human intellectual processes which have made House have the issues he is having at work. Thus, the show tries to tell us that the addiction to the use of painkillers such as Vicodin affects our sound reasoning to critical matters. However, the claim above on holds in cases when the addict has other mental problems that are also affecting his life which could be contributing to the problem and not the addiction to painkillers. In that case, House as a doctor could not be trusted because of his condition that made him have two realities in the world that significantly blurred his reasoning capacity on very crucial matters.

The film also uses pathos, in which it tries to appeal to our emotions. This is evident in the way the drug addict House makes his judgment on very important that affects the health of the patient. In the play, House is seen making decisions when talking about topics that are way out of the main subject of concern. For instance, House thinks that Cuddy is in love with him only after Cuddy helps House in healing from the stimulant effect and they ended up in an intimate position. This makes House behave unprofessionally at work in an attempt to catch the attention of Cuddy was busy with her daily responsibilities at work. Thus, the primary claim is that the addiction to substance use by the doctor makes it impossible for a client to believe in all that is done. Scientific studies have shown that the withdrawal effects of addiction to substance use can have harmful effects on the life of a person (Lilienfeld, 2014). However, the impaired judgments could arise because of other factors such as being pulled into behaving unprofessionally such as the intimate association he had with -Cuddy could be because she was provoking House to believe she had feelings for him. In overall, it is impossible to trust in such a person as your doctor since all the decisions he or she is going to make on how best to treat you is based on the different reactions or stimulants they get in their environments.

The film also uses ethos in making us understand the reasons why it is dangerous to believe a doctor who is an addict. The movie portrays House as a qualified doctor who is under the effect of drug addiction that makes him fail to come up with right decisions or conclusions on fundamental issues such as that of the health of the patient. The movie also makes us know that the hallucinations that were being experienced by House were because of his use of painkillers to an extent they caused him feel depressed and have anxiety at sometimes. These are withdrawal symptoms which House experiences after deciding to quit using the pain relievers and opted for the use of the stimulant shock that seemed to offer a solution to his major problem that was affecting his life at work (Pigliucci, 2013).  Therefore, it's right to say that if a medical care provider is addicted then his or, her decisions should not be trusted instead they should be helped to come out of the problem that is affecting them negatively in their lives. For instance, in the movie, House is conservative about his condition which makes him be assigned to a task which he knows that he cannot efficiently serve because of his current situation that is causing him have difficulties in making the best decisions that will help the patient.

However, the fact that House has a trait of believing that he is self-sufficient may be the core reasons to as why he had difficulties at work and got assigned to duty he could not handle adequately. It is also this behavior that makes him offer judgment on himself that saw him rule out all the possibilities of the problem being as a result of mental disorders. Therefore, if any doctor possesses behaviors that House portrayed, then it would be wise not even to believe in anything they say instead they should be made to feel in the fact that they do need medical assistance.

In conclusion, it is tough to trust a person who is under the influence of drugs. In the film, it was difficult for anyone to believe in House’s decisions because his addiction to the use of narcotics affected his intellectual capacity that saw him behave mysteriously making his mind about vital issues out of very confused talks. A doctor who has an ego and believes that he or she is ever right should also not be trusted because they always make decisions basing on their emotions and not just thinking about the subject.


Lilienfeld, Scott O., Steven Jay Lynn, and Jeffrey M. Lohr, eds. Science and pseudoscience in clinical psychology. Guilford Publications, 2014.

Pigliucci, Massimo, and Maarten Boudry, eds. Philosophy of pseudoscience: reconsidering the demarcation problem. University of Chicago Press, 2013.

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