Toronto Police Service regarding the promotion of ethnic harmony

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There has been disillusionment rate about what the programs provided by the Toronto Police Service regarding the promotion of ethnic harmony. What the Toronto Police Units are providing in order to meet their primary objective is not what is expected of Toronto community. Members of the Toronto of the community believe that the role of the police is to provide law and order. Above all, promotion of ethnic harmony. Apart from the diversity of the Toronto community, the majority members of the community are elite. For that reason, they demand services that only bring ethnic harmony and not conflict. Members of the society have been working together with the aim of framing issues that define the objective conditions, which will only promote ethnic relations (Nathaniel, 2010). They believe that some of the objective conditions are only achievable if the police agreed to implement programs that will promote ethnic harmony. However, with various programs such as Juvenile Delinquency, Community Policing Support, and programs for enhancing Professional Conduct Toronto Police service has been working towards achieving ethnic harmony.

Toronto Police Service unit is committed to offering the best services to the members of the Toronto community. The primary objective of the police unit is to keep Toronto the safest and best place to be. In that case, members of the police services including senior people value integrity, respect, reliability, teamwork, fairness, and positive attitude (Griffiths, 2001). Moreover, Toronto Police Service has been working on the programs, which can help with meeting the demands that come with the enhancement of ethnic harmony.

The police service of Toronto has been working on the issue of Juvenile Delinquency. This is a complicated cause of crimes among youths. Therefore, it hinders the enhancement of ethnic harmony among the members of the Toronto Community. For that reason, there is the need for a multi-disciplinary partnership approach between the government departments, community agencies, police, and schools for solving the problems that are caused by young offenders (Iacobucci, 2014). When the infrastructures of such partnership are properly maintained, issues that hinder the enhancement of ethnic harmony will be a story of the past. Furthermore, the Toronto Police Service has been working closely with the youths, with the aim of creating a trustworthy and safe environment for countering pressure that comes with different ethnic backgrounds.

Toronto has been enhancing training processes through the development of specialized units like the Community Policing Support. The organization is aggressive in hiring members of the minority communities and women. In that case, the Police Service of Toronto has managed to refine its ability in providing services to the increasingly complex Toronto. It is the mandate of the police to give guidance on how the members of the diverse community of Toronto can relate to each other (Kealey, 2017). After all, the role of the police service is to implement discipline services that will deal with unacceptable behaviors.

According to the Toronto Police Service, Harassment is considered as an act of violating individual’s self-respect and should not be tolerated. As a result, the board of Toronto Police Service has enacted a rule known as Professional Conduct (4.2.1), which helps with curbing of discriminatory behaviors (Toronto, 2003). Members of the police service have the responsibility of understanding that workplace and the community of Toronto should be free from harassment. In that case, every member of the society including the police should avoid any display or expression of bigotry, prejudice, or discrimination. Even any kind of bias can damage the mutual respect that exists between co-workers. Following the programs that are guided by the Professional Conduct, the service police are given the decree of giving the immediate response to complaints that are associated with harassment at workplace. It is recommended that every case is handled with confidentiality.

Moreover, Toronto Police Service has managed to initiate programs that promote community consultative process. At all levels, it is the responsibility of the Police Service Unit to consults with members of the public. They are the people who have experienced every walk of life and challenges, which comes with them. Consequently, Toronto Police Service has established a formal communication system that ensures members of the public have to input in the policing activities of Toronto. Engaging members of the Toronto community in active consultative processes is not something new in spite of the challenging policing activities (Service, 2013). Formalized corporate-level processes have been put in place with the aim of promoting ethnic harmony in Toronto. At local levels, most of the police divisions had refined and formalized Liaison Committees for curbing issues that were promoting harassment at workplace, and thus ethnic harmony among the members of Toronto community.

The community of Toronto also has a handbook for the people involved in the services that require consultative and volunteer efforts. For that reason, the group involved in the volunteering processes, which promote ethnic harmony are usually guided by consultation manuals that outline the procedures and policies recommended for the police in achieving the primary objective, peaceful coexistence among members of the Toronto (Ontario, 1980). Currently, the community consultative process operates at complementary levels, including community consultative committees, CPLCs (Divisional Community-Police Liaison Committees), and Chief’s Advisory Council. Chief’s Advisory Council consists of community members who represent the diversity of the population of the Toronto City. In that case, the responsibility of the council is to provide the community of Toronto with a forum from which the Chief of Police can get direct advice, assistance, and input from the representative of both cross-sections. Toronto police department will get information regarding strategic issues affecting the equitable distribution of police services to the members of Toronto Community.

Furthermore, the policing department of Toronto depends so much on dialogue for transcending police administrative boundaries. Therefore, every community participating in the processes involving dialogue is represented, including South and Western Asian Communities, French Community, Aboriginal, Chinese, and Black Community (Sprott, 2004). With this kind of representation, consultative structures are established in which the liaising process between the police officers and the members of the Toronto community is made easy. The primary objective is to give a clear reflection on the unique and diversity of the population that is being served by Toronto Police Service (Toronto, 2003).

In conclusion, even with the existing disillusionment rate as portrayed by what the community of Toronto believes, it is still the responsibility of the Toronto Police Service to save the image of Toronto. This can be achieved by promoting ethnic harmony among the members of Toronto community. Moreover, with the diversity in culture Toronto has been known for ethnic harmony. Therefore, it is not the role of the Police Service to destroy it but to maintain it.



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