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posted by Laura Callisen 03 Jun 2015
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Updated July, 01, 2021

Academic writing presupposes more than research and analysis so the ability to choose good narrative essay topics as well as effectively present them is no less essential than choosing proper scholarly sources for the final project. Narrative essays are usually very personal and have anecdotal nature. The important thing here is to tell a developed and logical story. Let’s check other necessary aspects and potential topics that one can use to develop an ideal narrative essay.

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Choosing Great Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

One’s life experience is a great source of narrative topics as the audience may get useful information from any story that the essay’s author wants to share. Though there are some basic principles and personal narrative essays guide that should be followed, otherwise, a great example may turn into a random stream of consciousness that may hardly be associated with narrative essay prompts.

  • Clear content is a key to success. The main message in narration must be evident for the reader and understanding should not be impeded by unclear language or grammar issues.
  • Good thesis statement is still a requirement. Even though the narrative writing task is not a research essay, this element should not be neglected as it introduces text’s purpose.
  • Basic academic structure will be helpful. Proper introduction, body part, and conclusion will contribute to the effectiveness of narrative essay.
  • Personal narrative essay ideas should be memorable, thought-provoking, and teach audience something useful if possible.

List Of Personal Narrative Ideas and Topics

Audience’s emotional response is the primary aim one should achieve while choosing personal narrative topics. Utilizing specific personal experience, adding many details, and wrapping everything up with useful lessons are elements that make a good autobiographical narrative essay.

  1. Story about losing or developing friendship.
  2. The most dangerous situation you experienced.
  3. Personal traveling experience.
  4. Funny story you want to share with friends.
  5. Speak about favorite personality and why do you admire them.
  6. Discuss volunteering experience.
  7. Describe how you managed to learn a new skill.
  8. Reflect on the biggest disappointment.
  9. Share some thoughts on things that inspire you to do more.
  10. How did having faith change the course of your life and decisions you make.

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Technology And Social Media Topics

Topics related to social media and gadgets’ influence on one’s life are among the best narrative essay ideas since these phenomena changed the world and continue influencing our lives. Reflecting on the benefits and negative aspects of technology and social media through the perspective of your life will be useful for any reader of a narrative essay.

  1. Did you ever regret any post, tweet, or message you posted on social media?
  2. Why do social media users envy people with beautiful Instagram accounts?
  3. Reflect on how you use social media throughout the day.
  4. Gadgets’ presence in your life and how it affects relationships with family.
  5. Write about a situation when any of the available gadgets was extremely useful.
  6. Tell a story about your decision to refrain from watching TV.
  7. What is the most impressive technological invention from your point of view?
  8. Predictions regarding technologies in the future.
  9. Can any of your posts become viral?
  10. What would you do without the gadget you use most often during the day?

Narrative Essay Ideas For College Students

Professors usually want to motivate students to think about major problems of society or how to eliminate them. Critical thinking skills are needed for narrative writing topics as well as one should not only describe something but impress your teacher.

  1. The best book you have read during holidays.
  2. Reflect on the positive influence of reading on the human mind.
  3. Why you decided to keep writing a personal diary.
  4. Beneficial or negative effects of e-learning on your academic results.
  5. How writing many college application papers helped to find the best alma mater for you.
  6. Talk about your association with college life, whether it refers to partying or studying?
  7. Is higher education obligatory to fulfill dreams? 
  8. What was the hardest exam, and what helped you manage it?
  9. Outline a situation when you impressed or surprised a teacher and how it was done.
  10. What is the most difficult change for you in college-life compared to high school? 

Topics About Culture

Any culture’s multidimensional nature opens endless possibilities for perfect narrative essays topics. You may introduce specific or unique aspects that the expected audience may not know about, or discuss problems peculiar to certain cultures.

  1. Describe your specific family traditions that reflect cultural background.
  2. Introduce specific way to celebrate favorite holiday.
  3. Did you manage to build trustworthy relationships with people from other cultures?
  4. Write about the most embarrassing situation that happened because you didn’t know specific custom.
  5. How globalization’s influence are observed in personal life.
  6. Talk about any tradition that surprised you in a country you visited.
  7. Personal perspective on having a pen pal from another continent.
  8. How long would you live in cultural environment that is completely different from yours?
  9. Are there dependencies between one’s culture and musical tastes?
  10. Interesting cultural references in your favorite film or films.

Narrative Essay Topics On Love And Friendship

Our lives’ fundamental elements motivate you to develop topics for narrative essay that could grab your readers’ attention from the very first word. There is a possibility to develop hot, controversial, or even painful narratives that will be truly important for everybody.

  1. How gender-related biases affect one’s studying. 
  2. Outline instances of gender-related harassment and your feelings towards it.
  3. Do you have a friend of a different gender? Does it make any difference in friendship?
  4. Talk about sacrifices that people should be ready for in relationships and whether it is important.
  5. How people should reach compromises in relationships in your opinion?
  6. Do you think that real friendship could be developed in childhood only?
  7. Should husband and wife be friends with each other and what does it actually mean? 
  8. Talk about things that love motivated you to accomplish.
  9. Is it possible to develop a business together with a friend and still preserve your friendship?
  10. Personal opinion on what true friends should never do to each other?

Narrative Ideas About Life

Choosing complex issue or phenomenon as topic for a narrative essay is beneficial as life itself is not an easy thing. List with suggestions related to life, in general, is almost endless.
Share your experience of getting out of your comfort zone and whether it brought something valuable.

  1. Talk about a mistake or wrong choice that you made and are willing to share as well as lessons you have learned from that situation.
  2. Life consists of multiple challenges and obstacles. Talk about one that you managed to overcome and are proud of it. 
  3. Talk about work experience and what it taught you.
  4. Share your memories of the best day.
  5. Write an essay on the person that made a significant impact on you. 
  6. Think about any ethical dilemma you came across and share your solution to it.
  7. Think about situations where you had to lie as it was a lesser evil.
  8. Your suggestions on how to keep a healthy lifestyle and why it is important.
  9. Think about a place where you would go in case you had no limitations.

Education Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

Benefits associated with obtaining knowledge are evident for everyone though you could share your perspective in a paragraph or two. Though, this subject gives so many ideas for narrative essay that you can write an entire dissertation.

  1. Share your thoughts on early education and potential benefits for children.
  2. The most inspirational lecture in your college-life.
  3. What would you do if you failed a class?
  4. Share your experience with extracurricular activities.
  5. Write about the first successful application of theoretical knowledge in the working environment.
  6. Discuss the importance of writing and how expressing your thoughts clearly in written form helps in many situations.
  7. Share a situation when you had to teach somebody and whether you managed to do it successfully.
  8. Present the greatest achievement during school years.
  9. Outline your feelings when you saw someone’s academic dishonesty being detected.
  10. Describe how you managed to cope with distant learning and what was the major challenge for you.

Narrative Topics For High School

School years provide many opportunities for development as well as possibilities to encounter many problems for the first time in your life. Your experience is definitely different from any other person’s one so that it is time for you to remember something special and complete the narrative essay assignment. 

  1. Children like imagining that they are someone else, usually a superhero or somebody powerful. Did you have a role model in childhood?
  2. Describe the first practical lab or experiment.
  3. What is the activity you wait for the most after classes and completing homework?
  4. Introduce your pet and share its story. 
  5. Talk about your favorite school subject and why do you prefer it to others.
  6. Portray an instance of bullying you witnessed. What are the most effective ways of dealing with this issue in your opinion?
  7. Speak about the great time you won a prize. Do you remember your feelings? 
  8. Disagreement with friends is a rather painful experience. Write descriptive text about this event so that you can reflect on what happened, understand both sides better, and try to fix everything.
  9. Share your story of going to summer camp.
  10. How you managed to ride a bicycle.

Social Issues

The modern world has many issues that still need to be addressed. Choosing topics for a narrative essay from this field may become the first step of your successful work on dealing with problems.
Discuss gender roles in modern society.

  1. Top five issues in relationships you can observe.
  2. Income gaps reasons that can be observed in everyday life.
  3. How prejudices ruin people’s lives.
  4. Your opinion on capital punishment.
  5. Would you ban weapons should the chance occur?
  6. How unemployment should be dealt with?
  7. Do you consider high education costs reasonable?
  8. How political tension destroys people.
  9. How did you help a military veteran?

Funny and Interesting Narrative Essay Prompts

Unusual thought-provoking topics or just fun ideas along with prompts and tips for writing a narrative essay will result in perfect work that your teacher will use as an example for future students. Make sure your creativity gets this chance.

  1. Public pranks where you became a victim.
  2. How playing computer games helps grow professionally.
  3. Did you meet your friends from high school? Describe what changes in their personality surprised you.
  4. Recall graduation day. How was subsequent life different from what was described to you during the ceremony? 
  5. Talk about customers types you encountered during your part-time job. 
  6. Suggestions on places to visit during weekends based on personal experience. 
  7. Describe the best vacation.
  8. What was the craziest adventure you experienced with friends?
  9. Dwell on our first karaoke attempt. 
  10. Share your failed attempts to learn something.

Anything Else That Should Be Kept in Mind?

One should remember that even the greatest narrative ideas will not result in an A grade essay if lousy writing is provided. One should pay attention to all elements from general structure to final proofreading or allow experienced professionals from essay writing website to complete the entire work. This is a good idea since proper samples will make subsequent tasks’ completion easier as one can simply follow the suggested structure and writing style just using a new topic.

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