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posted by Laura Callisen 20 Apr 2015
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Updated July, 02, 2021

Developing compare and contrast essay topics is an inseparable curriculum’s part as it requires critical thinking along with going beyond writing about different colors. Usually, controversial issues or phenomena serve as the basis for student’s research. Instructors want to see deep analysis and underlying causes’ review. These essays are essential for proper education as they teach students to write as well as think.

How To Choose Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students?

As the definition suggests, the main idea presupposes the comparison of two objects, events, persons, or other phenomena. Many original college essays for sale follow this pattern as this is popular academic assignment. Similarities or differences observed while conducting research should develop into good compare and contrast essay topics. Here are some tips on how the progress should be organized. 

  • Stick to comparable options: both subjects should be of the same nature, for example, you cannot compare a historical event to a car as comparison must make sense.
  • Think about ideas: brainstorming options is an obligatory element of developing college level compare contrast essay topics as this is how you can create the most effective comparison. 
  • Find sources: all facts should be taken from reputable sources for both sides and you should find as many sources as possible.
  • Stick to logical structure: it does not matter whether you choose the point-by-point type or block structure, everything should be organized around a central thesis statement.
  • Make a plan: don’t be lazy, complete a draft as early as possible since this is when you can see whether a chosen topic is strong enough.
  • Ask for essay help: whether you just need proofreading or got stuck with ideas, qualified assistance will be beneficial. 

List Of 100 Topics For Compare And Contrast Essay

Topics’ list is usually similar in many colleges so when you hire writer for essay writing you have distinct chances of acquiring a writer who is already familiar with the assigned essay topic.

Compare And Contrast Topics For College Students

  1. Research employment opportunities for students who had part-time work and students who focused on studying. 
  2. Essential dissimilarities between living at home during student years and on campus. 
  3. Review statistical data on crimes from states that ban capital punishment and those where this practice is allowed.
  4. Present different views on the abortion problem.
  5. Contrast behavior of rich people in Western and Eastern countries. 
  6. Traveling while studying as opposed to focusing on classes only.
  7. Compare employment opportunities for those who completed higher education as well as for those who didn’t.
  8. Discuss two different views on dealing with poverty.
  9. Research views on approving or banning immigration.
  10. Prohibiting versus allowing gun laws. 

For High School Students

Developing compare and contrast essay topics for high school students one should keep in mind that they do not possess substantial research along with analysis skills so that subjects should be comparatively easy.

  1. Think about student’s life in the countryside as opposed to big city.
  2. Difference between tea and coffee in their effect on health.
  3. Complete comparison of different interesting pets.
  4. Online communications compared to face-to-face interactions.
  5. Having pen pal versus developing friendship with a neighbor.
  6. Choosing a college in your city as opposed to studying abroad.
  7. Review two different kinds of sport as well as their benefits for youth.
  8. Discuss dissimilarities between healthy diet and regular exercises as losing weight method.
  9. Traveling abroad by air or sea.
  10. Remote learning versus offline one.

Medical Field Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Ideas

Even though this subject usually presupposes substantial as well as focused research, there is always a possibility to develop a new topic for compare and contrast essay as new medicine and techniques develop via comparison as well as experiments.

  1. Discuss different COVID-19 vaccines, introduce their effectiveness. 
  2. Benefits along with issues associated with chemotherapy and surgical methods.
  3. Medicines vs. natural cure alternatives.
  4. Contrast Medicaid with Obamacare.
  5. Dissimilarities between non-invasive and invasive treatment for your choice’s disease.
  6. Review different types of cancer.
  7. Nurse practitioner (NP) contrast Registered nurse (RN).
  8. Discuss similarities as well as peculiar dissimilarities between two sexually transmitted diseases.
  9. What is different in chickenpox manifestation in adulthood and childhood? 
  10. Complete abstract on the world’s response to epidemics in the 20th and the 21st centuries.

Art And Literature Ideas

Do not treat these subjects as easy compare and contrast essay topics because there is always room for interpretation or discovering new meaning. These topics require substantial preliminary research and good critical analysis skills so that you can select appropriate secondary sources to effectively support your argument.

  1. Compare and contrast the book along with the screen version of “The Hobbit”. 
  2. Review characters’ representation in different screen versions of any play such as“Romeo and Juliet”. 
  3. Discuss two analogical myths in different cultures.
  4. Realism in European vs. American literature. 
  5. Greek versus Roman sculpture.
  6. Fantasy or science fiction in the 20th century and nowadays.
  7. Review peculiarities of two novels that are set in the same period.
  8. Contrast Hero archetype in different countries’ fairytales.
  9. Discuss what makes Phenomenology and Hermeneutics different approaches.
  10. Poetical traditions: East vs. West. 

History Compare And Contrast Topics

Sources’ availability makes this subject suitable for best compare and contrast essay topics and at the same time, you may decide on asking another professional to help me edit my essay because the abundance of specific dates, facts, or names could be confusing so that making a mistake is easy.

  1. Describe democracy versus monarchy’s core features.
  2. Contrast peculiarities of Southern and Northern economies at the Civil War’s beginning.
  3. Compare regimes in Germany and Italy during the Second World War. 
  4. The United States during the alcohol prohibition period as well as after it. 
  5. American contribution in World War I and World War II.
  6. Contrast American and Soviet Union approaches to defensive strategies.
  7. Dissimilarities in naval blockade of the United Kingdom during World War I and World War II.
  8. Compare different countries’ motivations that led to colonialism.
  9. The German Democratic Republic vs. the Federal Republic of Germany
  10. England vs. Spain: naval countries’ strategies in the 16th century. 

Sports and Games Compare And Contrast Essay Prompts

Apart from seeing truly inspirational stories, you may also find funny compare and contrast essay topics in this field. Do you remember that there is such a discipline as e-sport? 

  1. Contrast dissimilarities associated with playing single-player computer games and multiplayer ones.
  2. Investigate horse races’ rules in ancient times and nowadays.
  3. Fans of soccer vs. fans of football. 
  4. Women’s in contrast to men’s basketball: are there substantial dissimilarities? 
  5. Compare necessary skills and features needed for success in football or soccer. 
  6. Powerlifting as opposed to weightlifting.
  7. Trauma-related prompt: compare various types of sport.
  8. Present various strategies in golf.
  9. Variety in requirements for adults along with teenage sportsmen. 
  10. Discuss peculiarities related to various types of interval training.

Psychology Compare And Contrast Topics

People are controversial in their nature so finding suitable compare and contrast topic ideas will not be an issue whatsoever. 

  1. Observing dissimilarities: extroverts opposed to introverts. 
  2. Compare two various psychoanalytic theories.
  3. Discuss depression example, compare it with anxiety case.
  4. Contrast two developmental psychology theories’ features.
  5. Significant dissimilarities: Ego vs. Superego.
  6. Research two various parenting styles and develop your position based on obtained data.
  7. Cyberbullying vs. bullying: what is more dangerous for child’s personality.
  8. Children from orphanages vs. children who have families: major dissimilarities in mental health.
  9. How differently is alcoholism manifested in men and women? 
  10. Group therapy vs. individual one: which is better?

Topics On Philosophy

Looking for complex ideas for compare and contrast essays? Or maybe you already have one assigned and just need someone with Master’s degree who can write my essay? Comparing philosophical concepts has never been an easy task.

  1. Discuss two theorists belonging to the contemporary philosophical era.
  2. Ancient Greek against Roman philosophers: differences and similarities.
  3. Video games vs. TV: which phenomenon is worse for morality? 
  4. Religiousness versus atheism.
  5. Religion’s persuasive component: contrast two manifestations in various cultures.
  6. Hedonism as opposed to eudaimonia: various approaches to mental well-being.
  7. Eastern vs. Western worldview.
  8. Juxtaposing stoicism and epicureanism.
  9. Different perspectives on Good or Evil in two cultures of your choice.
  10. Choose one ethical dilemma so that you can compare several possible outcomes. 

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Business and Economics

Variety of potential comparison topics is determined by the modern world’s complexity as well as increased international communication. Countries depend on each other on so many levels that students would not have any issues with developing unique comparison.

  1. Describe differences between two brands within one certain industry.
  2. Request college paper help for developing complex comparative analysis of two countries.
  3. Compare benefits of fossil fuels and solar power or other renewable energy sources.
  4. Developing agriculture in contrast to industrialization.
  5. Capitalism vs. socialism opposition.
  6. Freelance work versus traditional working mode: compare impact on country’s economy.
  7. Analyze developed vs. developing countries.
  8. Discuss two various business models.
  9. Transformational contrary to charismatic leadership approaches.
  10. Outsourcing benefits and drawbacks as compared to increasing in-house staff.

Compare And Contrast Ideas about Technology and Social Media

This subject always suggests something new for comparison and students should definitely keep their eyes open for new trends that can be juxtaposed with previously existing ones.

  1. Discuss benefits as well as drawbacks associated with using regular heat engines and completely electric ones in modern cars.
  2. Complete contrasting AMD vs. NVidia graphic cards.
  3. Review governmental space programs along with the ones operated by private companies.
  4. Compare TikTok trends in pre-COVID 2019 to the ones in 2020 and 2021.
  5. Develop comparison of revolutions’ development in the 20th century and in the era of social media.
  6. Facebook against Instagram audiences.
  7. Android operating system versus iOS.
  8. Windows or Linux comparison and contrast topic.
  9. Traditional computer games compared to virtual reality.
  10. E-commerce with social networks: review previous state of affairs.

Final Ideas On Good Compare And Contrast Topics

Choosing proper essay topic is not enough as you may face difficulties in organizing thoughts and finding the most suitable facts such as for art history topics. Students usually have so many academic tasks at hand that requesting professional assistance with some becomes the only sensible thing to do. Unique comparison and efficient writing mean guaranteed success as well as good grades.

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