100 Unique Cause and Effect Essay Topics

posted by Laura Callisen 27 May 2015
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Defining good cause and effect essay topics is primary thing that allows students to obtain the highest grades for their essays. These essays must be written at some point by any student because they promote critical thinking and proactive research. These skills are needed not only in an academic environment but in real life as well. If you need a great unique cause and effect essay on any topic, or if you need a writer to choose that topic for you and write an essay, just give us the details.

Why Choosing a Perfect Topic Is Essential?

Answer is simple: you will feel interested in going extra mile and researching chosen topic deeper as well as informing your audience about outcomes. You still need argument development since connection between reasons and outcomes must be clearly proved and demonstrated. Here are some tips on how to start since choosing proper cause and effect ideas is one of the most important things to do:

  • Choose global field of interest – it may be economics, healthcare, politics, or anything that makes you feel motivated.

  • Narrow down your topic for a cause and effect essay so that one specific issue becomes your focus point.

  • Think about recent issues and their prerequisites as it will help you train your critical thinking skills.

  • Issues with substantial background will help you learn researching and choosing the most suitable causes.

  • Follow standard structure requirements and use transition words. 

  • Check your plan and make sure that thesis statement reflects all causes that should be explained in body paragraphs, otherwise, your topic is not sufficient. 

Potential Cause and Effect Topics For a Perfect Essay

Essay Topics for College Students

1. Junk food habits and subsequent obesity problem. Nice choice for a good cause and effect topic given how much data is available. 

2. Negative influence of social media use on students’ performance. Students already know about that but reminding them about that is a good idea. 

3. Changes in employment opportunities depending on level of education. Students may find out that better education usually makes life easier. 

4. Technological progress as the best prerequisite for changing world. There are many potential subtopics for more specific essays. 

5. Aggression among teenagers: causes and consequences. Researching this topic will be useful in further life as students will understand human nature better.

6. Alcohol as the way to cope with stressful situations. Students must be aware of potential dangers so that they could avoid them themselves. 

7. Crime rate decrease or increase depending on capital punishment approval or disapproval. It is better to focus on one specific state and take into consideration historical data. 

8. Parents’ divorce and the way it affects children’s development. While it is not among the most pleasant ideas for cause and effect essay, students should be aware of this phenomenon’s long-term consequences.

9. What provokes rivalry in siblings? Realizing underlying reasons may help fixing the situation as well as change those people’s lives for better. 

10. How do parents' popularity change their children’s lives? There are various effects that might be interesting from a sociological perspective. 

Fun and Easy Essay Topics for High School

1. Playing computer games is good for brain development. This topic will definitely be interesting for children. 

2. Having pets makes people more friendly. Multiple positive effects can be described. 

3. Developing friendships in childhood positively changes a person's life. Writing such an essay may motivate young students to seek friends. 

4. What will happen if people stop reading books? Only a student's imagination is the limit here. 

5. How helping one person who requires assistance may change society? This is one of the good cause and effect topics as it will make the world a better place to live in. 

6. Healthy eating habits improve human health. Knowing these effects earlier is beneficial. 

7. Why is limited use of smartphones needed for small kids? Many high school students might already experience negative effects of excessive technology use. 

8. Art’s impact on people’s lives. A personal example will be suitable here. 

9. What are causes and effects of earthquakes? Students will need to conduct some basic research. 

10. What will happen if one stops brushing their teeth? It means more than effects on one’s health only.

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Social Issues Cause and Effect Essay Topic Ideas

These phenomena could be treated as global background for more precise ideas for cause and effect essays such as immigration’s effect on the US IT industry or income gap in a certain sphere. Writing about these subjects is necessary for a good citizen.

1. Immigration in the United States. 

2. Reasons behind homelessness. 

3. What changes in lives of people with disabilities when they obtain a job? 

4. How does poverty affect an individual’s motivation? 

5. What leads to a major income gap in modern society? 

6. Is school shooting a result of gun control policies in the US? 

7. Why did overpopulation become a problem nowadays? 

8. What causes salary differences between men and women? 

9. What problems result in inaccessible healthcare assistance for many people? 

10. Bullying in school issue’s roots. 

Cause and Effect Topics on Historical Issues

Many of them can become a truly monumental cause and effect essay topic though they still should be narrowed down to only major discussion points. Writing such a sample based on a global cause-and-effect case does require substantial reasoning and researching all subsequent effects from the historical perspective. This will give students more knowledge about the modern world and why exactly it developed to this state. 

1. Why did slavery emerge and became so widespread in the past? 

2. What are major roots of global wars?

3. What motivated Christopher Columbus’s voyages? 

4. Why did colonialism era end? 

5. Discuss the French Revolution and how it changed European society. 

6. The American Civil War.

7. Why did the Roman Empire accept Christianity as legal religion? 

8. The naval Blockade of Germany and its impact on World War I outcome. 

9. Reasons behind the USSR dissolution. 

10. What motivated the Crusaders to join the religious wars?

Educational Problems

Choosing any option in this cause and effect essay topics list will help a student understand educational processes better, anticipate potential benefits for some new practices, or even apply some findings to their own academic career development. 

1. Technologies’ impact on education. 

2. Excessive homework’s negative impact on students’ performance. 

3. Distant learning and educational level. 

4. School uniform and decreased prejudice cases among students. 

5. What are major factors that lead to educational specialists’ burnout at work? 

6. Health issues undermine quality of education. 

7. Anti-bullying initiatives in schools. 

8. Positive impact of living on campus. 

9. Reasons that lead college dropouts and this decision’s impact on their lives. 

10. Negative impact of cheating with homework tasks on other spheres of life. 

Cause and Effect Ideas on Mental Health and Healthcare

One may discuss reasons as well as associated outcomes for a specific type of disease or health issue which will improve essay’s credibility. Given the situation with healthcare in the world, the more people know about these effect essay topics, the better. Some issues such as pandemic and burnout at work are global problems now as well that is why understanding major causes and how negative effects can be eliminated is essential for every person. 

1. How stress affects people’s wellbeing? 

2. What does cancer mean for human health? 

3. What are the roots of a pandemic spread? 

4. How absence of proper dental hygiene affects one’s health.

5. Major reasons for depression development.  

6. What are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) effects on individual’s life? 

7. Abortion consequences for women’s mental health. 

8. Can burnout at work cause severe mental health issues? 

9. Do lockdown policies have an influence on individual’s emotional well-being? 

10. Anxiety’s impact on students’ academic career. 

Social Media and the Internet

Opportunities to write great cause and effect paragraph topics are growing every day as you may find new recent cases where successful social media campaigns helped a business grow immensely or read about other recent social media-related phenomena. Many topics are a good source for effective motivational speech as well.

1. Positive impact of global network on educational opportunities. 

2. Why excessive use of social media affects individual’s perception of reality. 

3. What are factors resulting in viral marketing phenomenon? 

4. What are major causes of cyberbullying? 

5. What makes social media tools a threat to real-life socialization? 

6. Discuss major factors that contribute to developing depression caused by social media. 

7. Social media impact on business growth. 

8. Globalization as an inseparable part of worldwide Internet use. 

9. Increased sociopolitical tension caused by events’ live social media coverage. 

10. Causes that lead to global Internet coverage project’s implementation. 

History and Politics Cause and Effect Essay Prompts

This sphere is a good source for researching causal relationships, political reasons and cause essay topics; however, one should not forget about consequences as well, whether they already happened in the past or still need to be anticipated. Many topics can be discussed either in general or taking a specific country into consideration.

1. Underlying motives that resulted in Alaska purchase in 1867. 

2. Why did US troops start leaving Afghanistan? 

3. British colonialism’s outcomes. 

4. American interventions’ effect on global political environment. 

5. What were the results of the Arab Spring? 

6. Causes and potential results of political tension between the US and China. 

7. What were the major factors that led to Brexit? 

8. What caused the Cold War and subsequent geopolitical tension? 

9. What are major reasons for North Korea to take aggressive position? 

10. What are major consequences of totalitarian regimes? 

Nature and Environment Cause and Effect Paper Topics

This subject can be treated as the source for comparatively easy cause and effect essay topics since one can find many scientific research reports based on recent data. Suggested writing prompts presuppose global perspective but country-specific essays are good too. 

1. Water pollution and its consequences. 

2. Climate change consequences for wildlife. 

3. What triggered global warming phenomenon? 

4. Activists and their nature preserving attempts. 

5. How will glacier melting change global environment? 

6. Negative consequences of poaching. 

7. What are main factors that cause desertification?

8. Agriculture’s impact on nature. 

9. What triggered the emerging of a hole in the ozone layer? 

10. Negative impact of ultraviolet radiation. 

Technology and Innovations Ideas

One can choose any sphere of life from psychology to business and still find many causes that give impetus to technology development and its outcomes. Potential for great new cause effect essay topics is limitless given the progress humanity is experiencing. 

1. Speculate on potential effects of space traveling for humanity. 

2. Utilizing automated technologies and increased production. 

3. What motivated space research programs? 

4. Potential effects of implementing robots and artificial intelligence in as many spheres as possible. 

5. What effect will completion of the Starlink program have on global progress? 

6. Increase in digital surveillance methods leads to social issues. 

7. Implementing self-driving cars will lead to increased road safety. 

8. Increasing technological development, as well as Internet access, improve educational opportunities.

9. Investing in green energy technologies results in decreasing environmental catastrophe risk. 

10. Virtual reality technologies and their impact on industries. 

Got Any Other Cause and Effect Essay Ideas?

Instructors often want to observe students’ critical thinking as well as giving them imagination training. In these cases, one can create absolutely any topic, whether it is characters’ motivation development in Cyberpunk 2077 or what brings humanity to other planets’ colonization. Just don’t forget that basic cause and effect essay topics for college development principles must be followed precisely, this is what college paper writing experts will do if you ask them for help. Follow our tips as they were developed to help you succeed.

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