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The Apple Company is dedicated to upholding the highest norms of social responsibility and moral behavior. The primary responsibilities of the company's suppliers are to ensure the workers' safety and conducive working conditions. They must treat employees with decency and respect and establish moral policies that ensure that everyone is treated properly. All employees must adhere to the supplier's code of conduct, which is a requirement of the business. The business expects everyone to adhere to the standards and follow the laws and regulations outlined in the supplier's code of conduct. The regulation also specifies additional requirements that go above and beyond generally accepted norms. The company is determined in advancing the social and environmental responsibilities. In the code of conduct, the company's expectations are predicted, and standards regularly blended to safeguard legal requirements. The code of conduct is meant to equip Apple's expectations at an overwhelming stunt for suppliers conduct regarding safety, working conditions, environmental protection, ethics, labor, human rights and health protection. 

Apple will evaluate its suppliers' compliance with this Code. There is need to safeguard the code about the integrations of the company supplier. Any violation of the Code and its irregular working procedure will always affect the outcomes in the business relations. The code applies to all the Apple Company's affiliates, contractors' subsidiaries private workers and subcontractors that provide services to the Apple Company.

Nevertheless, Apple maintains a dedicated profile through which detailed standards explicitly express our moral prospects for compliance with this Code.

Labor and human rights   

Apple is determined in leaving the legacy behind generations. We believe that by treating all the workers in the respective way and their dignity reserved, the company will create a chain through which suppliers will work in a coherent environment, holding the highest standards of human rights.

Anti-Harassment and Abuse 

Apple is determined to have its workers work in place free from harassment and other misconducts that will otherwise jeopardize the working conditions of the company. Workers are protected against any injustice from the suppliers. Suppler shall not misuse apple resources in any way or try to harass or threaten the workers. No abuse shall be condoned or harsh treatments from the superior workers 

Prevention of underage labor

By the age Convention No. 138, the supplier shall be required to employ workers who have attained the required age. 


The supplier should not discriminate workers by gender, age difference, racial grounds marital status, disabilities sexual orientations or any other status. Supplier shall not incorporate pregnancy tests in place of medical inseminations or any other tests that do not add up or hinder the working ability of the interviewer in place of job applications.

Prevention of human trafficking and involuntary labor 

The supplier should ensure that at all the time they employ workers who are willingly ready to work on their own. It is illegal and against our code to forcefully engage workers who are not willing to offer their services to the company. The supplier should hire workers who voluntarily accept to work by compiling to Apple Code of conduct treaties. 

Human trafficking is illegal and against apple human rights standards as outlined in the Code. The supplier should not put any sanctions that will help the workers freedom of movement (Arocha, 2017). Not under any circumstances that the supplier shall hold o retain the original government-issued identification and traveling documents as his will be regarded as the individual's movement restrictions.

Supplier shall not request any employment fee or any other payment from their recruitment fees is required for any particular job applications.

Student worker protection

The supplier at any point should ensure that they do offer protection support and training to the students. Proper management of the student's welfare, proper maintenance engulfing all the proper records which embrace educational partners and protect students' rights and  safeguards law and regulations

Juvenile workers protections   

The supplier may employ workers who are below the age that is recommendable, provided that they follow the rights and the obligations to perform the duties that do not interfere with their health, moral conducts, and safety, their rights should be observed and assurance of proper management given priority (Lee, 2016). 

Wages and benefits 

The supplier should be ready to pay a reasonable minimum wage and guarantee the workers cognitive benefits. This entails signing of the contracts that met the workers desired needs. There shall be a compensation for any overtime for workers as outlined in the statutory premium rate. Supplier shall be required to give structure payment periods to all the work done by the workers. No penalties meant to target the wages of the workers.

Freedom of association and bargaining  

The supplier should not put sanctions the workers against interacting and lawfully bargaining for the best of their wages or any other beneficiaries. The workers shall be allowed to form organizations which will help them present their grievances without interferences harassment or any discrimination. 

Health and safety   

The health of the workers should be given the priority, one of the obligations in the Apple code of conduct is to ensure that the safety of the workers is keenly observed. The supplier has to ensure that they maintain social and environmental safety to its workers all through. 

Health and safety permits 

Ensure full compliance with the health and safety requirements 

Regulated substances 

Give out a clear structure through which manufacture platform of goods is given out.

Hazardous waste management and non-hazardous waste management  

The supplier should find a way to implement and control all the wastage from the company. Employ all the recycling tactics and procedures of wastage treatment. 

Wastewater management 

It is the mandate of the supplier to ensure that they do implement recommendable systems to suppress all the water wastage system (Stephan, 2017). They shall employ ways to monitor the performance pertaining water wastage.

Air emission management 

Supplier shall identify, limit, manage and responsibly control the effect of air pollution

Noise management 

Suppliers shall identify and control any unnecessary noise from the company's premises. 


It is our pride that we maintain the highest profile in ethical conduct in all of Apple's endeavors. Suppliers shall always try to keep it above the standards at any given operations concerning the company's business. 

Business integrity 

The supplier is to act as the role models for the Apple workers in general. They shall not at any point exploit the company's conducts, take bribery engage in corruption activities

Disclosure of information   

The supplier shall precisely record and account for every information regarding its business endeavors ranging from safety, health, to environmental.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Supplier shall respect and safeguard the intellectual's properties observe their rights and impress technology.

Whistleblower Protection and Anonymous Complaints

Supplier shall provide an unidentified grievance mechanism for executives and workers to report workplace complaints. Supplier shall protect whistleblower discretion and forbid vengeance.

Community Engagement

Suppliers are encouraged to take part in the community development activities through initiating some programs that will benefit the community progress 

Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism(c-TPAT)

The entire supplier shall be ready to comply with the C-PTAT when it comes to transporting of goods and commodities 

Company system 

Supplier shall develop a company management system through which all the company's activities are scrutinized, and plans predicted. Apple is determined to be the emanated example in dispatching all the recommendable standards through which the law is blended with the company's code of conduct.  

Corrective action process 

Suppliers shall have clear performing corrective action process through which certain conducts are enforced in the system and assessment of misconducts reviewed


Arocha, J. B. (2017). Getting to the Core: A Case Study on the Company Culture of Apple Inc.

Lee, K. H., & Vachon, S. (2016). Supply Chain Sustainability Risk. In Business Value and Sustainability (pp. 245-280). Palgrave Macmillan UK.

Stephan, K. (2017). Is Apple Losing Its Shine?: Concerns over worker safety in Chinese consumer electronics factories. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, 6(2), 101-102.

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