Assessment of Leadership

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Self-assessment is the assessment of one of the skills and performance according to a given subject. It is the measurement of one company's results according to a specific mission. A leader must assess and evaluate his abilities very often to ensure that his leadership skills are as good as those he leads and his fellow leaders. Leadership Table Topic Comment Phrase(s) Strength as a leader Enhancing teamwork Weakness as a Leader Exceedingly lenient Communication Skills Effective communicator Personality Very confident Emotional IQ Always composed Trust Trustful Leadership Approach Functional approach Demonstrated Leadership Style Team leadership Vision/Strategic Goal Implementation Gradual As a leader, it is important to know various factors about yourself from your peers and those affected by your actions. An assessment enables this. From the above evaluation, the leader is seen to have strength. According to the assessment, the strength is enhancing teamwork among his team members. A good leader should be able to initiate, improve and maintain teamwork among his members. This is one way of getting things moving.

    Every human being is bound to have weaknesses. It is normal, and it is important for one to know ways of dealing with their weaknesses to prevent any misunderstanding that may arise. The leader is noted to be extremely lenient which has been categorised as his weakness. This is because the members he leads take advantage of his sympathetic character. He is too forgiving, too understanding, and hence team members come up with false excuses, and he forgives them. This allows a sense of laziness which slows down the team.

    For one to be a good leader, communication plays a huge role. The way a lead communicates with his team and his fellow leaders show whether he is a good leader. Excellent communication enhances good response, and to acquire good response; it is necessary for a leader to be a good communicator.

    A good leader is expected to be confident and fearless (OLA, 2000). A confident leader can show his authority by the little confidence bestowed on him. This plays a huge role in indicating the people that he is in authority and that they have to respect his authority

    As a good leader, it is important that emotions do not influence their decision making. A good leader composes himself and maintains a clear head. The leader is a very composed individual. He does not allow emotions to cloud his judgement. This gives him the ability to make serious decisions.

    The leader is trustful with other people and also his team. He has great belief in the people he works with. He trusts the ability of his team to produce results and grow beyond their expectation. He also shows his faith to other people, and one can also confide in him. This indicates that he is truly a good leader and that his team can quickly seek help from him on personal and official matters.

    The functional approach is based on finding out how leaders conduct themselves and how their behaviours affect their followers. It builds on the necessity or having a balance between individual needs, the task given as well as the team.

    Team leadership is a type of leadership that is concerned with future achievements. It is all about the future development of the team in line with the task given and any other project directed to the team. It gives a team the challenge of shaping the future and also makes the team feel like they belong as a team to perform their tasks together. Using such an approach wisely makes a leader good.

The leader is using a gradual means to implement their strategic goals. This is because the progressive process assists in making changes where necessary, making adjustments to the plan and slowly observing the plan take action.

Leadership Assessment

Jung Personality Typology Test seeks to help one choose that which they feel is most appropriate for their personality(OLA, 2000). It encourages one to look at his/her personality and go for whatever aligns itself with your personality

EQ Test involves reflecting on the emotional capability or control of a person(OLA, 2000). It is used to check how emotional one is and how they can manage it and to find out their emotional reaction to others

Ultimate Ethics Quiz is concerned with finding out the adherence of one to a set of guidelines or rules that are imposed and invoked in their daily lives(OLA, 2000). It helps one know how ethical they are.

My communication skills are excellent. This is because I can move my peers and convince them into doing something or discuss to them the dangers of participating in a particular act. This shows that my communication skills are good enough as they are the reason behind the transformation of my peers.

I believe that I can make a good leader. This is because of my ability convince and persuade others into adopting different lifestyles. This means that convincing a team to perform a specific task in a specific manner is no problem.

Leadership skills are critical elements that a person given authority to a group of individuals should possess to ensure that he respects his position and leads in a proper way.

Relationship Building

Being a good leader does not necessarily ascertain that relationships are ok. It is important that after an assessment, a leader writes down a plan for building relations. During the evaluation, links are broken due to the negative responses or because of failure to deliver the expected results. It is for this reason that is important for every leader to come up with a relation building plans (McCallum, 2009). Leadership action plan is one of the ways in which one can build up relations after an assessment.

A leader serves his people, and it is important that he maintains a good relationship with them. The people skills are a good way to communicate with the people as it friendly and efficient at the same time (McCallum, 2009). For this reason, the people will listen to the leader without any hesitation.

The ability to build sincerity and trust is one of the people’s skills that I lack. It is all about building trust between both the people and the leader. It is, however, hard to trust people and to be sincere because some people use it as a mechanism to harm others. I, therefore, find it hard when relating to others due to this.

In some occasions, it is quite hard to understand a person’s actions. I hence lack empathy for such people because I don’t understand the reason why they did or allowed something to happen. This makes our relationship strenuous, and we cannot relate well.

Some people are hard to work with, and there is the lack of understanding. This causes lack of rapport which is an essential element in the people’s skill.

Weak people power prevents progress and building relationships. This is because they are often negative individuals who have no positive look on things. This prevents the ability to build the relationship because they give negative comments and have an adverse effect(de Vries, 2005). They expect nothing but the negative.

For a strategic plan to be implemented, a leader needs his followers to assist him in the implementation of the plan(Heifetz,  Grashow & Linsky, 2009). This that means that it is necessary that the follower-leader relationship is good.

Incompetence is likely to affect the leader-follower relationship. This is because when the follower fails to do as expected of them by their leader, they make the relationship sour.

Weak skills can be improved by encouraging the people. When the people are encouraged to be positive about life, this can help improve the weak skills. Once can also make improvements by implementing that which sounded impossible to the weak skilled people (Reeves, 2003). This will encourage them and hence enhance their skills. Teaching the weak skilled people is another solution. One can get personnel who can improve the weak skilled by teaching them. This can be a means of improving their skills.


A good leader needs to ensure he evaluates his performance and his duty. This helps ensure that all the mistakes done can be rectified. It is important that after the assessment, the leader comes up with a means of building relationships with his followers. This helps ensure a comfortable relationship between leaders and their followers which are necessary for the fulfilment and implementation of strategic plans.


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