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Business proposal. Restaurant.

Executive Summary

Olala Restaurant will be a locally owned outlet serving both fast and other food that is positioned as an international franchise owing to detailed presentation and creative approach to the company’s image. Olala restaurant in Ontario is anticipating providing a combination of high standard food enjoyed and highly sought by locals at value pricing, with a serene atmosphere and fun packaging for all ages. Olala restaurant truly will be the solution to an increasing demand for all types of food and other snack-type fast food for those windows shopping or walking around in the shopping mall.

Even with the today’s very stiff competition among the restaurant, Olala restaurant will seek to be the friendliest and trendiest joint in North America where all people from all walks of life will feel comfortable to stay and mingle freely without any disturbance. This restaurant will be eclectic, inviting and warm where customers will enjoy the west side nightlife which is in comparison to none.

Along with other trattorias, coffeehouses, and a mix of Italian restaurants Olala aspires to be lounging, restaurant where is the stop for live music. The music will be supplemented by live performance by local and international artists and on top of that every Friday night we shall be having Jazz music nights. This casual dining restaurant will have two large levels which are basement and main floor; again it will have a side patio and a balcony. This venue will seat 100 indoor and 25 outdoor contentedly and more to that it will be modular with regard to event of the day. This establishment will also have private function rooms, open kitchen, both casual and elegant decor and a bar area. As a restaurant, Olala menu will be Mediterranean with a bias on seafood.

The restaurant will seek to provide the area inhabitants and tourists with classic food, coffee while they enjoy listening to live and DJ music. This venue will be run full time by professional and experience expert in hospitality industry. Kitchen chefs will include ones with vast experience in the industry to meet the customers demand.

My main priority is to establish one restaurant in a crowded mall in the Main Avenue in Ontario. Latest goals will be open more restaurant outlets in the surrounding area. This proposal is designed to obtain an objective location for the initial launch of this restaurant. The financing and capital consolidation will be from shareholders and it will enable Olala to fruitfully open and expand through period of less than three years. The first capital resources will boost this restaurant to offer its customers a value-driven comfort and entertainment brought by the creativity of the employees and founders.  

Olala restaurant will target youngsters and entice them to bring on board their allies and relatives through our eco-friendly and innovative environment coupled with high quality services and unique selection of dipping sauces together with delicious seafood.


  • To make Olala a unique destination spot for all music loving people
  • To open other branches in neighboring metropolitan cities of our third year of operation
  • To gain a market share in an Ontario restaurant industry by creating a presence as a the most successful food joint.
  • Our goal is to establish a unique and all time restaurants that will set the trend for other upcoming restaurant on the best way to offer services.
  • Our main goal will serve customers till they are contented with our high-quality food.

Keys to Success

  • To excel in this undertaking we shall need to:
  • Promote our brand and image to enhance our marketing communications
  • Look for high traffic shopping malls where it is near the target market.
  • Come up with a unique, entertaining and innovative menu that will make us unique from the rest of the competition
  • Maintain high level of excellent services among other competitors by proving pure satisfaction of our clientele

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