Impacts of Problem on Work and Patient Outcomes

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1. Effects of hospital care environment on the patient Mortality and Nurse Outcomes

This article briefly describes the problem identified by stating the background of the problem. The paper states that the net effects of nurse practice environments on the outcome of both the patient and the nurse.

It also gives statistical information, the data from 10, 184 nurses 232, 342 patients and 168 hospital within Pennsylvania were studied. The article also gave the conditions in which the study was carried out and then supported the changes with through analysis of the data available and then concludes that care environment elements should be maximized alongside the nurse education and staffing. (Aiken Linda, Clarke P Sean and Sloane Douglas, 2009)

2. Effects of Work Environments on Nursing and Patients Outcomes

The articles describes the environment in which nurses are working as the main reason they are leaving their profession and thus their outcomes is reduced.

In thus article also, statistics are provided that were analyzed, 679 nurse, 1005 patients treated and discharged, and the study was carried out in 21 hospitals. The articles concluded that empowering workplaces had a positive effects on doctors- assessed quality care. (Nancy, 2011)

3. How nurses and their work environment affect patient experiences of the quality of care. Healthcare organization improves quality of nurses’ work through evaluation of their environment. Statistical data has been given in this article, and it also support the proposed solution. (Kieft Renate, Brouwer Brigitte, and Francke Anneke, 2014)

4. The Impacts of Nursing Work Environment on Patient Safety Outcome. The articles critically analyses the relationship between the work environment and gives statistical support for the solution. (Laschinger Spence, Michael PhD., 2006)

5. Effects of Nurse Staffing and Nurse Training on Patients Mortality in Hospital with Different. The article support the fact that education and good working environment reduces mortality rate. Data is available on the number of studied group and the results. (Herbert Smith, Fynn Linda, Neff Donna and Sloane Douglas, 2012)

6. The Impact of nursing characteristics on Mortality. Hospital nursing characteristics like staffing contributes to patient outcomes, statistics of patients discharged from the hospital is indicated in the article. And support the changes by explaining that the behavior of the nurse at the hospital as the consideration when reducing the mortality of patients. (William Midodzi, Carole Estabrooks, Greta Cummings and Kathryn Ricker, 2005)

7. Nurses perception on the impact of Electronic Health Records on Work and Patient outcomes. This article address community nurses’ effectiveness when using electronic records band their impacts on the patient outcomes. Data is available for the how the system is effective. It also support the changes proposed (Susan Kussman, Sandra Scheidenhelm, 2008)

8. Nurse- Physical Relationship: Impact on Nurse Satisfaction and Retention. This article address the issue of shortage of nurse and the possible reasons, statistics is provided for the number of physician who were interviewed. The findings indicates the need to ensure quality of nurses- patient relation addressed (Rosenstein, 2002).

9. Impact of Workplace Empowerment, Organization Trust on staff Nurses’ Work Satisfaction and Commitment. It describes the issues in depth by introducing it and giving out a clear explanation on the relationship between the work environment, nurse satisfaction and the outcomes on the patient. Mortality rate is not given in the article but it supports the solution to ends the death rate in hospital by ensuring staffs are satisfied. (Laschinger Spence, Finegan Heather and Judith Shamian, 2001)

10. The Impact of the work environment of nurses on patient safety outcomes. The article argues that patient safety is a priority for health services in any country. No data is provide for the mortality, but statistics in terms of percentage is provided for the model to predict the outcomes. And recommends ward-level. (Kiwan Marcia, Mathews Anne, 2013)

11. The relationship between the hospital environment and the nurse outcomes. The articles analyses the relationship between the work environment and nurse satisfaction and how it relates with his outcomes. No data is available regarding the mortality, however it effectively supports the solution and the changes provided. The job-environment has direct impact on the performance of the nurse. (Yuan Tao and Xiao-Wen Zhu, 2012)

12. Nurse Working Condition and Patients safety outcomes

The articles excellently describes the relationship between the working environment and the outcomes of nurses. Data is available to show how mortality reduces in a good working environment. (Stone Patricia, Mooney Kane, Larson Elaine, 2007)

13. Impact of shortage of nurses on Job Outcomes. This paper describes the effects of less nurses on the outcomes of patients and it shows mortality rate as a result of shortages in clinical officers. (Shammika Kumari, Admbarage Chamaru and Hellerwa Mudibanselage, 2015)

14. The relationship between the Nurses’ Work Environment and the Patient and Nurse outcome. The relationship between good working environment and nurse outcome is analyze in this article, data is used in the study as prove of positive correlation between the two. (.B.N, 2016)

15. Impact of Health Information Technology on the Quality of Patient Care. It shows how electronic health records improves patients care. The number of clients served is available. (Westerman, 2015)


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