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Print ads is a means of publicizing physically printed media including journals and magazines. Print advertising As shown below, print poster examples are:

Coca Cola Print adsPrint ads

Some components from these two ads are helpful in produceding an effective one, and can be extracted from the same one. The headlines, the copy, the diagrams and the signature are included. "Thanks for your break refreshing" and "IT'S POSSIBLE" are the headlines of the above-mentioned printed ads.
The second part of the announcement is the illustrations. It's an image of a kid and the Santa in the coca cola one. The image illustrates the Christmas season tip tray for that specific time of year. The United properties, on the other hand, are an illustration of a guy in the ladder which illustrates that one can accomplish what seems to be imaginable.
Another important part of the ad derived from the same is the copy. It involves the use of words to describe the component advertised. The information must be factual since if not can be used against them by the customers.
The last component is the signature. It is the trademark in the ads of the product or the company being advertised given it the Coca Cola name and logo and the United Properties term and symbol.

Similarities of the Print Advertisements

The headlines are uniquely attractive and arouse interest to the target audience in each case such that Coca Cola products to the beverage consumers and United Properties to real estate’s developers.
Both the ads consist of illustrations which are visual pictures, easier to read, control eye movement (Santa with the Coca Cola and standing ladder guy shows how possible it is for United Properties to enable Real Estates developers and investors work with them).
The print ads both have signatures of their respective companies and products (The tree umbrella like shape for United Properties and the Coca Cola logo and product name).

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One of the fundamental differences between the ads is the number of words used in the images. The Coca Cola uses few words and maximizes on the picture since it seems to communicate more dependent on the product. The United Properties use a lot of wordings to demonstrate the product as it seems the picture do not talk as much as the words would. It has to use the phrase since few once may lead to miscommunication. For example, a man standing on the ladder may seem to be lonely and needs help, but the actual meaning of the context is that it is impossible for him to fall into the pool. The wordings help one to understand the context.

Analysis of the Coca Cola Print Advertisement

The print poster effectively tells the advertisements it brings forth: its analysis is broken down into various components of the ad which consists of the headline, illustration, copy, and signature.
The headline is the first element of the analysis process. In the Coca Cola ad, it is specifically targeted to the general public of fun- loving people drinking coca cola. The phrase “Thanks for the pause that refreshes“ is defined statement to the public saying how refreshing the coca cola drink is. The announcement is attractive and targeting a specific audience which is the general fun loving people who use coca cola as the refreshment drink. The print ad is effective since it is just attractive and captures attention to the target audience.
The illustration is also an essential component to be analyzed. It is a graphical visual image in the print advertisement. In this Coca Cola ad, it is the picture of Santa and a kid enjoying coke which represents the illustrations of the print ads. The image itself is straightforward to read to everyone, controls eye movement of anyone reading the ad, and gives products credibility.
The copy is also an important aspect to be analyzed under study. In this Coca cola ad is “drink Coca Cola delicious and refreshing.” It’s a straightforward statement. It enables the audience to believe in the product and shows the honesty in the statement. Just observing the ad copy statement allows the products to attract the consumers to purchase it.
Signature is the last component to be analyzed. It consists of the name of the provider and the logos of the service provider. In this ad, the signature is the Coca Cola word. It tells the audience the Coca Cola is the provider of the product, hence, difficult to confuse it. The logo is necessary for recognition. There might be other companies offering the same product, but the logo gives a unique identity.
In conclusion, the image in the Coca Cola ad is cheerful, and it is full of life. It represents how the people are craving for the drink. It is so much of life which people are looking forward to taking it. The drink is full of life, and everyone is seeking to have it and nothing else.

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Analysis of United Properties Print Advertisement

The analysis and effectiveness of the print ad are highlighted and brought forward in this topic discussing the print ad above.
The headline is the key component essential in the analysis process. In this ad, the headline is “IT’S POSSIBLE.” It brings forth the strength in which the Real Estate agency lies. The statement is quite brief and captures the attention of the targeted audience which mostly is real estate developers and investors.
Secondly, it is the illustration. The image itself is of a person on a ladder with no supporting part. It supports the phrase IT’S POSSIBLE since that act seems quite impossible. It captures the strength of the United Properties in the whole picture through its graphology art. The image captures the customer’s attention, and it is hard for them to forget the context.
The copy is the third component we will analyze. The copy part in this ad explains what United Properties does in its operation. It describes the real estate venture, the accomplishment of the United Properties.
Finally, it is the signature component. The United Properties is the name of the company advertising the services it offers, and the logo is an umbrella tree like feature. It tells the user about the business contact information and reachability of the organization. With the knowledge, one gets the identity of the company through which any inquiries can be derived and the contact details through which the orders can be received.
Hence, the advert under this stands out. It is a representation of huge man standing on the ladder with a pool next to it. It represents how it is impossible for a man to fall into the pool even if he falls. There is a lot of creativity and uniqueness in the image. It spurs one to read the context since it attracts a lot of attention since it portrays a lot of loneliness in a man and seeking help.

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How The Images Communicate Their Messages?

Creating effective print advertising images is not something predictable or exact science. Be prepared to create alter your messaging and creativity if not getting desired results. Ensure to consult those experienced in the area to make sure that the ad is efficient and generates positive results.
Images communicate their messages through graphics in the picture. The graphics must support the claims of the print ads, statement and brand positioning of the of the brand's company. For example, color improves readership and retention of information. For example, the coca cola ad has red black and gray. It’s believed that retention of information is roughly 40% of black and white alone. The graphics are usually there to support the message and visually draw the reader hence communicating the message of the image.
Messaging should also be the beginning of designing before developing the graphical look. In our example the United Properties, the brand is established within the target group (real estate’s developers and investors). The copy is heavily written since the target group is a researching the best provider, hence, tends to read through the copy, unlike the Coca Cola ad which is pretty simple hence specifics, apparently to the point and action-oriented images quickly communicate the message.

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In conclusion, both ads are efficient and informative. They give the customers an idea of what they expect once they purchase the products. Hence, the advertisement communicates a lot about the product and is very necessary in every sale, hence, a context to be invested on.

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