Leadership, Management, and Motivation

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Leadership is the integral function of multiple social personalities. It determines the state of the performance of specific social roles. Two different concepts are commonly misused in culture, namely leadership and management. Management involves using the power to influence people in society. The two therefore have a close relation in the application of their importance in societies. Strong leaders may be good administrators. At the same time, leaders are administrators of the community's areas of responsibility. In the cultures, various persons use different leadership styles. However, there are three major clusters of leadership styles in the contemporary society. These include autocratic style of leadership, free-rein leaders, as well as the democratic style of leadership among the leaders (Johnston, & Marshall, 2016).

The autocratic concept of leadership explains the application of total control over every aspect of decision-making and program development issues. It applies to those leaders who are normally dictators in nature and want their decisions to work in every aspect of the society. Such an approach may fail to display the face of an organization since it dwells on the ideologies of individuals in the higher ranks of the organization. On the other hand, democratic leadership, on the other hand, is an inclusive approach to leadership that seeks to share the ideas of the members in the decision-making processes within the organizations. Finally, may portray a celebrative leadership style where the leaders allow their subjects to make the decisions desired within the organizations to bring change in the organization.

Democratic leadership style will be ideal for this organization. This is because it will allow effective sharing among the staff members and promote equity and equality in the organization's performance. Ideally, the organization will implement effective strategies from the decisions made by the people and the people within the organizations apply that. Moreover, democratic approach will boost the individual performance in the systems by enhancing the process of tapping their innovativeness through sharing and inclusiveness in decision-making. Currently, the universal humanitarian agencies consider social inclusion in decision-making procedures as the most effective strategies to the implementation of the program policies. Similar, the sense of ownership among the staff members will boost the emotional, physical, as well as mental capacities in the societies.  Economic resources are very scarce and limited in nature. It therefore makes the sectors very rich.

Evidently, the approach to leadership among the leaders determines the level of prosperity within and beyond. Therefore, it is critical for members of the leadership regime in the society. In the leadership forum, the term motivation dictates the complex approach to group understanding that the human can construct the mission forum in an effective way and win. Since this organization is customer-oriented, democratic form of leadership would have numerous advantages within the systems of operations as earlier mentioned. Therefore, it will boost the development of practical plans of handling the employees as well as ensuring sustainable development within the industry. This way, there are numerous methods of ensuring that the level of motivation and management focuses on the sustainability of the organization in the industry.

Motivation plans

Ideally, motivation is the cause of action in any set of environment in the society. It defines the reason as to why the individuals act with a common purpose of achieving the missions of the company at the basic levels in the industry. Motivation assures the employees of their social and psychological safety within the business environment. The company can apply several approaches of motivations in order to help establish a common course of encouragement among the employees. First, the manager will ensure that they reward the outstanding performances during a financial. Performance appraisal will help in tapping the innovations and creativity among the staff members. It will also boost the performance index of every member of the staff while striving to meet the company's target and attain a personal record for reward. There are several methods of rewarding performance within the system. The top leadership can decide to promote the individuals to higher ranks within the work schedules. In addition, they can collaborate with financial rewards and or material rewards for better performances among other employees in the industry (Miner, 2015).

Secondly, the organization should embrace the strategies of effective communications with the employees in the industry. Communicating with the employees effectively help in boosting their trust on the management hierarchy. Consequently, they will deliver satisfactory services within the industry. The company should therefore set clear goals and objectives to allow the workers understand their role in the economic development of the firm. A good communication model include well-structured duty schedule for every sector of the economy. It also involves integrity and ethics of communication between the staff members and the management. This strategy is the best approach to developing and identifying new talents within the industry to help in sustainable profit making within the system of operation. Additionally, effective communication will allow the management to identify the major problems that workers face in the industry. Consequently, they will be able to identify ways of solving the existing problems and at the same time avoid such problems in future. Nonetheless, effective communication requires an organized model of operation within the leadership framework to avoid misallocation of resources (Goetsch, & Davis, 2014). To realize effective impacts of good communication model, the company should ensure there are clear statements of missions, vision, and individualistic roles of every other member within the company.

Effective communication involves assuring the members of staff about their health, trust, as well as indicating effective mechanism for achieving the organization's target in the industry. Consequently, the management should embrace the power of strategic and influential communication system to enhance the process of goal achievement in the industry. Notably, it will help in motivate the individual members of the company and not just a team approach. As noted, individual motivation is more important than group motivation since it enables the individuals to own the program in the industry. As a result, they will embrace the culture of mission achievement in such industry.

Interestingly, one can also motivate the employees by applying penalties on reckless behaviors among the staff members and other employees. Such penalties may include deduction of salaries and wages upon the reports of misconducts and poor performances within the industry. This method is a precautionary measure that only applies in warning the members over intentional misconducts in their lines of duty. Contrariwise, it may limit the scale of productivity among the employees for the fear of risky outcomes in the organization. Thus, the management should apply such techniques with great caution to avoid limiting the scale of operation within the markets.

According to McGregor, the process of ensuring success in the projects involves proper management of the human resources attached to the project. In his theory, effective communication is a key element in the race to achieving the missions of any firm in the industry. Individuals are only motivated if there are common benefits in the system of operation (Arslan & Staub, 2013).

Concisely, the company will set small achievable goals that can be measured periodically in the system. Moreover, the company will have to develop mechanisms of evaluation in the system that seeks to support the missions of the industry. Thus, the initial step includes developing the culture of positive behaviors among the employees as well as the management to enhance effective relationships within the organizations. Identifying individual skills and what they enjoy doing in the industry will facilitate individualistic improvements and motivation among the members of the industry.

In conclusion, effective management and leadership are the most important attributes of success in an organization. Such factors can enhance motivation among the employees and allow the organization to achieve their goals in a short period than expected. Typically, motivated workers produce higher quality products that enhance profitability in the organization. At the same time, effective management should always focus on developing individual talents and skills in the industry. However, every manager as well every leader in the organization has to realize that the process of motivation may demand a lot of resources that might result in a loss to the firm if the institution is not careful with the progress. Thus, managers of the company should enhance strategic management practices and incorporate any other environment consequence in the project.

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