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Management of organizational culture or company policies within the workplace is a component of change in management. The focus of management change is on novel and novel theories and approaches while simultaneously enhancing the current procedures and applying and implementing new ones. Here, the emphasis will be on the manager's responsibilities, their oversight of organizational transformation, or even their expertise in certain knowledge and skills that can alter how the organization is managed. Implementing changes is the biggest challenge at the employee level which the leadership faces since employees tend to remain within company culture and comfort zone. Thus, it is the role of management to support and motivate employees to adapt to the implemented changes and still creating for the new careers opportunities within the company. This paper will focus on how employee loyalty can be retained or promoted during the change in management by looking at account motivation, employee's performance monitoring through management control function, and change process communication both at strategic and tactical levels in the organization.

How employee loyalty can be retained or promoted during change in management

Employee's duties, devotion, and motivation are vital in the business in order to accomplish organization goal without withstanding abhorrence's and ones preference in the company. The organization needs to keep the focus on employee's necessities with the aim to cut off high worker turnover rates. Although it is employees circumspective to pick the time duration to stay in the organization, the company can change their choice (Probst, 2015). I will discuss on how employees feel it is important to effect on their motivation from nonattendance of nature and outward components in order to stay focused and steadfast to the organizational position, affiliation, and association. Employees remain focused and faithful to the organization on account of outward motivational variables and various natural variables which incorporate trust in the company's vision and mission, acknowledgment, pay and advantages, employer stability, advancement potential in the workplace, and right of occupational fulfillment.

After individual meetings, I was able to analyze the nonattendance of inherent and nearness of impression of occupation satisfaction in accordance to variables which affects motivation or extraneous impetuses focus and steadfast stay on business. With help on triangulation, illustrative coding, and design coding to group classifications or subject and comparable expressions, I uncovered employee's inherent and high esteem to external organizational elements. These facts were identifiable components in workers capacity to have jobs that were pleasing, satisfying, monetarily steady, adaptable and advantageous, and which could permit them to provide to the society. Thus is the duty of management to give them headway open doors to opportunities, productive workplace, and improved learning programs (Schelly, 2013).

The fundamental truth in the business is that the employees are the backbone of the organization. Hence, there should be reliable procedures and itemized arrangement set up in the business to guarantee locked into workers. But the situation is different, which leads to numerous organization to assemble a proper offer or decent item to motivate employees and make the cheerful. Managers sufficiently guarantee employee's greater offer to make them not to leave, offer enough advantages, and prepare naturally enough. This is the correct approach to encourage enough feedbacks and accurately look to workers dedication. Business pioneers hold the ability to foster employee's devotion and give then distant memory to work for a lifetime in a single organization.

When employees feel satisfied in the occupational employment, this steadfast becomes the heart of an effective organization. Employees will go beyond the set goals to help the organization to progress. They resolve clashes, support spirit, share skills, proposes changes, rationalize assets, help colleagues, and make a new dawn in the organization. Significant investment needs to be comprehended in order to make a successful organization. This help to a lower generation of misfortune, make better deals, compelling practical gathering, and association and this is all what worker's needs.

Motivating Individuals to Stay Engaged

Motivation is vital to employees if new changes want to be implemented by the management at any employees' level. On the other hand, it is of great important if it is carried out after a long period of time since employees were in comfort zone with the old system and will be unhappy with the new change in the system. For instance, when accounting software was brought to the market, accountants were used to accounting offices with a behemoth of bundles of paper and they preferred the old ink and paper method of calculation, keeping records, and preparing financial reports. But they gradually understood importance and benefit of accounting system digitalization and the competitive edge value it brings to the organization. But since then accounting activities are performed using the computer. Motivation was critical to this change and accountant started using accounting software after see how they were processing faster, using less time, and having a competitive edge. Change is brought to the company to solve existing problem or improve the working conditions of the employees (Bygren, 2016). Hence, management should communicate the reason behind the introduction of this change in order to create awareness and make the employees part and parcel of that change. Management should clarify why that change is needed by highlighting the benefits of change to the welfare of the employees, and also taking aware of employees' views on regard to the change and consider the most necessary possibility of tackling the problem using small manipulation in the changes to the new system.

Employees should by motivated by rewarding them for good performance. This engagement help to put efforts in targeting basic human psychology which makes individual to perform more and better in order to continuously get the organizational reward of best performer. Motivation can also be expanded by is a lengthy procedure and monotonous to frequently reporting and record keeping necessities. Hence, change is important to help the work look less demanding and better by effectively approaching the trust of employees to spur off the mistrust. Giving apparatus and preparing clients, upgrading activity, and recording procedure are necessary steps. Overview of the utilized size of assertion and engagement to express quantitative employee estimation is an open finish remark to regularly assemble numerical and rich economic changes of up beating workers wellsprings with information to yield organization wellbeing (Armstrong, & Taylor, 2014). Motivation should ensure employees' commitment, endeavor significant change, and compliment social notwithstanding occasion concerns.

They help the organization to viable affirm its administration program and motivating engagement on real work sponsor of employees. Engagement can be quantitatively or adequately measured through a scaled inquiries, and also on subjectively finished remarks. Workers should not only work for the paycheck and should also feel making an active commitment. This commitment make them useful and this implies even if in retail environment, front- confronting, or back office, they feel having a vital and effective impact on the organization occupation

Management should reward top performance during the change, this will motivate workers to utilize all their ability to carry the change in the best possible way. This provides flexibility without organization objective scarification. This help to accept change even though they are not comfortable with it. knowledge can also use for motivating, this is through surveillance of weakness of employees to change and proper training them in order to eliminate that weakness and this can impact good performance during the change. Management should enhance employee's skills and also do the modification to the change if a particular area is bothering the majority of them. This address to their concern help them to feel as part of process change, this motivate them and they become the agents of change in the organization.

Monitoring employee performance through the control function of management

Change in management during control functions helps ensures changes are implemented consistently, authorized, reviewed, recorded, and raises prior to implantation guidelines. Continuously monitoring employees during the change is important as it provides vital details about the weakness and strength of the employees during the change. Weakness is addressed and where modification is needed to suit the feelings of employees is done. The organization should monitor and review the change on employees for a certain duration of time in order to ensure all the minimal issues faced by employees are address and the proper platform is laid to finally finish fully the implementation in all levels of employees.

Empirical proofs of change should be provided as clear proof of system performance from tough observation of employees problems faced and improve them in the later new improved system. Compelling execution of change objectives should be channeled towards endeavors and reliable target. Monitoring and prerequisite jurisdiction help to incorporate execution of employees in building and evaluating a principled component. These principle elements need to be achievable, unquestionable, justifiable, evenhanded, and quantifiable in order to have perfect performance. Monitoring should help to adapt work necessities and changing of system targets in line to have a better responsibility to obligation and work assignments (Simons, 2013).

Tasks and assignment should be observed ceaselessly and giving positive criticism to employees in order to have excellent checked advancements in executing the constant objective. Monitor finds administrative prerequisites leading to incorporating the improved survey of employees and analyzing the model and their components. Progressive observation gives management to check how employees are rolling out implausible improvements and meeting foreordained monitoring regularly, management can recognize inadmissible execution and successful examine the time frame and reducing synopsis rating levels from holding up during the end of implementation.

Successful monitoring meet and assess the employee's development needs thus expanding the performance ability to giving and preparing assignment with a new amount of duty or new aptitudes, different techniques and enhancing work giving formative and prepared open doors it empowers them to fortifies occupation, great execution, capabilities to related skills, and helping them to enhance awareness in changes of environment, like for instance changes in the presentation of innovation.

The control function of management gives fantastic change in the completion of the procedure and administration execution of workers needs to a distinguish development. Range enhancement can be used to improve the productivity of employees significantly and to check work in order to have excellent performance and reduce inadequacies in employee's performance to tended and clear monitoring advancement. Supervision and great monitoring of employees lead to the valuable and controlled execution of employee's performance and arrangement and find the best team. Proper gathering and assessing of employees performance require rating and formal examination execution necessities to enhance outlined record rating and having principles of components in executing employee’s appointment plan of whole evaluation period of activities. This rating has other different record faculties of activities like credit diminishment power, assessment pay increment, and deciding extra administration maintenance. Great management should hone and talk on compelling executive roles in every key role. They offer input and measure goals progress and setting work routine arrangement and objectives. Monitoring help to sex exclusive expectation and considering the ability to build a contact with employees thus utilizing casual and formal prizes to supporting and accomplishing regular cooperation to the employees.

Communicating the change process at both a strategic and tactical level

Strategic is where decision are made that provide direction to the organization, hence is centralized and made up of top management. Strategy hence involves a change to move a company from where it is to where it should go and how to take it there. The strategy is properly documented and communicated to all important stakeholder through email or meeting. Tactical level involves the practical ways and steps to implement changes. Changes on the tactical level are communicated to organizational staff employees like senior employees, managers, and supervisors through training. Implementation and regulation of tactical level are installed by managers to make sure all the steps are properly followed.

To avoid the individual from getting confounded from change, clarity is essential in and it is important to utilize communication to make awareness of change (Mårtensson, & Westerberg, 2016). It should guarantee comprehensive of what to be accomplished to every employee. Everyone should feel positive to correspondence change around and desist from effects of resistance. This communication will bring strong bond and pioneer should consider regular correspondence to the engagement. Performing inadequate change will dreadfully slide attached message of change.

Methodology plan is a vital administration that is required to show the company way it should head and choose and deciding how to go. Vital appraisal like contender investigation, self-assessment, the circumstance of examination, small-scale ecological, both interior and outside, and large-scale natural. Evaluation is necessary to control destination and all goals should run in some transient, long haul, and parallel to the timetable. It should include statements of purpose, vision proclamation, general corporate goals, strategic target, and vital unit destination specialty.

The aim and objectives need to be arranged in order to accomplish the change process in tactical and strategic level. The change of system should include the extend vision to be achieved by the organization, future business vision, and real strides in strategically plan and execution of the plan from level to level and duties and obligation for the employees. This should help on actualizing the procedure and pragmatic the strategies in focusing and incorporating business bundles. Clear methodologies should be trained in mindful accommodating the strategies and start dependable reflection of progressive direction accredited by vital apparatuses and strategically focusing on creating a quality organization proficient brand.


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