Managing the process of Recruitment, Selection and Induction

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The Human Resource departments oversee the recruitment, selection and induction of potential employees. These are important stages that candidate need to be put through to determine if they are qualified for the required position. They also test the abilities of each applicants. Manage recruitment is a timely and cost-effective method of fishing the right person for the job required, and it may be from the present work staff or outsiders who wish to join the work force (Bach 266).

In this method, the job is studied and then the right person is hunted for the job and is integrated into the firm among other employees. In the second place, the selection is the process of choosing the most suitable candidate for a vacant position in an organization (Van Iersel 874). Furthermore, the selection also involves removing unsuitable applicants and selecting the peoples with required qualifications and capabilities to fill in the vacancy in the team.

Recruitment and selection process

For the recruitment and selection process to be efficient the HR department needs to follow some steps. These steps are the once used to verify if a candidate is qualified to fill in the vacant position in the organization (Sparrow 867). The steps are as follows:

Identify vacancy and evaluate need

Identify vacancy and evaluate need. Recruitment process provides a chance to departments to post staff sets to initiatives and goals. Through proper planning and assessment of the need, helps in employing the right individual for the position. In case the position is a newly created, the HR department has to consider and understand strategic goals of the organization, and whether any changes in future might cause an impact on the created role. They also analyze if the position is new in the department or if there are missing gaps, they also examine the central skills needed now and those necessary in future. Also, if the position needs replacement, the HR departments need to estimate any changes that the area required. Such areas include the level considered necessary for performing the task, what the previous employee was doing if there is a need to add more tasks or remove work hours and if the positions are still important in the organization.

Develop position description

Develop position description. This stage is essential as it is used to develop interview questions, evaluations, and also to reference check questions. A good story should have very expletory details about the position; the details should entail all the needed qualifications and also what is expected of the applicant by the organization. Through this stage, the HR department does identify duties and responsibilities that are preceding to developing the job description. Therefore, the HR department has to identify duties and responsibilities such as general information, position purpose, essential functions, minimum requirements and preferred qualification.

Developing recruitment plan

Developing recruitment plan. At this stage, the HR department has to document a recruitment plan which is approved by the organization unit. The program should position period, placement goals, additional advertising resources, diversity agencies and resume banks. Ideally, these processes help the HR department to set the required dates for posting the vacant position, ensuring that all units have identified placement goals and also include people with disabilities. The department should also involve other advertising platforms such as internet, social media, print and job fairs to reach as many applicants as possible. It should also include diversity agencies that represent under-represented groups to attain balance. Also, there is the use of resume banks where individuals post their resume on the internet and the job position they are looking for in the organization. The process helps the department to be diverse about the position thus making the development recruitment plan approvable.

Select search committee

Select search committee. The committee is chosen to avoid bias in the interview. The board also includes underrepresented groups; the committee change if the organization frequently have interviews. The board members elected are individuals with no interest in the position and should ensure fairness and compliance. The member should also have an understanding of the law related to affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

Post position and implement recruitment plan

Post position and implement recruitment plan. At this step, the accuracy of the job description is the review; it undergoes through various department before it is a print for the public. During the period, there is talent sourcing and monitoring recruitment plan and diversity strategy.

Review applicant and develop short list

Review applicant and develop short list. After the position is declared vacant, candidates apply and those who use during the given period are considered as Applicants or Expressions of interest and must be reviewed by the committee. Those who use after the initial time of applying is over are seen as an expression of interest and are not viewable; unless the shortlist is not sufficient and the organization contacts the search committee, then they are reviewed. There is a probability of conducting a phone screen to get information such as availability, salary requirement, any individual requirement and other information necessary to help the committee to in their review. The information obtains during screening is complete for reference and use to develop a short list.

Conduct interview

Conduct interview. Doing an interview is a major step of a selection process, as the employer meets the employee for the first time and be able to learn more about each other and also, justify the information provided by each other. For the interview to be useful, it is good to prepare for the interview as it is the chance to assess the skills, competence, and justify the information the individual had provided in their application and resume. The committee chair determines and provides the questions to ask during the interview. The interviews also can be conducted in various forms such as panel interviews which are interviews where each group member knows the question he/she should ask the applicant. There are virtual discussions which are interviews conducted when the applicant is from a region far. The method is used to cut travel cost; the analysis is done online.
Another aspect to consider during this step is the interview questions. The questions should be relevant and based on getting information on skills and abilities one has to allow them execute the job described in the description. The committee should submit candidate evaluation that includes comments relevant to the requirement of the position and should forward them to the committee chair. Testing and other selection methods should comply with the business guidelines, and applicants should be notified about the test. The test should be given to all without discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Welcoming the interviewee

Welcoming the interviewee. It is important to have in place a good plan of how to welcome the interviewee as the process can be a stressful experience for some applicants. Therefore, it is good during panel interview the group to break the ice as that will put the interviewee at ease. It is also important to have person assign in helping the candidates by showing them directions. The time set for the interview process should be enough, and the interviewee should do most of the talking and avoid asking silly questions.

Select hire

Select hire. The committee will meet after interviews have been completed and assess the interviewee and how each meets their selection specification. The best applicant is chosen based on qualification and will help carry the organization and department objectives. Also, it is nice to do a reference check to understand the candidate behavior and work performance from their former employer as past performance predicts on what to expect.

Finalize recruitment

Finalize recruitment. After the hiring process, the committee makes an offer to the selected finalist; it is also important for a last check on the selection process; all questions marched with the chosen job, all applicants were treated equally during recruitment, screening, interviewing and selection. In this stage, too other processes take place like initiating the offer, negotiating the offer, countering the offer and finalizing the offer.

Induction process

Induction process. The induction process is the method of welcoming newly recruited employee and supporting them in becoming comfortable with their new job and environment (Bickmore and Bickmore 469). Most often starting a new job is very hectic and stressful experience; therefore, it is good to give new employees some help so that they can be able to settle in and well in their job. The process involves meeting critical colleagues, finding a way to the workplace and understanding one's team and conditions of employment among other activities.
During induction, an employee should identify the training and development needs that have to be met and will help the individual to undertake their role. Also, the individual should be able to know how others will manage and support him/her to carry out duties and be able to access the organization local policies and procedures. The process of induction regularly takes a period of one to three months, and then an individual can adequately be employed after the performance during the period is reviewed.


Conclusion. For all that, it can be established that the selection and recruitment are two processes that work together though they are different in capacity. On this note, whereby hiring process is a process that engages in attracting as many candidates as possible to apply for the job the selection process involves the rejection of the many unqualified applicants as possible. Ideally, this concept ensures that the manager hires the right candidate. The selection process has several steps which need following for it to be successful. Also, the induction process entails the time also helps an applicant to determine if he/she feels the job suits them well.

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