Proper telephone manners

High School ・Business ・MLA

Effective Telephone Etiquette

Observation Criteria

Assessor Decision & Comments

Provides an productive learning environment:

Physical features (e.g H&S, room layout, wellbeing)

Psychological features (inviting and inclusive atmospheric condition/environment)

Prior commencement, you examined the facilities or equipment, were pleased with how suitable the room layout was and how safe a working condition it would be.

You seemed a little tensed to begin but soon eased the tension. At the beginning, you presented yourself and conversed “Good afternoon everyone, my discussion is about effective telephone etiquette”. This introduction was supported by the initial slide with name, title and picture of a telephone user.

You displayed another slide showing a picture of an old fashioned telephone and asked ‘How many of you use telephone?’, and this led to a discussion on answerphone and ID caller.

You then showed the four learning outcomes, all of which were well stated in SMART manner.

This was a good start.

Use communication and training techniques to put learners at ease and help overcome barriers to learning (e.g. welcomes, builds rapport, recognises and responds to learner needs and preferences, uses learner names).


You communicated in a friendly manner after the slightly nervous start. You were welcoming and checked the learners’ familiarity with angry and difficult customers.

You used good slides which had information about how to greet and to handle angry/difficult customers and you also showed a video and later during your session a role play of an angry customer.

With both you introduced and discussed how they went using learner names and in friendly manner.

You never quite lost your nerves. I suggest that you practice speaking with authority and showing more confidence with the group.

Uses appropriate training techniques and methods to open an L & D activity

(e.g. use of group welcome & introductory activities, intros to objectives & programme, appropriate use of ice-breakers & ground rules).


This criterion refers to the introduction.

You welcomed the group and quite quickly showed the course learning outcomes and started with the content, and it would have been a good idea to use a short icebreaker and to briefly mention ground rules.

Perhaps you intended that the first and second slides shown after the learning outcomes would be used as the icebreaker - this relating to the three part greeting. It worked well, and you explained how to pair off to practice the greeting, but it was very much part of the main-body of your training session and out of sequence as an icebreaker.

Effectively uses a mix of training techniques and methods throughout the session to engage learners and address learning objectives.


The training techniques and methods used were power point slides and lap top, video and a role play, so this was a quite ambitious training session.

These directly related to the learning outcomes.

There were frequent questions e.g. ‘How do you feel if you are put on hold?’ and ‘Can anyone say how to handle an angry customer?’

Effectively uses a mix of training and learning resources throughout the session to engage learners and address learning objectives.


As above, plus the use of the video as a resource.

Regarding the video, when showing a video try to build in formative questions – say before the session ‘I want you to look out for.....and after the video I will ask you about.....You should check that the message has been received and understood.

Regarding your video clip the first call was the bad one, and you debriefed this by asking how you could make it better and some answers were be polite, confirm, be accurate and use a good open and close.

I thought your second choice – a 4 year old acting as an experienced operator was a bit gimmicky. You should focus on the techniques and not think what a clever child he was. Some people would be irritated by this and this might detract from the message. It is better to use a video with adults in a life-like situation – this is called simulation.

Monitors individual learning and learner engagement (e.g. through observation & questioning) throughout the session and takes action or makes adjustments where necessary, to encourage participation and ensure inclusivity.


Other than the video, which has been mentioned above you also monitored two role play sessions, the first being the back to back practice of the call greeting, and the second the angry customer which was conducted separately on the ladies and the mens tables

You tended to support the ladies table and handled this exercise well. You asked good questions e.g. ‘How do you deal with escalation?’ You also made sure that each person was asked a question, so this meant you had evidence whether or not you had achieved your learning outcomes.

Uses appropriate training techniques to close an L&D activity (e.g. summarises and concludes, assists learners to reflect and identify further needs, assists transfer to workplace, collects feedback from participants).


In summary you returned to the learning outcomes and discussed each of the four topics and the group agreed they had been achieved. There were no questions.

You handed out an evaluation form.

Summary Comments / Feedback

This was well designed and the exercises and role plays well handled.

You should double check that the video and sound are working since this can be embarrassing if you haven’t checked both sound and picture before showing.

You started nervously and got better, but you should still work on your confidence. When you are the trainer you have the right to instruct the group and they should follow your instructions.

You are a little quiet. If you speak louder then you will show confidence.

Activity 2


To deliver L&D session, it is critical to plan things out well before conducting information randomly. Planning an L&D session must contain the constrains and elements of training objectives, plan and design training, prepare learning materials … etc. Training session plan is an organized description of the activities and resources used to guide a group toward a specific learning objective. It details the subject matter that will be learned. And how long will each section should take. In addition to the methods of instruction for each topic covered, and the measures will be used to check that people have learned what they needed to learn.

It takes time to plan a good training session. However, Trainer and trainees will benefit from this preparation. As planned, visualizing each step of the class. This helps to ensure that all will be said, and presenting information in a logical order. Also be able to prepare for points that people might find difficult to understand.

After session, the plan can be used to evaluate and see what went well – and what did not – in order to avoid them in the future sessions.

Will briefly review them through the following points for the 3DEL Activity2 to know the process, and how to create a positive learning environment.

1.1 I ensured my own capability and readiness to deliver the activity by using organized training plan, which simply are; identifying the Training needs, setting training objectives, deliver the training, then evaluate the course.
Identify Training needs: before start working on the training subject; I had to identify the learners training needs. Choosing “Telephone etiquette” was important for them as a group of learners from different organizations; since everyone in the group is using the telephone in his organization regardless of the type of his work or his organization. As some of them using the phone while he is dealing with internal customers (Ex: if employees working in HR, Finance and Procurement…etc.) and some are dealing with external customers (Ex: Customer service, call center agent, receptionist, reserving appointments…etc.) therefore each employee need to know such technics to add value to his organization, cause of the first impression can gain or lose customers. And some employees deal with internals and externals telephone calls.

I was aware of the training importance since my job partly is about quality assurance; so, it helps me in knowing how it’s really effect the work quality and what must be done and what everyone should avoid. Therefore, I was ready for any details or questions the learners can might ask.

Setting objectives.
It is important to set a clear, achievable, valuable, smart and specific objective; specially within the specified time which was around 30 mins.

I’ve searched to get some details, points and ideas. And I was focusing on the areas which will cover the major work-related techniques. And the needed knowledge learners which allow them to explain by the end of the course.

I’ve worked on the ideas which I got by merging them with my experience in the same field to Simplify them, plus identifying the time for each object.

I’ve prepared myself formally (which commensurate to the dress code roles); using the needed body language & eye contact with the learners. Giving the required attention to the group and asking questions regularly for everyone with each object “as per my tutor instructions”.

I have reviewed the contents several times; and tried to practice it before starting the course. And, I have revised the words/ expressions to ensure that its grammatically true, easy & clear.

1.2 I ensured the availability of space, equipment and resources for the activity by:, by knowing that the training will be held at Oryx Rotana hotel at the training room, I bring with me the laptop. For the space, I checked the area and insured that everything was prepared, I had printed the required documents (Presentation power point slides printed for me “In case of facing any problem with the connection” and another copy printed for the tutor), internet connection checked, Projector screen was working so the venue was ready.

The room was organized, quite & clean. Emergency exit was near by our room (checked for safety purpose).

2.1 Physical and Psychological features.

In order to create a positive learning environment is critical stage, to make sure the participants are comfortable, and focusing on the subject and session in conduction. Regarding the physical features, the room was structured appropriately with enough spacing of the furniture. As I covered session objectives. Everyone was acknowledging their understanding of it.

Room layout

Regarding the room layout, it was furnished with round tables with seats on a horseshoe shape to assure all participants are facing me and the screen. And to make movements easier for them.


The room temperature was adjusted properly so participants feels comfortable, in addition to the lighting was dimmed in order for the visibility of the projector and visual aids. Moreover, the seating and tables of participants were appropriate for interactions, as they were on a proper height and width.

Psychological features

To promote positive learning psychologically, I was calm as I expressed a patient demeanour. The participants could freely express themselves due to the social and intellectual atmosphere accorded to them. Sharing was clear and consistent to accommodate all the participants.

LO3 Reflections on the effectiveness of my skills in an L&D activity

Firstly, I enjoyed the assessment activity and being in the position of delivering, it had a positive effect on my confidence, although i was a bit nervous at start. In the term of Icebreaking, I could have took a slice of my time to melt the ice between students and myself to enhance the delivering quality by building rapports with participants.

In despise of the Equipment incompatibility at the beginning of the session, I had to waste some time trying to fix the connectivity between the projector and my laptop.

Finally, I could say I have a better perspective on how to deliver an L&D sessions following steps drew in the light of the activity as following:

Welcome the group and introduce the subject area and myself.

Ground rules

Housekeeping: fire exits, toilets
SMART objectives – 3 objectives
Delivering session:
Activity, including -formative assessment
Summative assessment
Review my SMART objectives – check whether achieved
Evaluation form - given out at the end of the session to the group to get feedback about my session.

Overall, the evaluation results were excellent even though I experienced some hiccups. I would engage more on the psychological aspects of making the participants feel comfortable. I utilized my knowledge of adult learning to make the individuals feel comfortable. For instance, by maintaining calmness, I was able to communicate with the members as they shared freely. I also gained a lot in this activity as I asked questions and provided feedback with ease.

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