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Smartwatches are critical for improving the efficiency of electricians at work. Productivity is enhanced by allowing individual employees to access all the knowledge they need while dealing with various issues. The knowledge-accessed ranges from procedural information, protection information, mission or job distribution to the technical information required to carry out various electrical and plumbing activities. Efficient efficiency is a hybrid between a healthy working atmosphere and good time control. The task of technology is slowly taking center stage in bridging the holes that remain in maximizing the feedback of employees. The gap that exists in most organizations is access to information and the advent of smart technology is perceived to be a perfect opportunity to make up for periodic trainings (Bertin, Emmanuel, Crespi, & Magedanz, p 175). By letting the employees to have the information by their wrist, is expected to transform the transform the workforce and improve their productivity. The Smart watches will have a picture application that will enable the employees to read-through the information that is captured in a picture format. In addition, the smart watches will have document reading application to support reading document files, and video support to facilitate demonstration via video graphics. The overall objective is therefore to save time and subsequently cost for the organization.

Task allocation: The smart watches are programmable and can be customized to allow supervisors to create teams and allocate them specific task. Supervisors will create accounts for teams and link up the same with the smart watches allowing the employees to access their work schedule ahead of time. The employees will then plan their time based on the task allocated and gather all the resources needed before commencing their work. Smart watches make communication between employees and their managers in relations to the resource allocation for completion of assigned tasks efficient. The information provided in the captured images will be shared among the target employees and that would make it easy to trace any breakdown in communication if the employees feel unsatisfied with the provided information. The smart watches will therefore enable the employee to know the tasks due for completion and plan their time adequately to allow them address all the work (Cho, Namjae, p3). The employees in a team will know their suitability to handle a task based on their skills combination as a team.

Information hub: The new gadgets are equipped with the latest information on plumbing and steam fitting and that means employees can learn the new techniques progressively and become acquainted. Employees handling a task as a team are able to consult with the available information and reduce the time it would take to have the interpretation from senior staff of supervisors on duty before handling a task.

The constant contact and repeated use of work related information is the magic bullet that helps the employees to improve their performance. Unlike periodic trainings on safety, having and using the information to complete task and minimize workplace accidents on a daily basis helps to improve employee consciousness to workplace procedures and safety content (Osman, Ibrahim, Abdel, Anouze, & Ali, p473). Unlike traditional methods of improving employee skills and performances, the smart watches enables the organization and staff to access latest updates relating to different approach to solving construction work challenges. Smart watch will act as an interface for the employees to access and use the latest information to increase efficiency and productivity.

The different codes used in construction and electrical work keep changing and that could mean addition and or removal of older codes. By accessing these information on codes, employees will become more efficient when interpreting diagrams, and or conducting troubleshooting in the course of their duty. Keeping the team updated makes it easy to communicate technically and through reports are addressed directly to the employees. In addition, learning new codes makes it easy for the employees to pick up and work on tasks in future dates when their services are needed (Provost, Fawcett, & Foster, p 317). This aspect of the smart watches has the effect of increasing employee productivity by ensuring that the workforce transform their knowledge and work with the latest and efficient work related content.

Employee autonomy: employees in a work place appreciate all the efforts that enable them to take charge of their tasks in terms of planning and finding solutions. If an employee wants to learn and apply new technology in handling a task, they will likely deliver once they have all the access to information, and tools. Employees who thrive working in a team will become efficient when they access information and freedom to execute a task on their own.

Most employees in the past learned from their supervisors and that explains why it takes longer for one to improve their performances. When a team consults among themselves while getting guidance from documented materials, they internalize the principles and operation procedures better compared to when they get instructions from a supervisor whose knowledge is limited. Pictures and short videos of complete tasks enable the employees to have a pictorial idea of the expected work before commencing their work (Mankins, Michael, & Eric, p67). This will enable them to assess the sufficiency of the tools and materials provided to plate the task. The smart watches in this case provide the employee with a sense of recognition and that is important as a social incentive to inspire positive attitude towards work.

Improved safety: the safety of the staff is important when handling any task that involves the use of heat, electricity, cutting tools among other equipments at the workplace. Every organization understand the importance of prioritizing the safety of the employee and the organization in the course of undertaking any operations by the employees. Smart watches provide a good platform for sensitizing the employees on the safety procedures when handling tasks using different equipments and applications. In this case, the smart watches will have all the safety aspects that are specific to different plumbing and steam heating situations at the work place (Miller, Michael, p248). Different safety gear and procedure of operations are the most important aspects of minimizing workplace accidents. Providing employees with safety information increase their adherence to safety requirements when handling different tasks and that will increase optimum use of labor. The video application in the smart watch will have access to exclusive video graphics that demonstrate the right approach to safe working against the wrong way (Arezes, Pedro, p391). This approach will reinforce the employee commitment to improve on their adherence to safety procedures.

Inspection procedures: The success of every task in the workplace is based on the way in which the operation manual and the inspection manual are drafted. A smart watch give the employees an opportunity to establish the closeness between the operation and the inspection manuals. This information gives the employee a head start in ensuring that they address all the steps in the operations manual satisfactorily (Duhigg, p 231). Giving the employees access to critical information on past inspection findings will ensure that each employee appreciates adherence to operations procedures, hence minimize time needed to conduct a rework. The documented procedure is important in the making of a discipline employee by enabling them to own the process and the results of their work. Improvement and overall productivity of the employee will be realized by making the smart watches employee’s closest and reliable reference material. The time it takes to consult experts is utilized otherwise in a productive way.

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