Spiderman (2002)

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When watching Spiderman (2002), it is clear that this is not a film about a great, epic superhero. Instead, the film tells the tale of a young child. The film focuses on the boy's interactions and relationships that shaped him into the spider or responsible man he is today. Since being bitten by a spider that altered his chemistry mutagenically, the boy's life has changed from that of a helpless individual in society to that of a genetically engineered spider. After his parents died in a plane crash, Peter Parker became an orphan. As a result, his father's brother drove him to the place where he spent the rest of his life. Ben, the uncle, was married to Mary. Parker had the opportunity to attend high school, where he struggled to fit in and was isolated from his peers. Parker was a smart and knowledgeable scientist as a timid young child. As such, in the science exhibit, Parker was bitten by the spider, which had been given a radioactive dose. The outcome of this is that he gained spider-like powers, which include super reflexes and strength. He focused on not wasting these powers by ensuring that he used them to make money.

The gained powers created an opportunity for Parker to be a professional wrestler who was common in the television. His strength in fighting created his fame. However, after a given match, there was robbery that occurred. Unfortunately, Parker did not use his powers to corner the thief. Instead, he let the thief go. At a later time, his uncle was attacked by the same thief who caused the robbery after the match. In this instant, the thief killed his uncle.

Looking at the characters in this film, Parker was an exception person who gained supernatural skills, which were unique and even sacred him at some point. The film depicts how Parker became aware of several facts, but he was frightened or amazed by the experiences. For example, he learned how to toss and spin the web, as well as make several leaps. In another scene, he is depicted as a child who has just received a new toy and jumps from one roof of a building to another while making the gigantic leaps and filled with joy.

Green Goblin is another character used in the movie as a super-being. Goblin engages in surfing the sky while using the jet-shoes. Goblin is handicapped and has a mouth that is immobile. His strength was manifested when he attacked the annual unity day of Oscorp’s and killed all the directors of board. The attack resulted into endangering Jane who was rescued by Spiderman. Such action resulted into the onset of the feelings of love that Jane had on Parker. After the incident, Goblin makes a decision that he should partner with Spiderman. As such, he staged a trap by attacking Bugle office so that Spiderman could show up and he used the knock-out gas to ensure that he subdued him. He offers Parker some days to think of their partnership so that they can rule the city. After some days, Goblin sets an apartment on fire so that he could obtain a feedback from Spiderman, but he gets a negative answer, which results into a fight between the two of them. This was the onset of the conflict between these two super-powered characters depicted in the film.

Marvel comics have undergone a significant evolution because of Parker who was fallible and traits of a human being that can be recognized in the entire film. As such, Parker appeared as a character who was an orphan, nerd, insecure, and unable to socialize with other members in the community. In spite of all these, Parker has an extreme crush on the neighborhood girl; Jane Watson. Thus, what appears as a miserable life to him could be an understatement since he appears to enjoy his way of life irrespective of all the things that occur to him within his surrounding environment. He gained exception skills, which makes him face Green Goblin. These two super-creatures face each other in a war, which is anticipated to end with the survival of only one person at the end. Such creates an immense conflict between the two since Goblin focuses on targeting Parker’s girlfriend and aunt.

The film depicts that affection is strongly linked to masculinity. As such, Parker was able to focus on convincing the neighborhood girl; Jane Watson because he was masculine. However, his enemy, Green Goblin could not let this happen easily. Thus, these two characters who appear as the highly masculine and possessive of supernatural powers and skills engage in a fight over a girl.

Heroes are popular in society. However, it is impossible to trace the roots or claim that heroes are born from a specific place, of a given religion, ethnicity, race, or culture. Spiderman film depicts that the unexpected in society can happen, which stands to scare a million of people in the community. Thus, the community defines its ideals based on the chosen heroes. The abilities and characters of these individuals act as the metaphors that social members use for ambitions that need to be accomplished.

Thus, there are universal archaic images and patterns, which occur in society and emerge from the collective unconscious. These are strengthened by the psychic instinct counterpart. The mythological stories that are told in the modern world are the archetypes, which represent the countless experiences that the ancestors had during their time on planet earth. Hence, they are the remains of these experiences that the old generation had. Therefore, an archetypal hero like Peter Parker appears as an interpretation of the collective and personal unconsciousness in society.

Peter Parker is depicted as the stereotype in society who can be considered as an outcast. Thus, his social environment can be considered as abnormal because he only has one friend, he lacks the courage to ask the girlfriend - Jane - for a date, and other boys bully him while in school. The spider that bites Parker depicts a supernatural aid since the injected venom started working magic on the boy. He gained those supernatural powers, which other members in society did not posses.

The spider makes its web in different aspects. The process of weaving the web is comparable to the construct nature of the human beings to establish their life. As such, people face significant challenges as they focus on establishing a good life while on planet earth. These challenges are based on physical and psychological barriers that exist in different phases of life. For example, Parker had the supernatural powers; however, the power was not adequate to grant him the warrant to win the final war. Thus, there are extra challenges he had to face. Such depicts that life is not fair at all. When people get one thing at one time, they find that it is not adequate and they have to engage in looking for additional things. The demand increases, which depicts that there is no such a time when man will claim that he is satisfied with what is offered in life. Moreover, people have different expectations in life. In spite of this, whatever happens is not in accordance to their expectations. Hence, it is paramount for people to ensure that they focus on learning from their mistakes in order to have a good life in society.

Ben, Parker’s uncle, depicts the wisdom of the ancestors. As such, he offers a good guide on the best way to live this life because he has significant experiences. Ben indicates that great power should not be openly exercised in society without responsibility. The person who has power should be responsible on how to use it. Such will contribute to making that individual a great person in the modern society. Parker crossed the threshold of the messages from the uncle through making of his costume and engaging in the process of hunting down the murderer.

People get motivation from social interactions. Parker’s interaction with Jane acted as a source of his motivation to engage in the process of becoming a great and better hero in society. Parker had the promise of giving Jane the Sacred Marriage. Therefore, he did not have an alternative rather than focus on working towards fulfilling the promise. Thus, the neighborhood girl is depicted as a stereotype in this film. Further, Jane kissed Parker in one scene. That kiss is memorable and the Spiderman has to utilize all the resources as a man so that he does not disappoint the girl. However, at the end, when Parker visits the grave of his uncle, the unexpected happens: he left Jane there and indicated that they should just remain as friends. Such was not the expectation of Jane who thought that they were walking on a journey to marriage. To Parker, he depicted that he has to be the Spiderman, but not engage in marriage. Hence, the unfolding event was painful to Jane.

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The icon that is used by most of the heroes is the combination of blue and red colors. These are the colors that are used to make the costume of the Spiderman. Red is a symbolic color for strength and passion while blue symbolizes heroic resolve and caring act of an individual. Thus, the combination of these two colors leads to the creation of a person who can be trusted and respected in society.

The film Spiderman (2002) is a clear depiction that there are archetypes in society, which are still in existence. Therefore, modern societies are established on the same moral and ethical principles and virtues, which tend to evolve overtime. Hence, it is the responsibility of the current generation to focus on adopting these values and morals, which are good for their survival in the challenging times. Such also ensure that there is continuity of the traditionally accepted facets in community. These also act as the checks and balances that determine the behavior and character of an individual in the modern society.

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