Supply Chain Management in fish processing companies

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A New Means of Competitive Advantage

A new means of competitive advantage has been discovered by the fish processing companies. Thus, the new means of competitive advantage is referred to as the supply-chain management which help to satisfy the needs of all the customers. It also includes all activities that involve some integrated accomplishments through which various marketing products were brought to help satisfy the need of the customers. Another importance of having a Supply chain management is that it assists in integrating some manufacturing processes such as transporting, purchasing and the physical distribution into the unified programs. The organization should have a successful supply chain management that coordinates all activities into one process.

The Process of Supply Chain Management

The process will embrace and link all other partners into one chain. In addition to the supply department that is within the organization, I will include other partners who include the vendors, the information system providers, and the carriers. At Char Foods Limited, the supply chain will involve a broad range of functional activities. They will include the Supply Chain Management related accomplishments such as the outbound and the inbound transportation activities, inventory control and the warehousing. As the management consultant officer, I would ensure that the procurement, supply management, and sourcing management systems fall under the same supply-chain umbrella.

Delivering Fish Products Faster

Various managers today have recognized that getting fish products to customers in Indonesia need to happen faster than the standard competition rate so as to improve the competitive position of the Company. For the company to remain competitive, then the company needs to seek some new solutions towards the critical supply management issues such as the modal analysis, load planning, supply chain management, logistics and the green issues, lean production and the planning and the control systems. Fish production companies need to face some corporate challenges that will impact the supply chain management like the re-engineering of globalization and outsourcing(Fredendall and Hill, 2016). It is important to ensure that fish products get to Char Food Limited faster who are the main clients so as to ensure that the level of sales is high. Management consultant officers have the duty to make sure that there is a significant profit advantage during the extra period that one is on the market and when the competitors are not in the market. There is an ability to deliver some products faster and break some sales. Supply Chain Management, therefore, plays an important role in moving fish products more quickly to their destinations. Supply Chain Management department is expected to have a range of responsibilities that are more often in the same line with the thought that the process of order fulfillment is coordinated through a set of activities. As the management consultant officer for the fish production investment, I would advise the production company to include various departments such as the customer service performance through the monitoring staff, the supply chain and budgeting forecasting department and finally the customer services.

Adding Value through Supply Chain Management

The primary objective of supply chain management is to add value for instance fish fingers. For example, during the Supply Chain Management conference that occurred in the United Kingdom, some people suggested that most of the total time is spent on fish docking through distribution, manufacturing, and selling of the frozen fish fingers(Beamon, 1999). During that duration, the capital of the company appears to be frozen. Supply Chain Management, therefore, assists in accomplish various corporate strategic intentions such as acceleration of cash to pay cycles, reduction of the working capital, taking of the assets of the balance sheet and the increase of turns to inventory.

Customizing the Supply Chain Management Network

If the company has to use Supply-Chain Management while in Scotland so as to assimilate various markets from the United Kingdom, then it has to become a top management new religion through the utilization of a doctrine. AS a management consultant, I would step forward and provide some meaningful guidance through the use of various principles of the Supply Chain Management. Through an intensive research process, I have found out that the laws help to bring a great host of some competitive advantage(Fredendall and Hill, 2016). The first principles of management are the customizing of the Supply Chain Management network while designing the supply chain of the company. Fish production companies need to focus on the exceptional services that have a profitability and requirement where customers identify the segment of the customers. The second principle is the listening of signals of the market plan and demand. The fish production department under the operation and sales planning needs to span the whole chain so as to detect some early warning signals that change the order of the customer promotions and ordering of patterns. The final principle is the strategic managements of some sources of supply(Beamon, 1999). This occurs through close work with some of the key fish suppliers so as to reduce the cost of owning some services and materials. The supply Chain management leaders should, therefore, enhance the supply margins for themselves. This assists in beating some multiple suppliers over lower prices.

The Role of Quality Management

Quality Management assists in improving the profitability and the value of the shareholders. Quality management assists in enhancing the revenues and ensuring that there is a tighter cost control so have to make sure that there is an efficient utilization of assets. It also improves the services of the customers. As a management consultant, I would advise the Char Food Limited industry to ensure that they focus on quality management so that they can have the profitability growth after selling their products to the United Kingdom(Fredendall and Hill, 2016). Through quality management, the supply chain management will contribute to a profitable growth by allowing the organization to produce some entire orders. If Char Food Company Limited is willing to be assimilated to the United Kingdom, then it should maintain its profit margins at about three to four percent. It is important to reduce the supply-chain waste because this will double the profitability of the Company. As a management consultant, I will also advise Char Food Limited to reduce its working Capital. An increase in the inventory turns, the payables and the control receivables should be incorporated into the company so that it can succeed in its business activities in the United Kingdom.

The Importance of Logistics and Green Issues

The company also requires using the logistics and green issues in marketing its fish products. In this instance, the logistics industry in Scotland is currently growing at about fifteen percent against the average world growth that is about ten percent in the fishing sector. The use of the logistics and green issues will assist the industry to grow tremendously. Over the coming years, most of the large companies will start a logistic and supply chain operation(Fredendall and Hill, 2016). Char Food Limited will start enjoying an advantage of having a large asset base and an all-Scotland circulation network. The organization should also participate in an organized sector that will serve as a primary deterrent where consumers have some small operators in positions where an offer solution ends.

Monitoring Supply and Demand

Fish products are part of the human diet since the period of antiquity. As civilization continues to advance, man is supposed to understand the importance of fish meat to human nutrition. Char Food Company has the responsibility to know where the seafood consumers will pay more for the production of lean meat. In this case, the company should monitor the increase in competition beginning from the retail sales to the sales of the fresh fish(Beamon, 1999). As the Consultant Manager, the primary producers and the aquaculture producers need to attain some lower prices where the fish processors will have to absorb some lower prices. It is the task of the management to monitor some retailers who have some market power and the establishment of food organizations that affect the demand and supply of the company products.

The Influence of Information Technology

Also, since the information technology development body allows the retailers to capture the detailed information regarding the retailers from the United Kingdom I would suggest that some of the primary chain commodity increase the degree of the buyer's braveness. One of the main consequence of the supply chain after it dominates the small commodity producers is to transform gradually. There are some needs to deliver products by provoking some chains by concentrating on some vertically and organized chains that are emerging. In this case, the coffee commodity chain producers can wrest away from the peasants who work through the local merchants. This assists them to become prerogative through the exports and the transnationals in the Latin America. Chain reversals take place to the traditional fishers, in fish distribution after the marginalization of the selling results.

The Role of Lean Production

The lean production also calls for more competition that can be provoked through the vertical integration by factories as they strive to establish some greater control of the chain resources. The main chain strategies of Char Food limited is to strive on the establishment of some greater control over the chain resources. The primary chain strategy in this cases should be on how to acquire some trawlers that will help to deliver fish in large quantities ranging from 500 to 1600 kilograms per trip to the United Kingdom(Fredendall and Hill, 2016). As the consultant manager, I would advise Char Food limited to focus on the supply of lean production supply chain because it is one of the best examples of fisheries since this will affect the consumers demand through a strong influence of the operations and the chain structure. The local processing of lean products will focus on the production of transformation process towards the accommodation of subtle differences that will fit the taste of the consumers. The organization should aim at exporting fillets and destine them to markets that are in Japan or dispatch the fish by skinning them on and scale those that are to be delivered to the United Kingdom. External dynamism is also important is also necessary because it depends on the supply chain management that has some unpleasant implications for the chain participants when they trade in unexpected government edicts(Beamon, 1999). Such a point can be elaborated into a subsequent section. One can also while the chain by exhibiting some degree of the oligopolistic competitiveness. The supply chain management structures can, therefore, evolve extremely to the factories that process perch and later provoke the demise of various local fishmongers.

Focusing on Customer Service and Technology

The use of supply chain management by Char Food Limited will make the production of the company brighter because the enterprise will experience some profits after selling its products. The main trends that will benefit the supply chain Management operations are information technology and the focus of customer services. The most successful organization need to excel in both the client service sector and information and technology sector. As a management consultant, I would greatly advise Char Food Limited to focus on these two areas so that they can excel. The central importance of supply chain management is, therefore, to improve the customer service and ensure that there is the availability of jobs. The company should also ensure that they increase their level of responsibilities through the fulfillment of processes through a coordinated set of actions.


Summing up, all other four mentioned areas are also critical in food processing at Char Foods Limited since they contribute to the growth of profitability by allowing the assembly of some entire orders that will be made from the United Kingdom. Profitable growth by the firm will support the after sale services by getting involved in new products that will be developed by the organization. If the group focuses on using the ideas as mentioned earlier, then it will finally increase its level of inventory and also reduce the days of supplying in the inventory. An integrated supply Chain management will help to benefit on the reduction of costs and improve the service techniques that will assist in producing higher level products that will be sold in the United Kingdom.


Beamon, B.M., 1999. Designing the green supply chain. Logistics information management, 12(4), pp.332-342.

Fredendall, L.D. and Hill, E., 2016. Basics of supply chain management. CRC Press.

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