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The Mobile News Games LLC (MNG) is a mobile gaming company focused on recent events. It's not just a mobile game maker. Instead, it is primarily based on designing games that have a different twist, giving their rivals an advantage. This is strengthened by providing consumers with a new outlet that allows them to play mobile games well. The business aims to provide consumers with a quick escape during their daily stays. It offers them timely interactive games that they have the ability to access using their mobile devices (""Sample Marketing Plan |"). This means that the games are quite simple to play and possess some link with the most recent pop culture news. The company makes use of the team’s software development exercise to come up with timely games in a quick manner. The challenge that it faces is having the ability to attract visibility fast. Because of this, it intends to use several approaches that are meant to make sure that there will be a significant amount of game downloads over time.

Confirming the Target Market

The section will discuss the processes that the company used in confirming the target market. When it comes to identifying the target markets, the firm established that the perfect client is people between the age of 13 and 25 years. These are the people who enjoy playing video games and also possess mobile phones that permit the download of applications. For instance, there is the use of Android, Blackberry and IPhone. The ideal clients possess an Xbox, PlayStation or any video based units in their homes. In addition, they possess portable gaming units. For instance, there is the DS/DSi and iPod. The customer base is typically made up of single male persons. Alternatively, they possess or have access to a personal computer. When it comes to the aspect of the culture of this population, it is seen that they are people who have a broad range of disposable income ("Sample Marketing Plan |"). Through this, it means that they have a lot of money to spend. Further, some of these people happen to be teenagers who live at home. The others happen to be college students or people who have been included in the workforce in the past five years. Regarding the features of the products and services, it is seen that there are two types of games. The first one is the free mobile games. Some of these games have trimmed back versions that make it possible for a user to get a complete taste of the whole game. In addition, some aspects of the version are not enabled and advertising is shown in some planned location within the game. This makes it able for the users not to be confused by the ads ("Sample Marketing Plan |"). The second category of services is the paid mobile games. These ones possess a vast range of feature and the price is reasonable to ensure that it is accessible to all the customers. In addition, the games have been monetized through a clickable ad sponsorship integrated within the game.

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Assessment of the level of consumer interest

When it comes to the trends and performance in the past, it is evident that before, there was a marketing challenge that entailed the inability to attract visibility in a fast manner. This is because the company was not able to leverage the necessary resources required to accomplish this task. In another case, the company was not used to developing new games at the same rate as current events took place. Therefore, it was able to discover that the mobile game users got tired of games quite fast and were consistently seeking for new games to play. When it comes to the past marketing information, the company, the company has had its target markets ("Sample Marketing Plan |"). In this case, they have always targeted the young people mostly who are over the age of 18 years since they are considered as adults under the law. They have always known that this is a population that own mobile phones that have the capability of downloading these games.
When it comes to the effective of past marketing, it is seen that it has had some positive effects to the organization. However, it is also important to note that the users who have been targets face financial challenges. In this case, the teenagers get money to purchase the video games from their parents. This is usually in the mode of allowances or gifts. Alternatively, it may be also in the form of jobs that pay very little. The older teens also have restricted financial capabilities given that they have other responsibilities to take care of ("Sample Marketing Plan |"). This has left them with a small amount of income that can be used to purchase the entertainment that they need. With respect to the consumer behavior, it can be seen that they speak to each other regarding the games that they enjoy. In addition, it also entails those strategies that are required to play and win. Further, they carry out conversations in the online forums as well as discussion groups to get tips as well as information to aid them in playing and establishing other challenges. They always consider achieving the ‘high score’ as an achievement in the case where there is a public setting that is available for a forum. Lastly, with respect to the organizational behavior, the organization makes the use of Appstore as the means of distributing its iPhone games. Secondly, the company has been able to establish some of the companies in which they used the power of mobile games to get to the target market. It has been able to achieve this by the use of metrics such as the numbers of instances a gamer clicked on an ad integrated into a game.

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Recommended marketing strategies

Having assessed all of the above, it is essential to have an assessment of an efficient marketing strategy. When it comes to the innate and acquired consumer needs, the firm is needed to make an effective description of the business as well as its products and services. This is the process of self-actualization. Through this means, it will be possible for the customers to have full knowledge of what the company is all about as well as the products that it offers (Jia 55). Secondly, it has not assured of the safety of the products that are offered. This means that the products should not end up messing with the minds of the young people who happen to be the target market. Thirdly, the games need to improve the social lives of these people. This means that the people that it targets can use the games as a means of socializing at any time (Martí-Parreño et al. 25).
When it comes to the decision making influences and motives, the company needs to have a look at all the persons that their decisions will have an impact on. Having a look at its strategies, the firm has not addressed how the games can be restricted to those under the age of 10. This is an age that such children should not be exposed to such games (Atwal and Alistair 28). Therefore, the company is needed to come up with remedies to handle the issue. Lastly, the company has not considered the legal considerations. When coming up with such games, it is necessary to have the necessary legal requirements to make sure that their games are for instance, not duplicated elsewhere. Further, it has restricted itself to a specific culture. Instead, it is needed to seek for other market segments in which it can diversify its products (David et al 32).

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Key provisions of relevant legislation

When it comes to the code of practice affecting operations in Australia and internationally, one of the provisions is to protect workers and other people from harm by requiring duty holders to minimize risk. This means that MNG products should not pose a threat to the residents of Australia. Secondly, the act allocates for the provision of fair as well as effective representation ("Model WHS Laws"). This means that as a company, MNG is required to have effective representation and should also carry put consultation before they carry out any task within the nation.


From what has been seen, I can say that MNG has had some levels of success when it comes to marketing of their products. However, that should not be all. The company needs to come up with other effective strategies that will boost its sales especially with their plan for expansion into other nations.

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