The Novel '1776' and American Revolutionary War Events

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The main focus of the review of the novel 1776 is the American Revolutionary War events. This book focuses primarily on Washington, and I recognize the part he played in the war revolution as described in this piece. It is up to the parties involved with this publication to remember any character they so choose, just as I admired Washington who was one of them, even though there are many characters discussed in this section as introduced by McCullough (2005). Additionally, every character in this review is accurately detailed, so anyone reading it may feel as though they are familiar with the characters. Notably, unlike other characters in this novel, General George Washington is primarily portrayed through thought. Therefore, as I read this article, I learned a lot of things. First, the book 1776 fundamentally addresses the military events during war revolution in America. The revolution in America, however, ended in vain. I learned that McCullough was interested in seeing that America lost the war. McCullough (2005)further argued that America won the war because British was not mainly focused on winning the victory and therefore America won the war out sympathy from the British.

In the article 1776 by McCullough, I just learned that it’s just a fiction account of the crucial year of the past of the United States. Notably, the key date identified in this book is the period in which the United States gained full independence after the end of the war. However, some of the remarkable historical events in this book are; the opposition to the American independence by the King George III of England as opposed to the parliamentary support and other high British people who fought with determination to ensure that America attained its full independence. Consequently, after the America achieved its independence, George Washington became the first commander in chief of the armed forces of the Republic of United States while Nathanael took over the docket of the continental army as headed the revolutionary army.

The campaigns and defeats of the Charles Cornwallis majorly contributed to the victory of the United States. Henry Knox took over the post of chief artillery officer of the continental army, and he worked closely with George Washington towards the success of the America. Henry was further concerned with the production of the artillery and establishing of the training centers of the soldiers who participated in the revolution. In the article 1776 by McCullough (2005), it’s clear that there was capacity particularly in the year that defined revolution. The major theme linked to this article is how colonist quitted America in the year 1776 after it achieved its independence. All states in the America were made free of colonialism after the independence.

In this article, McCullough (2005) gives the detailed description of all the people who fought together with Washington towards the independence of the America. The independence of America came as a result of collective efforts of various characters that came up with different ideas of fighting the Colonials with the hope of gaining independence. Therefore, the based on the research from both archives of America and British, the 1776 article by McCullough is a greater book that well articulated the whole process that led to the independence of the United States.

In this article, I learned that American commander in chief played the significant role towards the attainment of independence in the United States. Additionally, the works of the John Adams as articulated in David McCullough 1776 was an important landmark in the history of America’s. The author McCullough (2005) closely monitored the time of the near mythic in the collective memory of America. Notably, the time when the meeting was held by continental congress in Philadelphia and came up with the resolution to free up the colonies and to let the states to be independent.

Moreover, it was also the time when the revolution began in America and America was almost losing in the battle. Through this immense sense of narration and the McCullough’s gift for nurturing the subjects of humanity, the author leads the readers via well – known tales with both grace and style. The article 1776 by McCullough was structured into three sections. The first part articulated the history of England in 1775 by King George III, in particular, the section covers the context in which the British Parliament on the issues of the North America colonies. In this article, the author approached issues from the perspectives of the king, more often in his late years rather his hardworking and intelligence leadership of his nation.

McCullough (2005) provided the British perspective on the events which not corned with North America. He introduced the motion the debate in Parliament to address the decision of the king to squash the fight against the rebellion. McCullough (2005) turned into the matters of Boston as he has provided in his description regarding the British situation in late 1775. British was lured into war by the Colonials after they had commenced the wars of Concord and Lexington in early 1775.The battle to the victory in British contributed to the massive destruction of properties and loss of lives as thousands of people were left without homes. However, Washington intruded to calm the situation which had placed the British military under siege in the states.

Apparently, McCullough (2005) used his initial chapters in summarizing the nature of the opposing armies and to lay the platform of his supporting characters like Nathanael, Washington, William Hove and Henry Knox. Washington was an experienced warrior and surveyor as well, and he provided excellent service under the reign of Edward Braddock during the war between India and France.

Further, I also learned from this book that the author, McCullough reminded the readers of the background of Washington who was the key player in events that took place in America in 1776. McCullough (2005) further retaliated that Washington left behind a superior legacy as he also embraced the life similar to that of English gentry. Washington was remembered as the legend since he exhibited the qualities of English gentry like dressing, behavior and he spent most of his time strategizing on how to deliver the Americans from Colonials and fight for their independence.

Greene was considered to be the unlucky candidate by the McCullough (2005). He was a Quaker, he had limp, and he has never been in war before. He lacked experience in war since he had participated only for three years in this battle. Greene continued to search for fighting ideas through extensive reading despite that fact him and little formal knowledge. He richly described Washington, war and the real meaning of life. I found page ten of McCullough book to be the most interesting in the entire book. Similarly, just like Knox, Greene’s friend did not have experience in the war. Knox had the broken hand, a wife from the royal family and a warrior with no experience.


To wrap up of the ideas presented in the book 1776 by David McCullough I can decisively argue that Washington played a significant role towards the independence of the America and personally I do like his contribution and the legacy he left behind. To add on this, the author of the article David McCullough has many other activities and professional series that explain to the readers of this book how and why 1776 is considered to be the credible source that addresses the issues of America Independence.

Literary, the elements like trends, features, characteristics, and themes are part of the article that aided the source to be considered to the excellent reading. The works of 1776 began in Britain describing the King George III’s background, and consequently, the article moved to Boston’s siege in America. From this article, I also learned that during the siege of the Boston in regards to moves of militaries and their living routines were placed in front of Continental Army by overcoming Dorchester Heights.

This step, however, made the British to leave on the ground that Washington demanded cannons and the fact that Dorchester heights were very close for deadline firearms in Boston. Lastly, Washington came up with the brilliant idea to strike Battle Trenton which eventually developed the Continental Army’s spirit of fighting with the colonials and eventually led to the attainment of independence in the United States.


McCullough, D. (2015).1776.Simon Publishers.

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