100 Creative And Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

posted by Laura Callisen 15 Jul 2021
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Students are usually assigned good argumentative essay topics as professors ensure opportunity for finding sources and applying one’s analysis skills. This academic writing task trains many skills that will be useful in both academic career and real working environment. Argumentative essays topics imply developing a specific position regarding a certain matter and then defending it using effective argumentation.

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There Is More Than Just Choosing A Great Argumentative Essay Topic

One should be aware that interesting argumentative essay topics do not appear instantly and it is difficult to get a perfect essay done right away. You will need to buy essay online cheap for some complex topics so that you will review expert writers’ approach and apply them in subsequent writing tasks. Some general rules should be followed in any case and they are as follows:

  • Properly conducted research. This implies using only reputable and credible sources for facts that back up your position and arguments. Using scholarly articles, books, and governmental web resources is a perfectly reasonable idea.
  • Analytical skills’ demonstration. Remember that these are topics to argue about so just retelling facts you have found on the Internet will not be treated as completion of the essay.
  • Writing level. This includes not only language skills along with ability to express one’s thoughts clearly but knowledge related to proper organization. The best argumentative essay topics follow standard academic structure similar to typical five-paragraph essays. Many students find it hard to develop an arguable thesis statement which completely undermines their work’s quality.
  • Opposing side. Sometimes students forget about rebuttal essay topics element even though the paper cannot be treated as argumentative if only one side is presented.

List Of Argumentative Essay Ideas

These topics are very good for compare and contrast essay ideas though there are even more opportunities for controversial argumentative essay topics. 

Topics About Animals

  1. Use of animals as test subjects for terrifying experiments must be prohibited. 
  2. Animals can help with their owners’ mental health treatment as they provide emotional support.
  3. Microchipping your pets contributes to their safety.
  4. Selling exotic animals that require special care and conditions should be prohibited.
  5. Hunting animals without real need, simply for fun, should not be allowed.
  6. Governments should initiate more programs intended to save rare or almost extinct species.
  7. Genetic modification of cattle is useful as it prevents spreading dangerous diseases and keeps animals in good condition.
  8. Using animals for testing cloning technology is the only way to achieve progress in this field.
  9. Dangerous dog breeds’ owners should be obliged to use appropriate safety devices when outdoors.
  10. Using animals for first space flights was a justifiable decision. 

Good Argumentative Speech Topics

This list will include many options that possess clear opposition and substantial arguments from both sides.

  1. Education has become redundantly excessive nowadays as it is more related to business than obtaining knowledge. 
  2. Pareto principle is applicable to every life situation.
  3. Governmental health care programs are more effective than other solutions.
  4. Obtaining a job via social media is easier and provides more employment opportunities in future.
  5. Does blogging as an occupation have the right to exist?
  6. Life’s quality improves when a person refrains from using social media. 
  7. Paternity leave should be a widespread option. 
  8. Crime rate increase is provoked by illegal immigration.
  9. Both vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are extremely beneficial for human health.
  10. Death penalty is not an effective way to prevent crimes.

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Controversial Ideas

Potential for arguable topics cannot be exhausted and modern world provides more suggestions every day. Do you agree with provided positions?

  1. Abortion is the matter of choice.
  2. Immigration should be limited and based on strict criteria.
  3. Online dating is a dangerous phenomenon that ruins nature of relationships.
  4. Personal health and well-being should always be a priority.
  5. Communism is the worst regime for society.
  6. LGBT rights are already sufficiently supported in the modern world.
  7. Eating meat is both unethical and dangerous for health.
  8. People should leave Earth and colonize space as early as possible. 
  9. Global warming makes humanity face an imminent danger that cannot be avoided.
  10. Powerful car engines’ production should be substantially limited to improve ecological situation. 

Easy Argumentative Paper Topics

Starting from easy argumentative essay topics is a good opportunity to practice writing skills and evidence application for proper argument development.

  1. Chinese is the most important language to learn after English.
  2. Children should perform chores as it is beneficial for their future life.
  3. Tobacco does more harm to health than alcohol.
  4. Parents must control internet access for their children until intermediate school.
  5. The MBA program is highly beneficial for students.
  6. More social benefits must be available for military students.
  7. Education should be easily accessible and free of charge for all people who want knowledge along with new skills.
  8. Junk food is the major factor that leads to alarming obesity rates.
  9. More attention is required to anorexia problem.
  10. Smoking should be explicitly prohibited in all public spaces.

Mental Illness

Given that depression and anxiety levels increase every year, associated mental health issues become exponentially more important in modern society.

  1. Absence of somebody to care about leads to mental health problems.
  2. Parents are the primary reason why children adopt self-destructive behavioral patterns.
  3. Write a paper based on argumentative essays topics that anorexia is caused by social pressure.
  4. Physical violence should never be forgiven.
  5. Mental illnesses have no specific age as they can develop even in the youngest age.
  6. Increased popularity causes mental instability.
  7. Provide speech arguing that living in hatred affects children’s mental health more than parents’ divorce.
  8. Video games help people cope with their mental health issues.
  9. People with OCD can have a normal happy life.
  10. Climate and prevailing weather have long-term impacts on mental health.

Interesting Argumentative Paper Ideas

Make sure to brainstorm topics that would bring joy and excitement to you during writing process as opposed to feelings of boredom and frustration.

  1. Forests of Amazonia must be protected by international cooperation on a global level.
  2. Provide argumentative persuasive essay topics related to your favorite characters in books and what they symbolize.
  3. Wind energy is the most beneficial renewable source that should be developed by all countries.
  4. Humanity must colonize other suitable planets in the Solar system.
  5. Computers and robots with AI will take many people’s places.
  6. Modern world does not need superheroes in reality.
  7. Substantial social media use contributes to dissatisfaction with one’s own body.
  8.  Cross-cultural marriages should be encouraged in modern world.
  9. Establishing and developing a YouTube channel is a better source of income than a regular job.
  10. Graffiti should be made a legal form of street art.

The Best Argumentative Essay Topics For College

This group presupposes more complicated subjects and an abundance of controversial issues to provoke students’ thinking as well as analysis. 

  1. Current grading system is ineffective. 
  2. Globalization is beneficial for young people who seek knowledge and better employment opportunities.
  3. Gun control is not effective in preventing crimes.
  4. Technology development was beneficial for education.
  5. Offline education is more effective than online one. 
  6. Immigrants should be given educational opportunities equal to citizens.
  7. Single-sex education is obsolete in the 21st century.
  8. Tattoos should not be treated as a deviation.
  9. Money is the major cause of all wars, even religious ones.
  10. Workplace dating should not be encouraged as it affects productivity.

Technology and Social Media

This field experiences so many rapid changes that a student may not even be able to keep pace. Finding someone to write my college application essay will ensure the start of your academic career in a good place, so you’ll be able to learn how research should be completed.

  1. Computer games should not be restricted or prohibited for depicted violence.
  2. Internet access prevents people from developing offline relationships.
  3. Moon will be the first place for a colony outside Earth. 
  4. Electric vehicles will replace all other types within a few decades.
  5. Microwaves are not harmful to human organisms.
  6. Coding should be among obligatory subjects in school.
  7. Social media and mobile devices make people lazier.
  8. AI won’t replace human workers contributing to more efficient work instead.
  9. Aircraft industry could not be affected even by a worldwide pandemic.
  10. Modern world requires a substantial number of weapons as this is a major deterrent factor.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas For High School

Interesting argumentative essay topics for high school should also be easy. Research is not obligatory as this is not a current focus. 

  1. Cats are better friends for people than dogs.
  2. Shakespeare’s plays won’t become obsolete even in the future.
  3. Preschoolers should not have smartphones.
  4. Homeschooling is the least effective education variant.
  5. Harmful nature of turning celebrity culture into some kind of cult.
  6. Homework is beneficial for children’s understanding.
  7. Unlimited screen time is extremely harmful for developing organisms.
  8. Reading non-fiction books is more useful than reading only fiction ones.
  9. The most effective strategies against bullying.
  10. Moral reasons behind lowering drinking age. 

Social and Ethical Issues

Multiple moral dilemmas can be observed in social injustice and other issues. There are no unified views on many aspects in this field. 

  1. Right to vote should not be given to people younger than 21 years old. 
  2. Criminals’ mental issues should not be taken into consideration during trials.
  3. High corruption level prevents the country from developing.
  4. Parents should not attempt to control their children’s lives, especially when they become 16 years old. 
  5. Reasons behind the income gap's existence.
  6. Prerequisites of cheating.
  7. Female politicians and other women of impact still face more obstacles than their male colleagues. 
  8. Society encourages gender-based stereotypes. 
  9. Youth should promote nature’s protection.
  10. One of the most debatable among ethical argument topics, medically assisted suicide, should be the available option for those who demand it.

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Medical Argument Topics

Those classical argument topics never lose importance as well as the necessity of constantly updating available facts’ base due to fast global changes in the world.

  1. Instructions on how to maintain healthy weight should be provided to Americans since early childhood.
  2. Obamacare is the best healthcare program so far.
  3. Preferences should be given to non-invasive methods rather than surgery in all cases where it is possible.
  4. Sleep is the most essential element in a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Energetic drinks are more harmful to organisms than alcohol and tobacco.
  6. Sabbatical leave and its immense positive effect on a person’s well-being.
  7. Mandatory fitness or gym lessons in schools.
  8. Hot weather and negative effects on health.
  9. Why smoking should be banned.
  10. Another famous argumentative essay should discuss the harmful impact of alcohol on human health.

Argument Topic Ideas On History

Constantly writing on American history argumentative essay topics is beneficial for all students as these tasks broaden their perspective

  1. Building Panama and Suez canals made a significant positive impetus to the growth of global well-being.
  2. The US involvement in major conflicts around the world. 
  3. Civil War and positive long-term effects of its outcome.
  4. Germany had the chance to win World War II. 
  5. Native Americans deserve more governmental support. 
  6. Thomas Jefferson’s positive influence. 
  7. Long-term effects of the Great Depression.
  8. President Trump’s impact on international relationships.
  9. Vikings’ first long-distance expeditions.
  10. Japan’s political and social structure as a prerequisite of the country's growth after the defeat.


  1. Taking care of one’s health is as essential as choosing good argument topics to get an A grade. 
  2. Golf is a type of sport suitable for rich people only.
  3. Horse riding as the most dangerous sport.
  4. Sportsmen should never try diets as they lead to health issues as opposed to balanced nutrition.
  5. Swimming is the most beneficial kind of sport for the human body.
  6. Yoga as one of the most effective physical activities.
  7. Introduce your favorite champion and why they get the title.
  8. Is rally better than Formula 1? 
  9. Expeditions on jeeps should be restricted to specific places only.
  10. Recording mountain downride on GoPro encourages youth.
  11. Should e-sport be treated as a sports discipline?

Is This All About Topics For Argumentative Essay?

Complicated argument topic ideas and very detailed instructions that need to be followed word by word already create rather stressful circumstances for students. Given the lack of time due to multiple other duties, it’ll be a sensible decision to hire professionals who can provide unique content precisely within the needed timeframe. Customer protection mechanisms such as money-back guarantee and a possibility to adjust and polish paper allow students to take care of other important things while their essay is being completed by experts.

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