List of Interesting Process Analysis Essay Topics

posted by Andy Preisler 27 Jul 2015
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While the requested task may appear difficult initially, writing papers on process analysis essay topics is not as hard as it seems. These essays are extremely useful for other students as this task presupposes completing a procedural manual or instructions that explain how to do something or what sequence of actions is required for achieving the desired result.

Choosing A Great Process Essay Topic And Mastering It

There is nothing wrong with having instructions on how to write other instructions. Proper how to essay topics are not the exception as a perfect outcome is impossible without preliminary research and preparation. Some writing tips will make a difference given that you’ll follow them while working on your task though you may always request to rewrite my essay service in case you have doubts regarding the quality.

  • Choose an interesting topic. You won’t feel motivated and willing to include as many specific details as possible if you consider the assigned topic boring and useless. While brainstorming you may think about things that you do with the best possible quality or look for people’s queries over the Internet. If something does not have sufficient explanation, it means you probably have found a topic for process essay.
  • Consider the expected audience. Knowing who is your reader allows you to adjust your writing style, provide a more explicit description or explain additional steps if needed. Just imagine developing IT-related ideas for process essays – your audience may need extra explanations related to terms, abbreviations, and small sub-processes embedded in the major flow.
  • Outline is an obligatory step. Do not neglect the possibility of planning all steps and writing down all sequences. This preparation process will prevent you from missing important elements and confusing your readers.
  • Refrain from using disorganized narrative. In any case, good process analysis essay topics presuppose standard development from the introduction that presents the main idea to the conclusion that wraps everything up while body paragraphs describe everything in logical order.
  • Maintain chronological description. Readers should be informed about all steps one by one in strict sequence. Progression should not be altered as in many cases this ruins the expected outcome. 
  • Do not miss transitions. These small words will make process description easier for perception as well as contribute to better reader’s understanding. These elements are obligatory in almost any academic writing assignment as even formal text must be smooth and informative.
  • Quality control. You should do the text in advance so that you’ll have some time to re-read completed paper later and correct all stylistic and proofreading issues. It is a good idea to double-check everything and hire an essay proofreader who’ll check the text looking at it from a different perspective.

Suggested Process Essay Ideas List

The important thing that you should remember while thinking about appropriate examples for your prospective essay is that every process essay can be easily characterized by several words: “How to do something”. If the provided paper answers this question, then its main aim can be treated as accomplished. Completed products should also possess these features:

  • Every required action is presented separately.
  • Proper sequence is maintained.
  • None of the required instructions is omitted.
  • Language is precise and specific. 

Funny Process Essay Topics

This may be a thing that makes people laugh or just brings joy and excitement to you. 

  1. How to teach your pet a new trick.
  2. Make a party everyone will remember.
  3. How do you cook an exotic dish?
  4. Pleasantly impress your spouse.
  5. Install modifications for your favorite computer game.
  6. Create a funny motivational poster.
  7. Travel with one backpack only.
  8. How to become a successful stand-up comedian.
  9. Make money playing games. Computer games, in fact, since playing games in casinos will probably lead to losing money instead of earning. 
  10. Invent a new cocktail.
  11. Make handmade souvenirs for friends. Remember that making them giggle is 
  12. Grow a beautiful flower.
  13. Set up a roaring and inspirational campfire.
  14. Upgrade your car.
  15. Make a spontaneous trip and return without any negative consequences. 

Complex Topics

Some process papers topics may be so complicated that you won’t be able even to gather needed information on how to do such things. In this case, there is nothing wrong with asking someone for help with my essay since you’ll always be contacted by professionals in the required sphere.

  1. Install Linux on MacBook. Yes, there are people who actually need this. Are you ready for a challenge? 
  2. Repair your mountain bicycle.
  3. Render a video and apply relevant effects for subsequent uploading on YouTube.
  4. Buy stocks successfully and earn money.
  5. Solve cryptogram.
  6. Create a start-up business. Providing the only working solution is not possible but you can outline vital steps that require attention.
  7. Build a house with your own hands.
  8. Create the best website for your business.
  9. Start regular workouts. Precise plans can be provided for a person of any complexion. 
  10. Publish your own book.
  11. Run statistical analysis on certain data for your neighborhood.
  12. Learn how to sail a yacht.
  13. Write good code and start developing computer software.
  14. Start a military career.
  15. Perform surgical manipulations. An essay related to these topics for process essay should only be completed by corresponding institutional affiliations’ students.

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Good Process Analysis Prompts

Defining which topics for a process essay are good and which ones are not is not an easy task. Though the rule of thumb here is instructional effectiveness and message’s usefulness. Some ideas are as follows: 

  1. Organizing a perfect holiday for children.
  2. Establishing and maintaining a book club.
  3. How to create a handmade present.
  4. How to start helping people in need in the most effective way.
  5. Planning volunteering activities.
  6. How to bake a cake that could feed the entire neighborhood.
  7. Planning a family journey.
  8. Making a positive short movie.
  9. Required steps for teaching career.
  10. How to do make-up for a perfect romantic evening.
  11. Giving old clothes a new life by remodeling and reorganizing everything. 
  12. Making studying a positive and motivating process. 
  13. Basic steps of becoming a role model for somebody else, especially for a child.
  14. Guide on how to organize an unforgettable wedding ceremony could be among the most pleasant process essay topics ideas.
  15. Step-by-step guide on improving personal finances and spending habits. 

Process Paper Topics For College

Studying means following rather specific prompts precisely and well-thought process papers will help you achieve only A grades for all tasks. Here are some popular “how to” requests from college students.

  1. Write an effective thesis statement.
  2. Find appropriate scholarly articles that the professor won’t reject.
  3. Make process paragraphs topics and maintain general academic structure in general.
  4. Follow current MLA style.
  5. Acknowledge utilized sources properly.
  6. Write relevant hypotheses. This process paper may include guides on formulating variables and research questions and these are essential components of any scientific research.
  7. Decide on qualitative or quantitative methodology for future research.
  8. Narrow down complex processes topics to manageable focus.
  9. Follow unusual or specific referencing styles such as AGLC 4th edition.
  10. Write an argumentative essay.
  11. Complete a book review.
  12. Cope with procrastination and start completing tasks on time.
  13. Work on online dashboards.
  14. Develop effective initial discussion posts tasks.
  15. Receive scholarships depending on outstanding performance or other conditions. 

Interesting Process Essay Topic Ideas

Suggesting some unique variants may go beyond simply funny process essay topics as you can introduce a thought-provoking process or simply something genuinely new and interesting.

  1. Choosing clothes for a more impressive style.
  2. How to turn a hobby into a profitable venture.
  3. Regulating one’s timetable. Make sure all possible optimization suggestions are introduced as this will help resist procrastination. 
  4. Achieving success and gaining respect in a new team.
  5. Driving a car safely and avoiding accidents. 
  6. How to prepare for a job interview effectively.
  7. Start managing one’s expenses and finances.
  8. Elements of writing application essays.
  9. How to start learning a new language.
  10. Writing an impressive CV. This guide will be useful for many people.
  11. Bake a cake for a birthday party.
  12. Overcoming shyness and problems with communication.
  13. Working solutions increase one’s inspiration.
  14. How to pack things for a journey and take only needed things.
  15. How car tuning should be started. Though this guide should be focused on a specific model as there are no limits for imaginations. 


The majority of hardware or any other instructions can be classified as informative process essays, even lab report writing service would use these texts to complete requested experiments and write a perfect unique report for you. This sphere is extensive so that you can think of many appropriate situations.

  1. Write a paper on a process paper topic related to proper care for a baby.
  2. Overcoming stress and anxiety techniques.
  3. Training a dog.
  4. Informative text on using a new device.
  5. How can you prevent catching a disease?
  6. Creating a LinkedIn profile.
  7. List of elements obligatory for passing a test for driving license.
  8. How to make a decision related to one’s career path.
  9. Universal rules of successful and happy relationships.
  10. Effective ways of losing weight without affecting health.
  11. Using graphic design tools.
  12. Preparation for a marathon. 
  13. Making a photo that is worth being appraised at any photo contest. 
  14. Ways of setting up online shop on eBay or similar platforms.
  15. Rules of playing a table game of your choice. Be warned though that if you decide to utilize D&D-related process analysis ideas, your essay will turn into a huge dissertation-size project.

Creative Topics For Process Analysis Essays

When you have the option to choose any topic you like, it could be beneficial to impress your professor with creativity and imagination embodied in unusual process analysis essay ideas. Besides your essay must have perfect grammar and punctuation, which is not possible without help of essay editing services. You may even describe absolutely unrealistic scenarios, just remember to follow structure-developing rules as well as appropriate flow.

  1. How can you build a boat with your hands?
  2. Developing a medieval-style community.
  3. Preparing for a space journey.
  4. Describe what Sherlock Holmes’ assistant should do while checking every new case.
  5. How magic tricks should be performed.
  6. Interpreting your dreams.
  7. Elements of writing a novel. You may actually motivate someone to become a prolific writer and give them precise guidance on how to do it.
  8. Developing your own game. If you can describe required steps for creating a computer game within rather short paper, you should probably send your resume to some game studios.
  9. Steps required for renewing your house’s interior.
  10. Making a wooden USB flash drive.
  11. Guide on how a poem should be written so that everyone could give it a try even without prior literature studies background.
  12. Setting up a renewable energy source in your city.
  13. How a fictional world for fantasy or science fiction novel should be created so that it becomes almost believable. 
  14. Creating a conceptual art object. 
  15. Starting a YouTube channel that could receive millions of subscribers. 

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Wrapping Up Everything About Process Analysis Topics

Process analysis essays are not a widespread task in an academic environment which means students may not have enough practice for flawless completion. Instructors usually expect profound research as well as critical analysis application and writing “how to” essays is beyond these requirements. Requesting assistance will be a solution that will both save one’s academic performance and help them learn something new.

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