Process Analysis Essay Topic Ideas For Every Student

posted by Andy Preisler 27 Jul 2015

The process analysis essay is just what its terminology states. It is an essay in which you will be charged with describing a process. In middle school, for example, you might have been tasked with writing the process by which a tadpole becomes a frog, or a caterpillar a butterfly. As you wrote the step-by-step process you were writing a process analysis essay. As you continued through school, the topics may have become much more sophisticated, but the process by which you put those essays together remained the same.

Organizing the Process Analysis Essay

A good process analysis essay begins with an organizing document of some sort. If you are going to describe a process or present a “how to” essay, it will be critical that you get down every step in the process you are going to describe or explain. Making a chronological list is the most common method, and it should work for you quite well. Make your lists of the steps, and review that list very carefully, picturing in your “mind’s eye” each step. This is the best way to “catch” anything you may have left out.

When You Have Options

If you have free rein in a choice of topic, it might be fun to consider some process analysis essay topic ideas that will be unique and more enjoyable to create. Here are a few suggestions, though you can probably think of many more:

  • How to give a cat a bath
  • How to successfully borrow money from a friend or family member
  • How to break up with someone
  • How to survive when someone has dumped you
  • How to get rid of a bad roommate
  • How to get high quality photos at the next party for blackmail purposes
  • How to cheat on a test
  • How not to compose an essay
  • How to spoil a child
  • How to take your pet rabbit for a walk

Once you have narrowed your ideas for a process analysis essay, select the one you will find the most interesting or fun to write. Then, make your list of steps. Picture those steps as you are listing them, so that you know your process is complete and/or accurate. Find logical break points in your process for paragraph breaks. In an essay on “How to Give a Cat a Bath,” your first body paragraph might address methods by which one can lull the cat into a false sense of security – giving him treats, petting him affectionately, and so forth. The second paragraph might address the actual bath process, and the third the process of “making up” so your cat does not hold a grudge.

Topic Selection is a Key Factor in a Great Essay

Finding unique and/or humorous essay topics is always a good idea – your professor will enjoy reading something that is different from the stacks of common topics that have become rather boring. So, if you need to write other types of essays, consider searching for both a topic with which you can have some fun and that your instructor will enjoy reading.

Here are some fresh persuasive essay ideas:

  • Coffee should be free on college campuses
  • Women should leave the toilet seat up for male convenience
  • Airplanes should be made of the same materials as the black boxes

And here are some compare and contrast essay topic ideas that will intrigue your professor:

  • Mother Teresa and Angelina Jolie
  • Studying all night and partying all night
  • Reality TV and YouTube

How about these ideas for argumentative essay writing? Taking a sarcastic tone can be great fun!

  • Bart Simpson should be President
  • Smog is your friend
  • Police officers should be thanked for the tickets they give

You can even find great ideas for your narrative essay that bring humor to your professor:

  • The day I realized that life is for real
  • The most boring day of my life
  • How I learned to love my dentist

Stretch your brain a bit and think outside of the box when you choose essay topics – they are much more fun to write!

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