Abortion: Annotated Bibliography

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Abortion: Annotated



Albertyn, Cathi. "Claiming and Defending Abortion Rights in South Africa." Revista Direito Gv. 11.2 (2015): 429-454. Print.
This article focuses on South Africa's democratic transition, which resulted in allegations of reproductive freedom and gender equality. The report focuses on the progress of abortion legislation in particular. The author discusses feminists and the myths that justified abortion legalization despite a conservative culture. The article also emphasizes the role of civil society and political will in ensuring that rural, black, and vulnerable women have access to legal, safe abortion. It's a reliable source.

Berer, Marge. "National Laws and Unsafe Abortion: the Parameters of Change." Reproductive Health Matters. 12.24 (2004): 1-8. Print.

The author of this article believes that unsafe abortion and deaths are avoidable. The author further states that in countries where laws allow abortion, a lower number of unsafe abortions and deaths had being reported in comparison to countries with laws that restrict abortion. From the analysis carried out, the author brings out an argument for legalizing abortion. Safe abortion is an important health service for pregnant women as the author argues out. The article also covers actions that have campaigned for legal abortion to be carried out over the past century. Her article is based on analysis from different countries. The article is an analytical source.

Erdman, Joanna N, Rebecca J. Cook, Bernard M. Dickens, and J C. Rebecca. Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014. Print.

This book views laws on abortion in all parts of the globe and highlights both the failures and successes of these laws. The authors write that their aim is to find new approaches in abortion and come up with ideas regarding abortion laws. They suggest that reforms in this legislation and legalization of abortion would help women make good choices about pregnancies. In their conclusion, women stand to benefit the most if restrictive abortion laws get abolished. The article is an example source.

GREENHOUSE, LINDA, and REVA B. SIEGEL. "Before (and After) Roe V. Wade: New Questions about Backlash." The Yale Law Journal. 120.8 (2011): 2028-2087. Print.

The authors talk about a Supreme Court ruling in 1973 on abortion and how things took shape after the ruling. The decision made it possible for pregnant women to get legal abortions from medical practitioners and led to decrease in pregnancy-related deaths and injury. The authors take the time to view how things were before the court ruling got decided. They consider abortion stands of politicians, Catholics, Evangelical Protestants, and Feminists. They suggest that due to party realignment, the conflict over supreme-court ruling got shaped in the following decades. The article is used mainly as a factual source. The court decision took place, and the reactions of different people were used to write the article.

Hoggart, Lesley. Feminist Campaigns for Birth Control and Abortion Rights in Britain. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2003. Print.

In this book, the author focus on past events of 1920s to 1970s talks and provide a good historical understanding of critical decisions made in the past that have affected things today. It also puts to light struggles the feminist movements underwent over time. The author carefully derives her studies from archival work which gives strength to this work. Hoggart discusses the struggle of women activists in pursuit of changes, how to form coalitions and with who to form coalitions. She also advises on how to deal with compromise in such unions. She uses earlier works to write her article. She brings out how political engagement shaped feminist movements. I use the report as an example source.

John, Hart. “The American Medical Association: Former Defender of Unborn Babies.” Catholic Social Science Review.19 (2014): 287-294. Print.

John Hart talks about The America Medical Association (AMA) founded in 1847. The association in early 1800 to 1871 got united against abortion. The organization later in, through a committee they had formed gave another stand which when viewed is an indirect support of abortion. The life of neither the mother nor the child was considered more important. At the beginning of 1900, they strengthened their position that they do not ban any physician from carrying out an abortion. The America Medical Association is an influential organization in the world, and the article is basing on what stands the America Medical Association took in the past, the material used as an example in this write-up.

Luker, Kristin. Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood. Berkeley, Calif. u.a.: Univ. of California Pr, 2013. Print.

The author, Luker did an interview with 212 pro-life and pro-choice activists in California, and therefore the work becomes a more reliable source of information. The first four chapters go back in time and look at how abortion became a public issue as it is today. From chapter five to eight, the author looks at how movements in support of pro-choice and pro-life developed and what activists in both movements have to say about abortion. The last chapter takes into account public opinion about the issue. The author, Luker, tries to argue that the fetus has no equal rights of a child and hence abortion is not murder. The article is written basing on facts, and I use it as a factual source.

Medoff, H. "The Determinants and Impact of State Abortion Restrictions." American Journal of Economics and Sociology. 61.2 (2002): 481-493. Print.

The article brings out how state policies on abortion get determined by factors such as political forces, the number of female legislators and the strength of pro-choice movements. The author gives an estimate of how restrictions on abortion have an influence on the rate of abortion in the state. The author provides a conclusion that state abortion policies and restrictions have no big increase in abortions done out of the state. The author analyses information from different sources and the article is an analytical source.

Mumford, James. "Ethics at the Beginning of Life: a Phenomenological Critique." The New Bioethics. 21.2 (2015): 183-184. Print.

The author states that the debate about abortion has being viewed by many as a deadlock between philosophy and religion. The book further says that philosophy mainly takes a stand on pro-choice while religion has a strong position on pro-life. Mumford develops a phenomenon view of how human life emerges, and the author does this by using approaches of both German and French phenomenologists. The author takes a stand on philosophical, moral belief rather than a religious one. In conclusion, however, the theological basis for human rights are viewed by the author to fill the vacuum he created by taking a philosophical stand. The writer takes his position in writing the article, and the article used as an example source.

Ngwena, Charles G. "State Obligations to Implement African Abortion Laws: Employing Human Rights in a Changing Legal Landscape." International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics. 119.2 (2012): 198-202. Print.

The author writes about abortion in Africa. He begins by viewing how unsafe abortions are carried out in Africa and how women health and life is at risk. He again states that ruling regimes in post-independence era are to blame since they have not done anything tangible to give access to safe abortions in Africa. This article focuses on pressuring African governments that have failed to implement abortion laws. The author gives a reference to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights which recognizes a women’s right to abortion in some circumstances. It is a factual source.

Payne, Carolyn M, Michelle P. Debbink, Ellen A. Steele, Caroline T. Buck, Lisa A. Martin, Jane A. Hassinger, and Lisa H. Harris. "Why Women Are Dying from Unsafe Abortion: Narratives of Ghanaian Abortion Providers." African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine De La Santé Reproductive. 17.2 (2013): 118-128. Print.

The authors through interviews conducted in Ghana with abortion providers describe the main hinderers to safe abortion. The physicians suggest that training more doctors to do abortions on second-trimester pregnancies will help reduce deaths by self-induced abortions. Accessibility and acceptance of carrying out abortion will ensure safer abortions. The authors write the article based on interviews conducted in Western Africa, Ghana, and therefore the article is a genuine source of information.

Pollitt, Katha. Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights. New York: Picador, 2015. Print.

Pollitt Katha is a known feminist and has been covering gender equality and female reproductive rights for decades. In this book, she talks about women and their rights on abortion, debates about sex and how life begins at conception. She brings out abortion as part of a woman’s reproductive life and that it should be viewed as a moral right. In the book, she takes the first person position and tries to argue out how abortion is beneficial to families, women, and society. She concludes that by accepting and legalizing abortion, the lives of the pregnant women can be reclaimed. The article is an example source.

Ross, Loretta, and Rickie Solinger. Reproductive Justice: An Introduction. , 2017. Print.

The authors describe reproductive justice as the complete physical, social, mental, spiritual and economic stability of women basing on the protection of women’s rights. The authors champion for the women’s right to have a child, not to have a child and right to choose their birth control options. The book’s focus is on how women can come out and challenge the power injustice and for them to fight reproductive oppression. The book further addresses legal issues, movement building, and good service delivery. The book is an example source.

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Wenz, P. S. “Abortion Rights as Religious Freedom. Temple University Press, 2010. Internet resource. (Assessed on February 2017).

Peter S. Wenz article concerns legal issues surrounding women’s right to have abortion. He further argues that the Roe v. Wade court decision was right but it was reached at for the wrong reasons. He argues that the right to abortion should not base on one’s constitutional right to privacy but on her constitutional right to religious freedom. He adds that, religion can be used to determine if a fetus less than twenty weeks old is a human or not. He continues to make a good argument regarding government intervention on the regulation of contraceptives. The article is a factual source.

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