Refugees Case

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Nowadays, the world is turbulent, with both domestic and foreign conflicts that lead to refugees. Refugees travel around the world daily to find a safe place to live. Those refugees continue to migrate as many die on their way and numerous countries do not allow them to settle down in their country. This paper therefore aims at illustrating the cause and effects and solution of refugees.
Most countries around the world are faced with the problem of refugees because of the host country facilities they need. These refugees are moving around the globe to find new places where they can live, and a lot of them died on their moving. The rising number of refugees raises the security concerns for many host countries due to the different backgrounds they originate from hence uncertainty on their loyalty to the host country. Most precisely, these people lack identification and health testing. Therefore, they may possess dangerous diseases and spread them to the people they intermingle within the new country. Even though members of the terrorization groups can hide in these refugees and wait for the chance to do something poorly later. Therefore, this issue raises a question for me what the best way to solve this problem is.
A) The social habits that cause a considerable number of refugees moving around the world are wars, criminal, and injustice. In fact, the conflicts in recent years prompted the uncertain status in Middle East areas that promoted more and more people such as Syrian leaving their place and moving to other countries where they feel safer and stable to live. Besides, the stable operation of criminal groups in some countries such as Mexico causes the insecurity status in that countries. As a result, it forces people who live in that countries moving to other countries because they are afraid of being killed at the specified time. Moreover, the unfair treatments that occur in the tyrant countries such as North Koreas force their citizens to move to other countries like refugees.
B) To deal with the reduction of crime, there is a dire need for a better education system where people would learn to respect others and live in peace. Besides, we should have some meetings that rulers in different religions can interact and communicate each other. As a result, they can understand more others’ culture and religion that could reduce the ability of confliction between them. Also, participating countries such as the US should have the great solutions to ask for the human right and justice treatment in some countries such as North Korea and Vietnam to help Vietnamese and North Korean citizens to have the better life that makes them stop thinking about moving to other countries. I believe that we can reduce the massive immigrant status if we follow the above ways.
In conclusion, the massive immigrant status raises concerns for many countries. Although there are a lot of debates among politicians from different countries, this issue remains unsolved. Therefore, some countries such as Hungary are increasing amount of soldier at their border country and close their border gate to prevent the refugees to access their state. In your opinions, should we ignore the wars that cause many people moving or should we stand up to call for peace and justice that can make people have the stable life and prevent them from thinking about leaving?

PHIL 1320 – L20 (Alex)
Final Summary

Final Ethical Teachings

Martin Luther King Jr is a great person who had the firm Christian belief and fought for justice as Civil Right activist position. His death shocked many people and promoted awakening of other people to fight for justice. Through this philosophy class, I had a chance to read “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr, and I learned some ethical teachings from his letter.
The first ethical teaching that I learned from him is that crime and other injustice exist everywhere and pose a threat to the republics justice systems (Martin Luther King Jr). This quote means when many people treat wrong to others, it will be a disease that infects others and cause others to do the same. Then it will become a new social habit that most people accept and behave following the injustice way. Therefore, justice will be eliminated and leave the community with full of injustice.
The second ethical teaching that I learned from him is that through pain, people come to acknowledge that freedom does not come voluntarily from the oppressor, but the oppressed should demand the privilege (Martin Luther King Jr). This statement implies that rulers need to realize the freedom like a necessary part of life that everyone should gain. Therefore, they would desire and demand the appearance of independence in their country.
The final ethical teaching that I learned from him is that segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality. It gives the segregator a wrong sense of superiority and the segregated a false sense of inferiority (Martin Luther King Jr). This quote means the lacking of communication leads people to misunderstand each other that cause them to be racists. Besides, the lacking of communication also causes the dissidence in the human relationships, which then leads people to have the negative personality such as selfish. Because of this, people usually have the wrong judgment of others.
Overall, Martin Luther King Jr is a great person, and his ethical teachings are also excellent. His moral teachings mention much about justice, racist, and peace which are the inspiration for many civil right activists. Therefore, his sacrifice devotes much to the revolutionary process that makes the United States stronger and more excellent nowadays.

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PHIL 1320 – L20 (Alex)
Final Application

Refugee Application Case

The massive immigrant state causes many abandoned areas to remain crime zones for criminals to carry out illegal transactions such as drug trafficking such as heroin transportation or viscera smuggling. Besides, it also raises concerns for many countries because of these countries due to the potential risks that the immigrants pose such as unknown diseases. Therefore, the paper reflects on the ethical considerations learned from the Philosophy class on the subject of immigrants
1) People are contented to live in a government system where they are security, justice, and stable job. When the government provides such an environment, they will not move to anywhere. According to Martin Luther King Jr, crimes pose threats to justice everywhere (Martin Luther King Jr). His quotation indicates one truth that if a society has injustice, then vice will become a new social habit and eliminate justice. As a result, many people will relocate to other places where they have treated truth. In contrast, if we have a justice law that addresses fairly to everyone, nobody would move to other countries.
2) In countries where the rulers guarantee the ruled human rights of their citizens, their citizens will not run out of such countries since they have a guarantee of safety. According to Martin Luther King, the oppressed have to demand freedom since oppressor does not grant the immunity voluntarily (Martin Luther King Jr). The author elaborates that rulers of a country need to understand and secure the radical democracy such as the human right for their citizen because that is an essential factor in building a nation to be firm and robust. If a country can do that, their citizen would not move to anywhere.
3) We need to communicate with others as the primary way to learn, understand, and build a good relationship with others. According to Martin Luther King, segregation damages one's personality and distorts the soul. Therefore, through discrimination, the segregator acquires a wrong sense of authority and the oppressed the false sense of inferiority (Martin Luther King Jr). His quotation implies that we need to communicate and interact each other because we can understand each other more through the communications. As a result, we can reduce conflictions that can lead to the wars and build the right relationships with others. Therefore, the meetings between the rulers in different countries are necessary because they can discuss, understand the problem more and work together to solve the problem.
All in all, I used Martin Luther King’s ethical teachings from his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to discuss the immigrant issue. Based on his above moral instructions, I can assert that I decide to support B option because justice, freedom, and communication can secure the citizens a stable life that will not promote them to move to other countries. Besides, it is also the way to eliminate the unnecessary war that can hurt many people.

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PHIL 1320 – L20 (Alex)
Ethical Summary

My Ethical Teaching

Through the philosophy class and with the aid of professor who was my tutor I have attained knowledge on ethical considerations. These moral teachings had great value and made me realize many things that I have not ever known. Besides, through this class, I have a chance to write my ethical teachings that relate to justice, peace, and respect.
When one moves out of his mother country, it is an aspect of honor to respect other people, which is the way to get success in your way. When you appreciate others, it was evident that they will respond through respecting you. Therefore, recognizing others is the measure of human personality. Learning respecting other is to learn to keep the relationships in functional status. Besides, you should be judged with high level in other’s eyes if you appreciate them. Therefore, recognizing others is an essential factor for success.
Any successful war always results in adverse results such as severe injuries and many deaths. The implications here is that battles occur because of the intention of someone can cost a lot of money and human life. Besides, war is a result of conflictions that would make the relationships to become wrong, and we will not gain anything from fighting, excepting of losing friends and making more enemies who then can stab your back. Moreover, the war also creates the envy of your soul and make you nervous, so you would be serenity if you don’t make war with someone. Therefore, battles are never good in any form.
You would receive something when you give out something. It means you help other people and they can help you back one day. If you don’t support others, being selfish, you are only the sick person who doesn’t have real friends and real chances to be successful. For example, if you don’t love someone first, how can they believe you and fall in love with you. If you don’t introduce yourself first, how dare others can talk to you and make friend with you. Besides, you would be happier if you can help someone. Therefore, helping others is the way to help us in the future.
In conclusion, my ethical teachings relate to peace, respect, and happiness. All of them are derived from my life experience. Of course, some people don't treat you well, but if you follow my ethical teachings, I believe you would be serenity, happiness and thriving.

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PHIL 1320 – L20 (Alex)
Final Application

Final Application Based On My Ethical Teachings

Immigrants have never been a problem nowadays because more and more refugees move around the world daily. The appearance of these refugees raise the concerns of many countries such as Hungary and England because these countries are afraid of the potential risks from these people such as unknown disease. Therefore, it raises a question for me what the best solution for this problem is. Through this philosophy class, I have the chance to use my ethical teachings to discuss this issue.
1) The first moral lesson that everyone must learn is to respect others. In fact, respect is the thing you need to bring with you whenever you go outside because it can secure the functional relationships between you and others. Therefore, the connection is a bridge that connects you with others, which can reduce conflictions between you and others and make both sides understand each other more. As a result, we would live in peace and no one move to other countries.
2) War is never good in any form because any successful war always leaves many dead. It costs not only much money to spend for war but also hurts many people’s soul. Therefore, we need to consider the war implications carefully before we decide to start a war because the price that pays for a fight is prohibitive. In fact, it would result in many dead, debt burden, chaotic and surely losing friends and making more enemies. Therefore, if we can understand the pain of war, we can get rid of war, and no one would be refugees.
3) Helping others is the way to help ourselves in the future because we don’t know what happens in the future. In fact, when we give out something, we would receive something back. It implies that when we help someone, we would have the chance to make new friends who may help us on a particular occasion. Having more friends is better than going more enemies. Therefore, we should help others when we have a chance. If everyone can do that, the society would be better, and everyone would be happier. As a result, that countries would be healthy and stable, everyone lives in peace, and nobody would leave their countries for being refugees.
Overall, society would better if everyone learns to respect, live in peace and help others. Besides, understanding the pain of wars could help us to get rid of fighting. Therefore, I decide to support B option because it is reasonable based on my above ethical teachings.


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