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UBS America Inc. is a subsidiary of the Swiss Union Bank (UBS Group AG). In the United States, the company provides a wide range of financial and banking services. It was founded in 2000, and its headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut. The company is a holding company that offers brokerage, investment banking, asset management, and wealth management services through its subsidiaries, as well as portfolio management (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). Furthermore, the company offers merchant banking, investment advice, merchant banking, corporate financing, retail banking, and institutional banking. For instance, wealth management offer ample advice and monetary services to affluent clients in America with the exclusion of those listed in the Wealth Management America (Panagiotopoulos & Barnett, 2015).
Moreover, the Wealth Management Americas division is a capital manager in the Americas in regards to monetary mentor efficiency and financed properties by financial advisor. Asset Management division offers investment supervision services and products, advisory support, and platform solutions (Hens & Bachmann, 2011). The bank has designed its services in order to meet the demand of their esteemed customers. Therefore, it is determined to strengthen their customer relations for sustained customer satisfaction (Emmenegger, 2017).
UBS America Inc. has heavily invested in management of customer relationship aiming to build trust, appeal to clients, and promote customer loyalty. The customer forms a special part of company strategic plans hence the firm continually responds to client interactions aiming to exceed or meet their expectations (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). It also helps to accomplish customer advocacy, allegiance, and gratification. The UBS America Inc. has initiated various customer relations strategies aiming to achieve progressive customer experience for sustainable business in the future (Panagiotopoulos & Barnett, 2015).


UBS Group AG has a long history, which spans for about 150 years. The bank was established in 1854 via Swiss Bank Corporation after six private organizations collectively mobilized resources to establish the Bankverein. In the 1860s, the Swiss Bankverein concentrated its business on provision of capital and credit for industrial venture (Chorafas & Steinmann, 2016). Between 1880s and 1900, the bank focused on mergers and acquisitions in Switzerland. After the First World War, it adopted the name Swiss Bank Corporation. Prior to the emergence of Second World War in 1939, the bank opened new branch in the New York City (Hens & Bachmann, 2011).
On the other hand, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) was formed in 1912 after Toggernbuger Bank and Bank in Winterthur merged. Initially, it was referred to as Swiss Banking Association (SBA) until it was changed to UBS in 1921. In 1917, it set up its head office in Zurich. In the 1920s, the bank focussed on minor acquisition across Switzerland (Chorafas & Steinmann, 2016). In 1940s, it successful acquired one of the prime Zurich-based commercial establishments. In the 1960, UBS continued to increase its asset base eventually becoming the leader in Swiss financial industry after edging out Swiss Bank Corporation (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). It also turns out to be one the robust banks in Europe. In the early 1990s, it entered the United States market intending to offer services in the asset management.
However, the current organization is a product of merger between SBC and UBS in June 1998. Additionally, the abbreviations UBS America Inc. do not represent the Union Bank of Switzerland but rather a brand name. At the time of their merger, the SBC and UBS were the Swiss third and second largest banks. The new bank had assets worth $590 billion. The UBS America Inc. was established in 2000 following merger with Paine Webber -an American asset management and stock brokerage company (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). The subsidiary concentrated on asset management and by 2003, it had become the fourth largest bank in international investment fees.


UBS America Inc. serves an astute customer base in America including the US. The firm arrays financial abilities with a reputation for worldwide culture and innovation which promotes change. The mission statement of UBS Group AG reads, “We are dedicated to offering our customers with better financial solutions and advice while producing sustainable and attractive proceeds for shareholders”. The vision is to become the pre-distinguished global firm in integrated asset management services in the world (Hens & Bachmann, 2011).
Its customer philosophy sets advice at the core of every interaction. Its precedence is to offer high-class services to its customers by allocating them the finest deal via complementing premium services it offers with a quality-screened choice of services from other companies. All its customers can take advantage of its technology because it enables to provide services faster, more cost effectively, and more extensively than ever before (Liaw, 2011). It policy framework is intended to provide its clients with high quality and innovative services combined with lasting personal relationships. Customer-focused policies are the key drivers of all its activities (Kendall, 2011). Therefore, the customer service polices are geared towards creating client friendly atmosphere. It also strives for positive customer relations by engaging in ethical business practices to protect its brand name.

Training for Customer Service Representatives

The organization has also invested in training for its customer service representatives through the New Financial Advisor Development Program. Precisely, the bank has initiated an excellent training and support system for its customer advisors (Panagiotopoulos & Barnett, 2015). It has more than 2300 sufficiently trained customer advisors in the Private Banking division. The advisors combine robust personal relations with availability of resources in the entire UBS Group AG to deliver a wide range of advice for corporate financing, asset management and wealth management services (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011).
Moreover, all new brokers undertake demanding training program that is intended to convey appropriate monetary analysis and planning skills, compliance and legal awareness, and client management for appropriate handling of the customers (Panagiotopoulos & Barnett, 2015). The training program is an on-going process, which continues even after the broker joins a branch office. Indeed, the core goal to the growth of UBS America Inc. relationship with its customers is based on retaining and constant re-training. Brokers are trained for a period of 21 weeks (Hens & Bachmann, 2011). The program is divided into four phases. The first phase is conducted for 12 weeks and aimed at helping the customer advisors to acquire crucial credentials and knowledge required to assist customers pursue their monetary goals.
They undergo the second phase which is an intensive instructor managed training designed to promote their capacity to establish and formulate customer proposals (Chorafas & Steinmann, 2016). The third phase is geared towards imparting skills in client relations management, practice administration and business development. Therefore, they are required to learn appropriate communication techniques required to settle long-term relationship with customers for eight weeks (Kendall, 2011). Finally, the fourth phase focus on extra coaching on practice to master the relationship management skills and strategies for business development. The final training lasts for one week.

Channel for Customer service/complaint resolution

For UBS America Inc. digital platforms are fuelling a financial transformation which places the customer at the center of the business and provides its entire staff including the client advisors with skills and tools to execute that objective. The company seeks to leverage on digital intended to facilitate customer engagements (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). In the initial days, it released e-banking but currently digital channels such as social media, blogs, and website have tremendously transformed its operations strategies. The new approach places the customer in the driver’s seat by providing optimum control in his or her decision-making (Liaw, 2011).
UBS America Inc. has launched a mobile app which was transformed from e-banking system to one, which endows customers with power to self-manage their investment. In addition, the app facilitate customer engagement with UBS advisors whey they require professional advice. Similarly, it enabled the clients to deliver their complaints in an easy, cost-effective, and timely manner (Liaw, 2011). The firm also utilizes various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, and YouTube to enhance customer interaction and experience. The company has also invested in the website ( which conveys over fifty thousand pages in different languages. It also delivers multiple offerings such as mortgages, information about credit cards, videos, digital promotion offers and blogs as well as financial news (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). The website enables faster updates which captures the interest of the customer since it provides dynamic pages.
The core purpose of the UBS website is to appeal to clients by displaying its unique services, products, and expertise. In addition, it inspires customers to pass their concerns or complaints to the advisors for asset management, or wealth management services (Guerin, 2017). Furthermore, it also manages blogs such as Customer Experience Blog which engages and offers updates on crucial financial matters to customers. Other channels that facilitate delivery of customer complaints or comments include use of emails such as [email protected] and post office address P.O Box 766 Union City, NJ. Most notably, to assist in enhancing its services, the firm is dedicated to helping clients deliver their feedback, complaints or remarks using customer care contact at 800-354-9103. Such channels help the firm to learn more about its customers and capture their courtesy to potential customers (Guerin, 2017).

Organizational characteristics & technologies to provide services

The UBS America Inc. uses a wide range of technologies to provide customer services. It has leveraged the application of advanced technologies to serve the customer faster and more efficiently. For instance, it has acquired software-as-a-service (SaaS) from its partners. The organization has invested in information technology that allows for remote customer contact, help desk, or call centres (Vögeli, 2014). The IT function is responsible for establishing and sustaining systems and application infrastructure with capabilities and capacity to accomplish best customer services. It often applies integrated strategy which combine the relevant capacities of its business operation to the benefit of the client (Liaw, 2011).
The customer care desk also uses automated software which is optimized to achieve premium-quality client support. Furthermore, the company also applies artificial intelligence (AI) which includes machines that works like humans. Artificial intelligence has turn out to be an essential enabler for providing modern client experience. In so doing, it assists huge financial organization to remain viable in the industry (Vögeli, 2014). Such an Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to cleverly link to the digital personality of the client and know the genuine intention of customer. Some customer case desktops are staffed with robots (Kelly, 2014). The robotic process automation (RPA) has provided innovative answers in the field of customer interactions. In addition, it enhances operational control, effectiveness, and efficiency. The organization has automated several robots and it implements simple automation process. It has also incorporated new software into its information technology that utilizes machine learning (Vögeli, 2014).

Three complaint-handling or service provisioning channels

The company has used complaint-handling or service-provisioning channels such as the UBS website, mobile app, and telephone system to build on customer experience. For instance, the mobile app and the UBS website have promoted customer guidance through blogs and customer review. Indeed, the channels are user friendly since they have digital component and intuitive interface (Kendall, 2011). In addition, they are efficient and effective in encouraging customer relationship management. Similarly, they have made it easier to communicate and interact with different customers, which help to air their complaints or comments (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). The channels are made in such a way that they allow prompt reply to the user hence customers receive timely feedback. The website contains interactive messaging mechanisms, which enables the client to chat with the online service provider (Guerin, 2017).
Thirdly, the telephone system is effective, efficient and user-friendly. In this respect, customers living in the United States can quickly contact the customer care desk using the provided number in case of a complaint. There are adequate staffs that assist clients calling from various locations (Hens & Bachmann, 2011).

Three Channels on how it develops/builds customer relationship

The UBS America Inc. uses a wide range of channels for service provision and complaint handling. Some of these include crowdsourcing sites (Adobe Experience cloud), virtual world games (gaming app), and social networking sites (Facebook). Precisely, the company has realized a wide range of benefits associated with the use of gaming app dubbed “Quiz and Fly” (Liaw, 2011). The app is intended to educate and inform its customers through gaming channel. It encourages game challengers to “fly” an airplane across different cities while responding to various questions on numerous topics. Gamers gain points depending on the miles travelled and can share their accomplishment through social media (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011).
On the other hand, the Adobe Experience Cloud facilitates interactive engagement between the company and the clients. It delivers premium quality experience digitally for potential and existing customer to initiate conversions (Kelly, 2014). In addition, users of this platform benefit from fast updates because reusable templates and components are shared easily. Furthermore, the site is secure and personalized which enable safe access to the site by outside persons (Victorson, 2011). The site has important characteristics such as instinctive user interface, the capacity to modify or build present pages easily, and scalability. Therefore, the customers and the company are able to exchange information between the business (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). They also report process and product innovations as well as providing their opinions on the business’ projects.The firm also uses social networking sites such as Facebook because they appeal to internet users. The organization’s Facebook account also facilitates sharing of information and entertainment (Chorafas & Steinmann, 2016). The company also shares videos and pictures about wealth management and asset management through this channel where the customers can tag photos in case a friend appears in them. Therefore, it is normally used to promote the UBS American Inc. business. Facebook is also applied to offer client support and to connect to the website (Vögeli, 2014). The three social media channels are used to demonstrate the organizational value for its relationship with customers. Interactions with customers through these channels can be a source of future business. For instance, they utilize these sites to offer unique deals such as loyalty rewards, freebies and discounts (Hens & Bachmann, 2011). Besides, the platforms such as Facebook are used for random marketing. In conclusion, UBS America Inc. has successfully used social media strategies to promote fruitful customer relations experience because it benefit from brand awareness, easier customer support, and advertisement (Kelly, 2014).


UBS America Inc. is a reputable financial institution providing an array of services and products in wealth management, asset management, and other financial services. It is a subsidiary of UBS Group AG. Additionally, UBS America was established in 2000 and its head office is in Connecticut, the U.S.. For a long time the company has investment in infrastructure to support customer relationship management (Vögeli, 2014). Most importantly, the company places the customer at the centre of its business decision in order to achieve sustainability, build corporate trust, promote brand awareness and customer satisfaction as well as brand loyalty. The client is also placed at the driver’s seat in order to give him/her authority to make decisions regarding his money or resources. Since the emergence of social media and other forms of information, and communication technology, UBS America Inc. has adopted advance digital technology aiming to serve the customer more easily, promptly, and cost-effectively (Victorson, 2011). Some of the social media channels that have promoted business include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, YouTube, and Wikipedia. The social media channels are efficient and effective in encouraging customer relationship management. Similarly, they have made it easier to communicate and interact with different customers which helps to air their complaints or comments (Blair-Loy, Wharton & Goodstein, 2011). Additionally, customers can use telephony numbers to acquire support from standby individuals at the customer care desk. For instance, customer can use the social networking sites for not only engage with the firm but also to learn about the organization’s products and services which can meet their demands (Liaw, 2011). The IT division is responsible for establishing and sustaining systems and application infrastructure with capabilities and capacity to accomplish best customer services. Furthermore, the firm also uses artificial intelligence which facilitates automated process of meeting their demands. Innovation has also been a key driver to initiation of processes of serving the customers (Chorafas & Steinmann, 2016). For instance, the company utilizes mobile apps, blogs, and Adobe Customer experience to engage the customer through texting, messaging, and gaming. Through such activities, the customer is able to run about the customer product. Besides, such initiatives play a major part in encouraging the client to send his or her comment or complaint to the company (Hens & Bachmann, 2011). Meanwhile the organization also trains many client advisors who are tasked with the responsibility of communicating and assisting the customers in need of wealth management, asset management or other financial needs.


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