Why Indigenous Peoples Should Not Be Forced To Assimilate Into American Western Societies

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The aim of this paper is to consider the argument that indigenous peoples do not have to go through the difficulties that they do in assimilating into American Western societies. When, in fact, most of us know who originally owned this “westernized” property. The question of whether indigenous peoples should be assimilated into American society has sparked heated debate. Although some interest groups favor assimilation, others reject it. By and large, this misperception has generated confusion when it comes to the assimilation of immigrants. For instance, immigrant interests groups and leaders proclaim the notion that America is a racist outfit that does not support the argument that colored people can be fully integrated into the mainstream America. Consequently, it is also postulated that the assimilation of immigrants into the America is a deceptive process that deprives them of their identity and self-esteem (Koopmans, 147). And yet, what is even appalling is how it becomes a fleeting lie to try and substantiate the reality beneath the two lines of thought. While many most immigrant leaders and nativists would argue just how modern immigrants are opposed to the issue of assimilation. Evidence demonstrates that they do. Furthermore, those opposed to assimilation assert that for immigrants to be fully assimilated in the American way of life, they have to embrace English as the national language. What this means is that English gets to replace their mother tongue or official languages they were accustomed to. However, this does not hold water. In fact, the lingual assimilation propels the need to recapture not just the lost heritage but also language. This is evident to most Latino politicians that were born in America and knew no other language apart from English. In a bid, therefore to wield political influence to the ever burgeoning immigrant population, they try to learn Spanish for survival reasons. The truth is that the indigenous communities are faced with countless challenges and dysfunction structures of the connection between the larger population and aboriginal persons. As such, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) is not only seen as incredible but also essential. A lot has been done to get political strategies to identify these challenges. Moreover, government policies towards the native people have been inappropriate previously and continue to be. Much as the RCAP is to a certain extent inflexible, not much has changed to makes things better this is an essential admission. Declaring that historical as well as present government policies towards the indigenous communities is not a light issue (Rumbaut 21).
Proponents of assimilation continue to agitate for its full realization. The strategies proposed to entail getting them from isolated areas into areas with populations, treat them equally among others. While all this has been tried, the outcome has been disastrous and eventually failure to actually assimilate them. In essence, the RCAP demonstrates that these efforts are the major causes of appalling socioeconomic conditions indigenous persons face in western countries.
Moreover, the status quo is not effective and contrary to what is believed, but all about imperialism. This is an aspect that is regarded for several years based on historical occurrences and present reality of the association between indigenous people and American western societies. Nonetheless, new strategies are required, to restructure the association between western societies and indigenous persons (Skerry 1). As a result, American western societies should recognize their past as well as current colonialism. In addition, the rights of indigenous persons to self-govern should be given real expression. Again, assimilation will ensure that indigenous regimes are in control of their economic, cultural and social services. However, the duty to consult should be done by a federally organized jurisdiction. Rather than negotiating treaties with rights to land and cultural norms; good faith tactics must be adopted. This is vital when it comes to changing the association.
But again, one wonders the manner in which this association may address challenges indigenous people face. Therefore, the emphasis should be shifting from reliance to strength. In this case, strength involves a number of things including housing, health, and education whilst demonstrating ways in which indigenous communities can be control of these services to enhance their efficiency delivery. Nonetheless, the RCAP is simply the basis for exploring numerous problems faced by indigenous communities in western societies and an indication that practical solutions have been recommended. This is essential since individuals should stop thinking that assimilation is the only solution to addressing challenges indigenous communities face. Much as it may appear easy to legislate indigenous people and ensure equality to fulfill liberal perspectives, it will not address any challenge (Koopmans 151).

Individual Position in Support of Assimilation

My proposition is to examine what is largely understood by the phrase assimilation and compare it with an adequate perception of the process. I will especially be more interested in depicting how an assimilation is a compassionate approach towards social harmony, as opposed to generating all social anathemas. I hold the view that the reserve system, for instance, had a huge bearing on the economic and social wellbeing of Indigenous people in Canada. Through individual initiative and private enterprise, wealth has been churned by the middle. On the other hand, the reserve system denies Indigenous people the path towards economic empowerment on all fronts. This makes a valid claim as to why the reserve system should be eradicated (Jonas 2). The assimilation of Indigenous people is the way forward because exclusivity has left them in abject misery. As a result of isolation majority of indigenous folks have had to endure a cycle of health anomalies and mental problems for many generations. Owing to their debilitating economic condition, they remain vulnerable to diseases both treatable and chronic ones like diabetes among others (Joseph 1). In the end, I am persuaded that those opposed to assimilation are in fact proponents of alienation. As such, this would degenerate down to children who are likely to face alienation and callous experiences marred with not just physical but also sexual abuse. We can’t allow this to continue by taking hardline stances.

Why People Informed By Different Values or Ideologies Take Different Stances

Prolonged disputes tend to arise from conflicting world-views. Views that are important and cherished by certain people regarding the appropriate way to co-exist can vary significantly across the spectrum (Battiste 116). Nonetheless, different people can have varied principles of goodness as well as properness and provide essentially dissimilar answers to serious ethical issues. In the event that people have varied views about life, they mostly put emphasis on the significance of different aspects and may drastically develop different or incompatible objectives, in turn leading to conflicts. Owing to the fact that morals and values seem to be constant, individuals are not ready to compromise. Without a doubt, if fundamental elements of conflicts are deeply entrenched in a group’s moral order, they are possible to be intractable.
A community’s moral order is associated with its practices, thinking patterns and language. As they socialize, a community learns to focus their judgments on procedures and values important to their cultural practices. A community moral order presents meaning via which they comprehend experience and make choices based on essential and useful elements. Such meaning patterns shape the manner in which people recognize facts while assisting them in developing an identity. Furthermore, social reality is necessary when it comes to dictating acceptable actions and limits on what individuals are in a position to do. It also impacts the manner in which emotions are understood and labeled (Meng & Robert 135. Therefore, a person’s beliefs and actions should be recognized in the context of a certain social sphere.


The notion that people from diverse backgrounds can share not just a common dream, resources but also a common destiny where disparities are respected is the hope of every person. While assimilation may never be the best solution to some of the problems bedeviling indigenous people, it is the right step forward. Through assimilation in every aspect of society, these people will finally realize the justice which has been elusive for generations.

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