Medical Schools' Entry Requirements

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Are the entry necessities for the medical school necessary or it is simply a restricting measure? Many of the institutions affiliated with medical research including research have various objectives. During establishment, the authorities outlines procedures and policies that relate to their operations. Different countries have a awesome opinion from each other. In other words, the constitution of a state provides the framework upon which the set up lays its background. In the United States of America, the trend requires consideration of various elements whose fulfillment is crucial. The needs pause a challenge to schooling. The requirements such as personality and medical university admission cats are an evidence of how the journey to meeting some dreams ends up at a certain point. Therefore, there is no support for the medical education of some individuals. The needs make people divert or finish their studies in different careers other than the opted course. Putting a limitation on a factored research is an issue that many of the people face when they follow the medical path. Medical studies should be taken with seriousness that will portray a better picture. It means that the people directly receiving the services shall give good feedback.

According to Artino et al., 2015, the medical schools devise ways to help in identifying successful applicants. The article provides a conclusive evidence on factors considered by the institutions. It makes it somehow impossible for some individuals who want to pursue their dream career. It means that before admissions, the specific candidates must meet the pre-medical requirements. There is a perception that a bachelor’s degree is not sufficient and hence one must go through other programs to be a suitable candidate for the admission. The personal statements considered must portray adequate information that creates an impression of the need to study medicine. A person personality depicts the importance of his desire in the field.

Entry Requirements

In the United States of America, for a person to become a Doctor requires an extra mile in the career path. It means that a person needs to have an undergraduate degree for his or her enrolment to the medical school. In other words, no one can study medicine without a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree is not the only qualifications; additional accompanying requirements need to be available in a candidate. The field is involving because the outlook has the root from the constitution. The objective is to protect the direct recipient of the services rendered after completion. In as much as competency is the case, the person will build a complete professional framework in the matters regarding skills and expertise. The qualification has an impact on education. Therefore, a clear distinction exists between the medical career and other careers. The graduate and undergraduate requirements act as a basis for sorting the people to check on their suitability.

The Government

The state controls operations in a country through establishment of various departments. The policies formulated at the departmetal level must be implemented. The department of education has its own officials who ensure that the limits are achieved. The requirements for each level are outlined and the stakeholders entitled to adhere to them. Similarly, the department of medicine is guided by the law relating to education. It gives the framework upon which education forms its foundation. The level of education is higher and improves with time. New policies get formulated to cope with the drastic changes over the period. The outdated ones are eliminated and replaced with the new policies. The government ensures that the quality of education is maintained and no manipulation regarding to delivery is made. The issues affecting education tend to be streamlined to ensure that quality remains or improves depending on the recommended ammendments.

Examples of Entry Requirements

The considerations of joining the medical school vary from school to school, country to country. In the United States of America, the requirements accompany a bachelor’s degree. Fulfilling the qualifications will grant a person a chance to proceed with the studies. It is mandatory as the conditions symbolize the competency of a person to engage in the field of medicine. Some examples of such considerations include;

A relevant bachelor’s degree (undergraduate)

A student undergoes an informational procedure after attaining an age of 18. The board of medical practitioners requires that any individual who deems fit to study medicine must fulfill the obligation of considering a bachelor’s degree. In other words, a person must undergo four years in the university studying a relevant degree. The aim of the study is equipping the trainee with appropriate knowledge in regards to biological and physical sciences. The sciences mentioned are fundamental aspects when it comes to pursuing a medical course. The requirement is practicable when the institution focuses on the quality of services expected to be rendered by the trainees either at the current or in the future period. An undergraduate degree in the subjects; biology, organic chemistry, chemistry, and physics are essential units whose degrees are highly recognized. The topics impact a unique knowledge of various human and the chemistry behind some of the formation. The requirement may be necessary for one to be awarded a medical degree, but to the entire fraternity, it creates a gap. There is a possibility of many people dropping out of college or preceding their ambitions and following other options directly because they did not obtain a bachelor’s degree in any science subjects to allow them to proceed to the medical school. Similarly, if no keen attention applied during the selection period it may impose a threat to the education system “medicine.” The degree implies that the student has undergone a severe training for four years before developing the desire to continue with further studies in the medical school. The degree helps to distinguish the individuals suitable for the study from those having an undergraduate degree in other disciplines. Therefore, it is the initial requirement for the admission of the students to the medical school.

Medical School Admissions Test (MSAT)

Besides having a bachelor’s degree, the candidate is given the pre-school test. The test will help in the selection of the ideal candidate for the medical school. The objective is to know whether the student has the vast prior knowledge of the field. To understand the capability and hence distinguish one person from another, depending on the performance. The test captures all sciences that are significant in the study of Medicine (Richardson, 2014). It means that those who do not pass the test which includes an essay do not qualify for admission to the college. A lot of people intend to study medicine, but unfortunately, some of them do not show any interest or do not have a personality that relates to the desires. The exam reduces such a risk that may impose a threat to the medical field. The people will not be absorbed by all means. Similarly, the test may be too complicated hence denying most interested parties an admission to the college (Knight, 2017). Therefore, it becomes an issue related to education from different points, be it favoring or being against the preapproval of unqualified candidates. The test helps to distinguish between capable and those students that are not capable in the medical field.

More requirements may accompany the mentioned ones depending on the nature of the institution. Personal statements also form a basis for selection to the board. They all aim at justifying the character and desire for a person’s enrollment. Indeed joining the medical school is a tough journey through one that is transparent and points at the provision of quality services.

Positive Impact

A serious doctor ensures that the client gets quality services. The field requires people to trust the various people handling them in severe circumstances. Building trust begins at the initial stages of a particular practice. A doctor must be competent hence that starts when initiated to undertake the relevant course. Personality and self-reliance are the foundation of peoples interest in any matter. Therefore, the steps taken by the medical school's stakeholders are of great importance since the medical students must receive quality training to handle lives. Once a potential student undergoes such procedures, he hardens and hence must apply due diligence accompanied by care. By incorporating the entry requirements help to reduce chances of involving people who are not competent. The gap is reduced hence more competent personnel may graduate from the school as doctors who can handle patients and save lives.

Negative Impact

The additional requirements create a problematic entry point into the medical school. A person needs to undergo various tests that must prove the position of such a person. In most cases, not all people with a desire pass the point to continue to the next level in the medical schools. Similarly, the duration covered is quite long for a person to carry on his or her studies. Three years of undergraduate and four years in a medical school to specialize and become a professional imply the sacrifice required. The pre-medical school exam done has a purpose of identifying the capability of a person to pursue the degree. Not all people are determined to continue with an additional four years in school. The negative attitude leads to their dropping and embarking on other courses. The test required reduces the number joining the medical school in that they are obligated to pass. They have to reflect the knowledge of the course and at least understand the biological and physical sciences. Therefore, to be a doctor is not just a talent but requires hard and smart work. The test makes it impossible for many people who are ready to join the career but cannot meet the qualification.

Becoming a Doctor in the United States of America

The title ‘Doctor’ is not straightforward to include the other names. It merely indicates that a person must undergo some legal requirements and ensure no stone is left unturned. Such include, the relevant education, the various qualifications and steps to be achieved (Gatto, 2016). Additionally, it is a procedure that incorporates humility and hard work. Before entry to the medical school, a person needs to have an undergraduate degree. He must have an outstanding personality and a history of good performance (Durning et al., 2015). Depending on the class of choice, the schools have their requirements which might be similar or slightly varying. The Medical College Admissions Test is a mandatory test that helps in evaluating the student before joining the institution. It entails relevant questions that give an indication of your capability and your outstanding personality. The four-year degree is essential before attaining the medical school since it prepares and equips a student. Therefore, it does not mean every undergraduate who successively completed his or her undergraduate is eligible to join the school. The test given by the board will help in determining the person to admit. It helps to identify whether the student is well informed, knows biological and physical sciences. After attaining all the requirements, then he is exposed to the school ready to spend three to seven years training in the relevant field.

Are the Requirements Important to Today’s Society?

The world is dynamic and changes experienced over a period might affect the operation of some of the crucial areas in the nation. Technology might create the need for change but the only thing required is to keep in touch with the changes. The various schools that exist in the education system represent a separate idea. In other words, a businessman has different needs from a teacher or a doctor. Therefore, the adjustment in the field of medicine requires a lot of expertise to adjust if there is a need. There are departments where the requirements are the necessity of their operations. The school of medicine must adhere to the criteria to help the government and secure the lives of people. The procedure of selection is significant in the modern world, and more emphasize required to avoid loss of lives (Paolino, 2015).


The research involves secondary data obtained from previous research. It targets the population of students that pass through the office of the registrar and admissions. According to According to Artino, Anthony R Jr, et al. 2015, surveys made incorporated the students from the American Medical College Application services. The information used helped to identify the various study patterns, the requirement for the admissions and the outcome or future of the Doctors. The statistics represented students that had bachelor’s degree and required to do a Medical College Admission Test. The records of those who passed the test and those that failed are maintained. Knight et al. 2017, uses information gathered from the London Medical School with the express authority of freedom to Information Act. Statistics collected relate to entry to the medical schools and their various performance. The participants were the students in the graduate entry and undergraduate entry levels. The numbers obtained differentiated the students regarding performance under different cohorts. The survey involved captures the students within the institutions. The various officers help in surveying to gather sufficient information regarding the admissions.


The number indicates the low number of medical students who go to the medical school. Those that pass the test and join the institutions. It means that those that will not give the test their admission will be declined. The various qualifications are applied to test the knowledge of the students in the various sciences. Undergraduate degree, the various tests and personal statements are the basis of selection of the students to join the medical school. Student performance is a fundamental measure that indicates the capability of the student to grasp new ideas and relevant information. Additionally, the tacit knowledge is significant since it allows the person to have accumulated information over what he intends to pursue. The outcome was represented on a graph that helped to predict the trend using the linear regression. It reveals that people admitted to the school fulfill all the listed requirements in the admissions regulations of the institution. All the regulations play an important role, and adherence to the rules is a key factor when it comes to admissions.


Medicine creates an integral part of the human beings lives in the society. It is essential to incorporate measures that govern the practices (Ravitch, 2016). The policy aims at getting competent doctors who are capable of saving the people's lives. The implementation of entry requirements plays a significant role when it comes to career selection. The qualifications pose an impact on education. Only those that are capable of attaining the requirements and can sit the test and pass are allowed to register with the medical school. The practice helps regulate the number of people with an ill motive to enroll in the school. Therefore, the requirements act as a litmus test which is vital in the medical field (Goldstein, 2011). All schools in the America apply the requirements hence ensure the quality of services rendered. The future of medical doctors has its foundation on the current adopted procedures that aim at making the best out of the best. The research field will need experienced personnel who are ready to relate training knowledge to research and development. The decisions of the schools to implement entry requirements exposes the transparency in the path of medicine. It is a guarantee that whoever graduates as a doctor has to take care of the lives of the patients since he understands how important it is to save lives of the patients.

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