Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

There are two instances in which you will be asked to write a personal narrative essay – in an English comp class either in high school or college (or both), and for college or grad school admissions application.

Where You Get Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

In most instances, you will receive some prompts from which you may choose one for you essay. Based upon those prompts, you will need to dig back into your life and find experiences and events that may have had a major impact on who you are today. These are the personal stories that have been indelibly marked in your mind, so that you will never forget them. They may be really funny, really sad, or especially poignant. You must select one that relates best to the prompt you have chosen, and then you ae ready to write.

The Writing Process

If you are not sure how to write a personal narrative essay for college admissions, understand, first of all, that it is no different than the essays you have been writing for years. While people may try to add much about the personal essay format, do not listen to them. You are going to follow the same format that you always do: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The only difference is you are going to be telling a story, and you are going to need to tell it very well. This will required the following skills:

  1. You will need to be able to sequence your story, step-by-step, as the events occurred. For this you will need a graphic organizer of some sort so that you can list in chronological all of the points you will be covering. This will be your organization structure, so that part is done.
  2. The sequential events will be the body of your essay, and they must be divided into paragraphs that are logical, with solid transitions between in. Writing that rough draft of the body will be the first thing you do.
  3. You will need to muster up some creativity, especially for the introduction, because your story will not be compelling without it. And that will addressed a bit later on in this post.

Once you have written the rough draft of your body paragraphs, you are ready to begin the rough draft of your introduction. Remember, this is the “grand opening” of your piece, and it must hook your reader in from the first sentence. Start with a shocking statement – it should be short and impactful. Here’s an example: “My best friend’s death was not unexpected.” Immediately, the reader is hooked. Your best friend died? How horrible. What happened? The rest of your introduction will speak to the impact of that event but will not tell the story yet – that is for your body paragraphs.

The 5-Paragraph Essay Writing Steps Prevail Here Too

Your essay may be more than 5 paragraphs, of course. But the basic format has not changed - the rule of 5-page essay writing steps is up-to-date. Each body paragraph will tell a specific part of the story, and the paragraph divisions must be logical break points in the story. All of this may seem difficult, and yes, it is, but with college admissions riding on the job you do, you cannot afford to be sloppy.

Getting Some Help

Most students do not write their college admissions essays on their own – too much is at stake. And you should get the help you need too. If you contact, we can set you up with a creative writer who will write your essay for you! Send us what you have done so far, and let a pro whip it up into proper shape for an admissions committee or decision-maker to love!

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