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After lunch, I returned to class to see two of my classmates arguing. I joined in as well, and soon a crowd was forming around them. The argument's alleged cause was that one of my pals, Evans, was named as a suspect in the theft of a sum of money. Dan, the owner of the money that had been taken, was incensed about the entire incident because Evans was a close friend of his. Dan, who was acting violently against Evans out of betrayal, and the situation only became worse as more individuals entered. Since I am usually a curious person, I stepped in. Dan was so bitter that he didn't want to listen to me, but I was able to calm him down. Being a mutual friend to both parties, I was able to be fair and get the whole story from both sides. I was able to establish that Evans was innocent since he had a strong alibi. We later started a search party in order to retrieve Dan’s money. We finally recovered his money which was misplaced by its owner. So I sought out to Dan and requested him to go and apologize to Evans for wrongly accusing him.

I was able to display curiosity since I went to find out what was happening in my classroom instead of heading to my sit. It is also noticed that I practiced fairness since I gave each party a fair hearing to their claims. I was also able to come up with a judgment that wasn’t biased to both sides since I took time listening to them all. Since I love people to have the sense of forgiveness. I tried to reach out to Dan and showed him the importance of forgiveness, and he was able to ask for forgiveness from Evans.

There was a day while walking in town center I met with a mob surrounding a man. He was injured on the head, and blood was oozing from his scalp. That day I decided to continue walking in the direction I was heading. But the images of the man remained with me. Even though curiosity is one of my strengths, I choose to mind my business. That day, I didn't use any of my strengths. I felt like I had not helped the man since he received a proper and fair judgment for whatever he had done. If I had intervened, the man would have to be free from the mob and probably receiving treatment.

Activity 2: Family Tree

My father always tells me tales of my grandfather. He describes him as a man always kept his word, loyal to his friends and family, always hardworking, compassionate and a man of faith. He ensured that he would work hard so that he was able to pay off his depts. And sustain his family. As the saying goes, charity begins at home. He also made sure that he instilled the same qualities in his children. Nevertheless, not all of his children grew up like him. Most of them did while some were just his opposite. Like for instance, I have an uncle who dislikes other people's progress. Well, it’s not his fault anyway he just chooses not to embrace his strength which leads him to a dark path.

I, on the other hand, would like to believe that I was raised to embrace the traits passed down from my grandfather. I am surely not a man of faith like he was nor am I hardworking. Even so, we still share most of the strengths of being true to my word and being loyal and compassionate to friends and family. Some strengths like zest and curiosity are unique ones since I gained them as I was in my early education and they have helped me a great deal. To emulate my family, I would have to get in touch my faith a bit more than I have in the past. I would also have to end my lazy traits and be a more productive member.

Activity 3: Turn it Up, Turn it down

Fairness is an essential strength and one which is not being fully utilized. Over the years, I have to be selectively fair to the people who are close to me and unfair to the others. I did this maybe to gain favors from my friend not realizing the effecting it had to my general image. So if I can turn the volume up in this strength, it would help to bring the best in me.

We all know how curiosity killed the cat. Well, my curiosity is usually over the room in this case. The sad part is that I use it in irrelevant issues. If I could be able to utilize it to further my knowledge, it would have to be helpful. Since it would mean that I will also associate with friends that will be able to help me to advance my education. If used effectively it would enable me to live a better life.

Strength 1: Integrity: Showing congruency between what one does, feels and says

I was invited for a hike by a group of friends to go and hang out for a week before the actual date. So I decided to go on the trip with them. Then I noticed that no one was interested in collecting the funds for the hike. Since I was only invited, I had minimal say to the case. As I waited, the date came, and there was no communication then I realized the plan was canceled a week later. I was pissed that my friends couldn't give me a follow up on what was happening. That they could make someone wait for their response only to find out they had canceled it. After that incident, it became hard to trust them since they proved to be unreliable.

Well, I have ever said ‘yes’ to a social event that I had zero interest in. So I had a friend who I had a crush for, and she invited me to an art gala. To be honest, I am not a fun of fun, but for some reason, I couldn't say no to her. Maybe this was because it had to be a while since we last saw each other. But mostly it was because I couldn't let her down given our history. There are just some people we feel like impressing them. Since it also brings a good feeling with it.

Activity 1: Shamsa

Shamsa is writing an exam and cannot remember the answer to question 7, so she looks over at the person’s test next to her for the answer.

What are the consequences to Shamsa?

Her consequences of cheating are genuinely dire and range from temporary academic difficulties to serious legal problems or even permanent reputation damage not forgetting class failure. She may also face academic penalties, suspension and expulsion and in worse cases legal consequences.

What are the consequences to Shamsa’s friends?

If Shamsa gets caught

What is the consequence of Shamsa's behavior outside the university? When people hear that it is easy to cheat and that it is common, how do they see graduates of that university? How is the degree valued after that? How does it affect student job prospects?

Activity 2: Integrity and You

Action   I do it all the time  I do it sometimes  
     I’ve done it once or twice
Never and won’t.  
I say yes to make people feel happy when I have no intention of following through.       V  
I am regularly late for class. After all, it’s class, not a real job!          V    
I often say yes to make people like me or think I am a nice person.       V  
I mislead people into thinking I can do something in less time than I can when I already know I can’t.         V  
I stay home from class and say I’m sick when I’m not.          V    

I ask for extra time on assignments when I know others work hard to get their work in on time.    
I copy things from the Internet and insist it is my work.  
I don’t always stick up for people when I should.   
To protect others, I am not always honest.  
I do things a bit dishonestly at times to keep my reputation positive.     

How do others see you as a result? Do they notice? If you don’t think they do; do you notice when they do it? How might this affect you in the workplace? Remember to use integrity in answering!


What would you prefer the view of yourself be in the classroom or at work? What would you need to change your behavior now so that this reputation can follow you?

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