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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Biology ・MLA ・6 References
Azo Functional Group
The Azo compounds are in general used in the leather and textile enterprise in form to dyes and pigments and more in the prescription drugs industries to develop drugs. Azo comp...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Biology ・MLA
Red Cabbage Juice Usage to Test for Aci...
From the definition that used to be made by a chemist named Svante Arrthenius, for a substance to qualify as an acid, it must have the potential to release a hydrogen ion or a p...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Chemistry ・APA ・6 References
Periodic Table Development
The Periodic Table is a chart or table containing chemical elements grouped systematically by their atomic number, electron configuration, and their chemical properties. Dmitri ...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Biology ・MLA ・11 References
Different Oils and Their Effect on Health
Essential oils (volatile oils) are perfumed compounds that can be extracted from plants. The phrase “essential” is a derivative from “essence”, which mea...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Chemistry ・MLA ・2 References
Synthesis of 1, 4-Di-t-butyl-2, 5-dimet...
Friedel- Craft alkylation response is a type of electrophilic aromatic substitution (EAS) response that involves carbonation of the aromatic ring. The technique requires polyalk...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Biology ・MLA ・2 References
Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution: Ni...
Electrophilic fragrant substitution is an organic reaction whereby a hydrogen atom inside an aromatic compound is replaced the usage of an electrophile. The reaction mechanism o...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Biology ・APA ・13 References
How Molten Salt Heat Transfer Fluid in ...
Research on thermal physics technology on parabolic trough collector systems plays an important part in the use of solar energy. The concept of the Parabolic Drough Solar Collec...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Chemistry ・APA ・7 References
Chemistry of Human Body
The body contains more than 60 elements, however its massive section has solely four of them, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. They are all beneficial in special ways rang...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Chemistry ・MLA
Chemical Reaction: Synthesis of Acetani...
a. Acetic acid is introduced as a solvent and prevents the occurrence of unwanted substitution reactions. b. Water acts as a solvent of acetanilide seeing that it is unreactive ...
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Sophomore (College 2nd year) ・Biology ・MLA ・4 References
Genes Transformation
Genes can be transformed. Genetic transformation is the alteration of a mobile resulting from direct absorption and incorporation of exogenous genetic materials in the neighbori...
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